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What's happening on Xbox One this spring? Our handy video guide will let you know. We'll have a retrospective on the 5th anniversary of Xbox One as well as an exclusive look at Sea of Thieves. Don't forget Crackdown 3. All of these games are in 4K and don't forget Crackdown 3 and FORZA!! We almost forgot to mention Forza, the cars are insane. The one we designed goes so fast. I've seen it in 4K too. Don't forget Crackdown 3- not sure when that is but it will be worth it, don't forget it. Our resident expert Tommy has a list of other exclusive announcements that will make you buy all 3 models (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X) and compare and contrast and also holy moly I almost forgot to mention there is a huge announcement at the end that could shake the gaming industry to its very core and we may get in a lot of trouble for doing it but YOLOX (you only live once (for) Xbox)

Comments from Youtube

Rithan Husky : This is some 2009 shit yes

tortique : i love this kind of sketches, nobody can do them better than mega64

SUPER RAD : It's called Xbox 2 because it's going to have 2 games that aren't shooters

Just Jams : *4 K S E A O F T H I E V E S*

Goatse : Cancelling scalebound was one of the biggest mistakes they've ever made

Dieger Fuji : The extra X stands for king of the hill.

Green Dam : Please. Obviously the X of "Xbox One X" stands for Ignaxio.

Jerkhov : Xbox One X in 24K magic resolution

Michael Barendregt : Yo, this is even better on Smartglass.

La Volpe : *I T S A L L A B O U T T H E G A M E S (?)*

deathtrips : Chuck Shelf

Teapsalm : This is the Dark Souls of Xbox One

Aster : Against incredibly steep competition, Chuck Shelf is now officially my favorite Mega64 character name.

DatBeastard : Boy howdy, Microsoft is the king of the hill, I tell you hwhat.

- PolarisInParis : Obviously fake, everyone knows the “X” in “Xbox One X” stands for “Xbox”

Teatro Theageri : Minecraft in 1443p

MajieB : And Sea of Thieves is getting destroyed in reviews.

Dantaku : 799$ good deal.

sk8erlprj : OMG please make this version of "24K Magic" available for download

kane6472 : Hey guys big Xboner here, I heard Mario Odyssey is getting ported to Xbox soon, can't wait!

Junior Jr. : Xbox is so AWESOME, I cannot wait for Scalebound!

cannon : "The five year anniversary of the Xbox One" I feel like I'll die tomorrow, where did the time go??

Marnix Maximus : Just an hour ago i was listening to a mega64 podcast from a year ago where they were making fun of how the xbox one is 4 years old already and has little to offer. Fastforward to now and they made a video about it haha

RadHazard : Its all riding on Sea of Thieves

Jameson Mohr : i desperately need this version of 24k magic.......... please link me to it

ShadowFox : So I have a PC what's the reason for x box again?

Ingcom : I'm really disappointed that I cant watch this in 4k on my xboxonex

Nitro Rad : OH

Mitchell Smith : Watching Inside Xbox right now and it's all Sea of Thieves

Scratchman : Pre-ordered like a bad ass WOOOOOOOOOO

Trent McAteer : 1:25 "The Greatest Resolution"-Tom Brokaw

Lord Blue Balls EX : Never forget Scalebound and Phantom Dust

linkinman84 : it's called xbox two because you turn two degrees and walk away

skaninja21 : good to know Roger Ebert can enjoy 4K in the afterlife

meiisbae : i don't know why YouTube allowed the hole Xbox e3 to be show this day

Rangz : OOH

Bryian Hampton : well Rocco became another meme again

PastoKage : Sad but True. They have to show HUGE stuff at E3 this year, or it will be a disaster.

revbertbetbn : I can't wait for Scalebound, Phantom Dust 2, Fable Legends and Halo 13: Master Chief Returns

CaptainKupo : I feel so fucking bad for rare they deserve so much better

killer DLS : Wait Crackdown 3 still doesn’t have a solid release date yet? Ahahahahahahahahahahahah

Edward : also on PC

Sextus Cornelius : Xbox one x marks the spot where you can find exclusive sea of thieves footage

TheMTNDewd : This is so weird. I love it

UncleBibby47 : ClayFighter 4: The Clay After Goomorrow, now on XBOX TU in 4K (or 8K on the XBOX TU-T)

Visage : missed opportunity not using a still of Hank Hill. thumbs down

AkumaZabuza : lmao burn! 🔥 to be honest, i was thinking the next xbox would be called Xbox one XXX and since they dont have games they will start selling porn

GreenSwede : The explosions are killing me god damn

UnitingMilk : 2:10 the sudden spike in volume and clipping makes me laugh so much