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Goatse : Cancelling scalebound was one of the biggest mistakes they've ever made

Just Jams : *4 K S E A O F T H I E V E S*

deathtrips : Chuck Shelf

Hydro : That bruno mars MIDI track tho lmao

Rithan Husky : This is some 2009 shit yes

SUPER RAD : It's called Xbox 2 because it's going to have 2 games that aren't shooters

tortique : i love this kind of sketches, nobody can do them better than mega64

La Volpe : *I T S A L L A B O U T T H E G A M E S (?)*

Teatro Theageri : Minecraft in 1443p

Jerkhov : Xbox One X in 24K magic resolution

Green Dam : Please. Obviously the X of "Xbox One X" stands for Ignaxio.

Michael Barendregt : Yo, this is even better on Smartglass.

Dieger Fuji : The extra X stands for king of the hill.

- PolarisInParis : Obviously fake, everyone knows the “X” in “Xbox One X” stands for “Xbox”

kane6472 : Hey guys big Xboner here, I heard Mario Odyssey is getting ported to Xbox soon, can't wait!

Nitro Rad : OH

TheFlameShinobi : They’re calling it Xbox II because we’re getting two halos for sure at least

Teapsalm : This is the Dark Souls of Xbox One

Aster : Against incredibly steep competition, Chuck Shelf is now officially my favorite Mega64 character name.

linkinman84 : it's called xbox two because you turn two degrees and walk away

RGBSF : At this point it isn't even a parody, it's just true, and funny. Switch had more exclusives in it's 1st year than Xbox has had in the last 2. PS4 has more exclusives coming in the opening 6 months of this year than Xbox has had in the last 2 also.

sk8erlprj : OMG please make this version of "24K Magic" available for download

DatBeastard : Boy howdy, Microsoft is the king of the hill, I tell you hwhat.

Dantaku : 799$ good deal.

CaptainKupo : I feel so fucking bad for rare they deserve so much better

xtfragnarox : All xbox exclusives are coming to pc and with pc having its own exclusives there's no real reason to buy an xbox

Lord Blue Balls EX : Never forget Scalebound and Phantom Dust

Junior Jr. : Xbox is so AWESOME, I cannot wait for Scalebound!

killer DLS : Wait Crackdown 3 still doesn’t have a solid release date yet? Ahahahahahahahahahahahah

RadHazard : Its all riding on Sea of Thieves

Mitchell Smith : Watching Inside Xbox right now and it's all Sea of Thieves

cannonfodder4000 : "The five year anniversary of the Xbox One" I feel like I'll die tomorrow, where did the time go??

ShadowFox : So I have a PC what's the reason for x box again?

Scratchman : Pre-ordered like a bad ass WOOOOOOOOOO

meiisbae : i don't know why YouTube allowed the hole Xbox e3 to be show this day

kevgret : Either this video is just bad or its showing how bad xbox is.

Visage : missed opportunity not using a still of Hank Hill. thumbs down

GreenSwede : The explosions are killing me god damn

MajieB : And Sea of Thieves is getting destroyed in reviews.

Rangz : OOH

Egmon s : lol, mods on neofag (=resetera) are deleting threads and banning people for posting this :P

skaninja21 : good to know Roger Ebert can enjoy 4K in the afterlife

Trent McAteer : 1:25 "The Greatest Resolution"-Tom Brokaw

Jameson Mohr : i desperately need this version of 24k magic.......... please link me to it

Crabtech : Is Microsoft the new Sega?

UnitingMilk : 2:50 what the fuck is that in the background seriously, what is that thing that is moving its so scary

Ingcom : I'm really disappointed that I cant watch this in 4k on my xboxonex

PastoKage : Sad but True. They have to show HUGE stuff at E3 this year, or it will be a disaster.

Sextus Cornelius : Xbox one x marks the spot where you can find exclusive sea of thieves footage

revbertbetbn : I can't wait for Scalebound, Phantom Dust 2, Fable Legends and Halo 13: Master Chief Returns