At Home With Cas Haley Part 3. "Whole"

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Lee Peterson : I luv ur HAPPY music, dude!

John Sokol : Great song!

The Night Hunter : Your songs remind of my childhood - happiness and having no problems, when things were simple.

mszinn : I loved discovering you on AGT and just recently was wondering what you were up to. Were you able to achieve the goal of becoming the breadwinner and providing a home for your wife and son?

Ismael Powers : This song is as simple as brilliant. I love it, and makes me happy in these days you don´t want to keep on moving. This song now is in my car, so I can heard it in my way to work. Thanks for it, Cas.

Alfonso Fardi : Ciao Cas great, saluti grazie di esistere

Kbell : I was just introduced to your beautiful music. I am so grateful you share it with us! Your beautiful and amazing! Thank you. I subscribed.

alex duenas : falling in love again with Cas

DarkFinntroll : And he's beatboxing too... That's pure goodness, give this much more views PLEASE!

Luke Galvin : I love your voice. You make me smile amongst the chills

rey Nova : have you try to do reggae music ... i think you will kill it ... your music have a good vibe to it ...

ebony Bree : your music voice and tone is amazing really puts me at ease. i have severe anxiety and your music is like medicine for real you bring me peace not sure if you'll ever read this comment but you are amazing

Staffan Svahn : Whole! Best wishes

Will Thomas : Hey Cas, awesome song. More Music More Family is on repeat.... Been a fan for years. As a fellow Uke player I would love to cover this song... Would u mind sharing the chords? I appreciate it brother!!

Edson luiz Reinert : Congratulations, great artist friend

brammr : i don't understand why he s not more popular! amazing guitar and uke skills, the most amazing voice!! SOMEBODY SHOUT EM OUT !!

Jason Colligan : Most Excellent!!