The Ultimate ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'' Recap Cartoon - BOOK ONE

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Cas van de Pol : Thanks so much for all the kind words everyone!!!!! You can help me not take as long with BOOK 2 here > Every dollar goes to getting some more people on board, which = the next two parts coming out faster! :-}

soulfulpizza14 : I can confidently say that this was better than the movie.

ManMLG : 4:13 momo is the best pet ever

GuyNamedGray : Zuko, the character with the best writing in the entire series, going through years of emotional turmoil and personal identity crises on a quest for redemption, doing the fortnite dance. Oh dear.

Blizzard Blast101 : 3:52 *DID YOU REALLY JUST*

Mashrufa Hussain : 4:51 Zuko looks like a mosquito....

Dolan Dark : Why did you just reupload the original series?

David Shen : I am severely disappointed in the lack of the dude that screams MY CABBAGES!

Mashrufa Hussain : Most effective way to battle depression:- watch 3:51 and 5:34

Xyz Isiah : 5:22 how to make moon

LANdroid7 : 3:46 didn't see that coming.. 5:31 i'm dead 😂😂😂😂

Cyranek : these animations are too good for this world

Mito Midou : Huh, it’s the Last Airbender sims edition. Even in this form, Iroh is my main man.

Namenlos x3 : 3:38 Jet is twerking

LolzGamer : 2:54 wtf is this

Niki nosht : Plase make a book 2

Avery Dill-Klueber : For the love of god make one for book 2 and 3

badasstastic : 4:13 Momo: True Neutral

LillyNum.1 GamingYt : 2:02 when you call someone and he actualy listens to you

Nemesis 5150s : The sad part is how accurate it is

Becky G : Zuko is *A N G E R Y*

SuperGaming Dude : ...yeah this is exactly how I remember it

Wojtek Weremczuk : I am happy because after 10 years people remember this fantastic cartoon

Anthony : 5:05 died laughing

Razbery : 1:03 I’m dead 😂 Since when is it normal to squash people in Avatar?

Toonz TV : 3:53 when you save yo peeps and you demand respect


DA POTATOE : 2:58 mind explaining that to me?

Alex Todorob : 02:40 😂😂😂

Fire dragon playz Fortnite : 3:00 cracked me up

Christian Amador : 2:58 clip pls?

Zalinki : A whole 6 minutes? You mad man

Mashrufa Hussain : It resembles Book 1 great with every episode I can remember..... Except the episode where Katara saves Haru from prison and the "Bato of the water tribe" .

darkpanda112 ### : I really hope the Netflix adaptation is actually interesting and brings something new to the universe instead of just a remake trying to capture the feeling of the original series (it can't)

Klonter77 von Planet77 : 5:18 - 5:25 xDD

Sasirayi Nyagota : 5:34 what the...

Joaquín Castillo : I hadn't notice how much of Book One is traveling from one place to another 😂😂

OkamiGames : Appa's face looks like the face of ugandan knuckles! I like that

Xyz Isiah : 5:35 5:35 5:35 5:35 5:35 5:35 zuko dance :-)

Frozenm16 : Not gonna lie, I first watched Avatar: The Last Airbender this year. Currently watching The Legends of Korra.

Drift Dragneel : When someone says you can’t dance 5:34

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : That panda got me GOOD.

Pluss : 5:34. ok.

Ayda Unicorn : First,HOW IS THIS SOO ACCURATE!?!?Second,this should be a movie.XD

Follygon : Pretty accurate actually

Yerassyl Adilzhanov : 0:08 top 10 anime superpowers

Hello Future Me : This was wondrous. I'm so happy this came to my attention.

That One Quiet Guy : Accurate

Dr Im making fucking Macncheese and nobody can stop : I know that was going to happen 3:52

youness alibane : How to control fire ? Master of fire : Bodibodbobobboyboodbobboboyboobdboy