The Ultimate ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'' Recap Cartoon - BOOK ONE

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Get all caught up on the original Last Airbender series before the live action Netflix adaptation! Want to see BOOK 2 and 3? twitter: join my discord! Credits: Animation and backgrounds - Cas van de Pol Music and sound - Robert Jung Intro voice - Chris O'Neill Additional voices - Junaid Chundrigar & Dennis Impink


GuyNamedGray : Zuko, the character with the best writing in the entire series, going through years of emotional turmoil and personal identity crises on a quest for redemption, doing the fortnite dance. Oh dear.

Assassin Zoldyck : 4:46 Me: Did Katara just... die? Sokka: You know, it was very unclear.

Warshaddow : Zuko: Remember the blue spirit doing the Fortnite dance? Zhao: Yeah? Zuko: *Starts doing the Fortnite dance*

Safir : Sokka looks like a Picasso painting

তেই তেই এর বউ /V's illigirl/ : 5:06 I literally laughed so hard 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Just Rayan : This guy did a better recap in 6 minutes than the movie did in 2 hours..


Josh Keene : 0:44 The way Zuko ponytail shot up made me cry😂

ekin thao : 5:20-5:27 that surprisingly make sense.

Melody Abrogar : Who came back after watching book 2?

lizzy the owl : Someone needs to tell M. Night Shyamalan that his crummy excuse for a movie just got beat by a 6 minute YouTube video with no dialogue.

Bestia! : *MY REACTIONS* 0:12 *Ugh, I hate this animation... so cheap* 0:32 *Easy and bad jokes.. this hurts my childhood* 0:56 *Ok. that was fun but the whole thing sucks* 1:32 *Hahaha, not so bad...* 2:01 *Better than the movie...* 2:40 *Is not so bad, so many funny references* 3:52 *HAHAHAHA I really laughed* 4:12 *This is definitely a nice and fun animation* 4:41 *Forget all my hate, I love this!!!!* 5:34 *Stop!!! hahahaha* Really good video dude!! Keep it up, I started with my left foot and I ended up watching this funny video more than once ...

Eddie Torres : *but everything changed when the fire nation attacked*

gay-tato the potato : I like how this makes no sense without context.

FuryFoxGamer : Zuko Vs IDK WHO *Zuko Uses Deafult Dance* *Its Super Effective Zuko Won The Battle

Cyranek : these animations are too good for this world

javiera games la pro González : 1:35 cuando escapó del colegio XD

Maple Gum : *Now this is a meme I can injoy*

Aay Jay : It's like older toph narrating the story. 😂 I threw some rocks at him, he got all whiny and sokka got stuck in a whole. 😛

Gabo productions : This is way more better than the movie,who agrees Pls one like

Ziggy : I couldn't hold it in anymore when he did the default dance.

shade the hedgehog : I love your channle your a great animator You have a new subscriber!!!

Pixel Wanderer : I mean...pretty much.

hamilton Trash : -100/10 not enough default dances smh

maria sinar : 3:52 Fortnite dance


big man : Yall are talking about the default dance while I'm just replaying the panda 😂

Corrupted Memories : I’m deadass mad that it’s not only accurate but simple af with the series 😂😂

Redfur The Warrior : 44 seconds in and I'm already choking with laughter lmao

Herlinagfhavchajciaif Herlina Modeng : 5:35 3:53 OMG, IS THAT DEFAULT DANCE?

Luis Ruiz : Zuko Fortnite dances to assert dominance

U.B. Arna : ATLA on weeds..

maria sinar : 5:34 another Fortnite dance

UndeadInfinity Sword : Legends say he hasn’t posted book 2 and 3 for 100 years

Jon the Misunderstood : This Reminded me of a TerminalMontage Animation for some reason

ArtistCosmic : Just how I remember it. As we all know Zuko created the first Fornite dance.

Praaf Rams : Hmm, I wonder how this version of Azula would respond if you would call her mate, buddy or pal

Исл Джум : Кто русский поставь лайк под комент

gnbman : Aw, you didn't show the Spirit World. I loved this, though.

Shanice : Not nearly enough of the CaBbAgEs!!!

You'reThatMantis : so Zuko plays Fortnite.... well that explains why his dad disowned him.

Emo PandaInk : Infinity times better than the movie

Walter Ng : 4:12 I'd do anything to get that piece of food too

Charlis Charlz : 5:03 IROH WENT S I C K O M O D E

VolterKnight : When are you making another recap?

Wild_ Rush123 : 3:52 this is why you lost your honour zuko

ELECTROgamingX : 5:33 Top 5 saddest anime deaths ever :>

Hail : Superb voice acting

Nik Mozard : 3:54 what!!!??