Your Private Messages Might Travel Under This Beach

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Tom Scott : Thanks to all the Telegraph Museum team: pull down the description for more about the museum and Porthcurno!

Real Engineering : Never heard about this. Down the research rabbit hole I go.

Gavin : Hopefully Zuckerberg doesn’t live under it...

Aspect Science : Well this *shore* is eye-opening, thanks Tom for every *shingle* bit of info in this video....

Sam : There is a lot packed into the phrase "not a coicidence." The UK is part of the Five Eyes, a coalition of the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (basically the five most industrial English speaking countries with good relations). These countries all spy on each others internet activity and then share the data so that each can then get access to data about their own citizens and, well, the majority of communication around the world which usually passes along the cables into or out of at least one of them at some point. The organization started during the Cold War, became public in the 1990s, and had the internet signals intelligence program leaked by Snowden a few years back.

EveryoneHatesAlexander : Those flame throwers got it lookin’ like the Micheal Bay

Crumpet Jones : "Don't always believe what you see on Youtube" **Tom sweats intensely**

Eastyy : Came in my email as" Tom scott has uploaded your private messag ". Nearly gave me a heart attack

Alain Rochette : _"Don't always believe what you see on youtube"_ - Some guy on youtube

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Son of a beach.

Ice Carbon X : When your message goes to the beach but not you.

SirBanana : Who would win: The entire island of Jersey, or some anchor

Mister Apple : I'm going to share this around in the hope that this video (or a link to it, anyway) will travel through the cables discussed in the video itself.

TackerTacker : Get your shovel! We're going data mining.

Kablstr : *Chinese fisherman opens up a washed up message in a time capsule* “Send Nudes”

landnanners2011 : So when Tom uploaded this video. A copy of it was sent via those same cables to all the youtube servers around the world. Just think about that

Nate and Noah Try Life : I’ve never seen those flamethrower walls, those are terrifying!

ChaosMagick : I live near a cable like this in Cornwall. There is a nondescript building nearby that the council has been considering concealing with shrubbery because last year some random dude just... walked in. And took photos. There is also a miscellaneous sign on a nearby beach that says, 'Caution - undersea cable" on it. Apparently, it handles like, 50% of the incoming connections to Britain. The greatest irony is that though I live a few miles from LITERALLY ALL OF THE INTERNET COMING THROUGH BRITAIN I have terrible internet connection at home because it goes all the way to London and back before the internet reaches us.

Stijn Stevens : 100GB/s? That's actually a lot less than I would have expected.

Danish Qureshi : If you put your ear up to a conch shell, you may just hear the desperate cries of boys just wanting to get laid.

Joel Foster : i get overly-excited whenever i see you've uploaded

Valter Östberg : Flamethrowers on a beach? Sure, that'll do wonders for the grey seals.

joshrob2019 : just out of curiosity was it 100 gigabytes a second or 100 gigabits a second as the terms are often referred to as the same.

Grumpy Git : "your message is flashing under this beach" Its also flashing at one of the datacentres of the GCHQ, or the intelligence branches of one of the 14 eyes. (countries with cyber/regular intellignece sharing agreements) Their work is literally Zuck's wet dream

F1rools22 : Isn’t it really annoying when you go to a place and just a couple of weeks later Tom uploads a video from there?

Cloudycap : What a gorgeous beach

Iron Pyrite : 0:13 And I thought people went to beaches to beat the heat.

Richard Deasington : Quick correction - latency via a geostationary satellite is around 250ms, 500 ms is the round trip time. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) can bring this down to around 30ms.

Azhar zul : imagine moving image of NOT SAFE FOR WORK media flowing on that every second.

Jisper Plomp : What if this video went through this exact wire?

Steve Lovelace : Watching here in the US, I realized that this video probably went under Porthcurno beach on its way to a US YouTube server.

magician31 : That anchor can slide into those dms

LudvigIndestrucable : I am assuming that you wouldn't make an elementary mistake, but you said 100GB/s, so the cable is ~800Gbps?

Kevy Elyod : Tom could your next video be about Goonhillly it was a GCHQ station that was used to spy or gather SIGING from the Irish mobile phone network During the 1990’s. I think most GCHQ SIGINT is embedded in private ISP facilities posing as “something else”.

Peter McGrath : I was just staying in porthcurno on holiday when this video was being recorded! When I was at the museum I though it might be something you would be interested in!!

Design ‧ Create ‧ Experience : I've been there! Tom, are you going to visit and do a piece on the Minack Theatre carved into the cliff around the corner? That beach also has a shelf of sand that drops like a cliff under the water in just a few feet. Walk out 10 feet into the water and you go from paddling to treading water.

Talha Akram : I love old technology, not only is it extremely interesting to learn how computers and communication have progressed but also the components and equipment used to build it are quite impressive in their function and design, the techno-steampunkesque esthetic of the valve terminations (at 0:50) is not as common (if at all incorporated) in the design of modern technology.

metropod : You’re making the assumption there that the only communication satellites are in geostationary orbit. There are hundreds of low earth orbiting comsats like Iridium and Orbcomm. The Iridium fleet actually orbits low enough we can see them as momentary flashes in the sky as they reflect off sunlight, termed “Iridium Flares”

Karl Kastor : How do they repair the cable when an anchor rips it apart. Pull both parts up and than reconnect them?

Ben Reeve : Mark Thomas' channel has a great 1 hour documentary on the 'secret cables of Cornwall' and those Cornish 'houses' with suspiciously large numbers of manhole covers outside!!

Didum Boom : 2:50 "Don't always believe in what you see on film... or youtube" so should I believe on this video?

HeavySpiral : There is something odd about this video, besides Tom's Shirt having the compression treatment... It feels like the shutter speed was too fast... like generally it's 180 degrees or double the framerate but this looks too sharp, like there is no motion blur... hmmm...

The Primeval Void : Does this mean people living near coastlines have faster internet?

EmmanuelMess : Loved that you explained orbiting as falling, helps prevent misinformation.

Dave H : What's interesting is there are several undersea cable terminals in western Greenland. They seem to be stopovers for cables between the Canadian Arctic and Britain / Europe. It wouldn't surprise me if the military was involved.

Gabey : omg I live so close to here! damn I would definitely would have said hi if I saw you

AptgetSarah : I've been there! :D The Museum is well worth checking out and also go along the road and go the Minack Theatre as it's breathtaking :O

Hippo-Drones : Awesome video once again. I heard the Russians have a triple hulled titanium deep dive submarine which can go phenomenal depths that weirdly have cable cutting tools on it's nose.... I wonder what that might be used for??? :D

canned_ doughnuts_ : Kid playing in sand: Mom look what I found! Mom: What does it say? kid: Send nudes

Tom Rapley : I've been there. Next to the Minack Theatre isn't it?