The Ultimate ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'' Recap Cartoon - BOOK ONE

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Cas van de Pol : Thanks so much for all the kind words everyone!!!!! You can help me not take as long with BOOK 2 here > Every dollar goes to getting some more people on board, which = the next two parts coming out faster! :-}

soulfulpizza14 : I can confidently say that this was better than the movie.

JayTee Vlogs : 5:21 That's rough buddy.

ArtistCosmic : Just how I remember it. As we all know Zuko created the first Fornite dance.

Nerdymmermaid : Completely inaccurate, Zuko didn't say "HONOR!" once

MeTheGuy 12 : Zuko: *aggressively default dances*

Dolan Dark : Why did you just reupload the original series?

Bolivared : My god... hope nickelodeon don't see this and try to made Avatar GO!

Fluminox 5284 : When you're too lazy to watch book 1 again

alex johnson : 3:52 this is why you were lost your honor in the first place zuko

Aras Zaxoy : 0:35 Wait.... What happened to Appa after Aang was free?

Cyranek : these animations are too good for this world

Brave Grave : 2:37 Why is the Cabbage man not Yelling(about his Cabbages) OR Frowning? Aside from that, pretty accurate!

MePlayOtherGames : Default dance 3:53 5:34

MrIsmailfaiq : 1. I hate when people has no profile pictures 2. I hate when people edit their comments 3. I hate when people misspel words 4. I hate when people make lists. 5. I hate when people repeat stuff 5. I hate when people repeat stuff 6. I hates when peoples puts "S" on words thats does not needs its 7. I hate it when people make lists 8. I hate it when people talk

Mustafa Baykoz : Why is Appa so Goddamn CUTE!?!?!?

SuperGaming Dude : ...yeah this is exactly how I remember it

Hamza Baig : Yep I remember watching the entire series and this is exactly how it went down. Appa crashing into mountains, All characters having goofy animations, Katara not doing anything, Aang being a funny hipster and Zuko screaming like a wild chimpanzee with slick dance movers........yep this is exactly how I remember it.

Echo Pendragon : Fortnite stole from ATLA confirmed.

Nerdymmermaid : 5:22 That's rough, buddy

Jerry Udonneedtoknow : 0:45 HAIR ERECTION


GraxBothell : 0:42 wait... the boat is going right but so is his hair...

Just a dude who likes Dbz : *Avatar in a nutshell but with better animation*

RoKLo BON : Pls Zuko Dance 10 Hour!

SpiderTron575 channel : What about the earth bender water metal prison?

Joaquín Castillo : I hadn't notice how much of Book One is traveling from one place to another 😂😂

0g0dn0 : It's not only more fun and interesting than the Shyalaman version, it's a better season one recap.

SHOW MAKER : 2:58 i need a 1 hour version of this ik its creepy but some how like it

felicisimo jr Balani : 3:47 and 5:34 is the best zuko is my favorite and katara


Hello Future Me : This was wondrous. I'm so happy this came to my attention.

ตั้งชื่อ ไม่เป็น TH : 2:59​ What​ Name​ Song

Just a dude who likes Dbz : The budget must have been really high to make this

JonelKingas : omg xD this is so dumb and so cool xDDD do more

Paul Castillo : 3:51 The only reason you're here and nothing else

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : That panda got me GOOD.

David Shen : Why is this so accurate

David Shen : I am severely disappointed in the lack of the dude that screams MY CABBAGES!

Xyz Isiah : 5:35 5:35 5:35 5:35 5:35 5:35 zuko dance :-)

OkamiGames : Appa's face looks like the face of ugandan knuckles! I like that

Een gamer : I love the animation in combination with the style <3 *AND THIS IS ONLY BOOK ONE😱😱😱😱*

Becky G : Zuko is *A N G E R Y*

badasstastic : 4:13 Momo: True Neutral

アートばかcнιιѕaι. : 2:45 Aang needed an adult

Syncere Jones : why does this explain it so accurately

Zalinki : A whole 6 minutes? You mad man

Mt. me : I really hope the Netflix adaptation is actually interesting and brings something new to the universe instead of just a remake trying to capture the feeling of the original series (it can't)

Xyz Isiah : 5:22 how to make moon

amazing pie : 3:53 imagine zuko really doing that after helping aang 😂