La Bamba | Swedish tv hosts eat magic cookies and get paralyzed by laughter at silent retreat

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Elestro Air-soft : 4:40 - Was that a flute? - No, those are cows... xD

MercifiesProductions : I bet those old people were high and trying to hold it in the whole time like "These rookies don't know how to contain their high"

dargonlord x : Det här är TV-historia för min egna del. Aldrig skrattat så mycket under ett helt inslag.

Richard Bexborn : This is SO spot on! You know this aint faked. Anyone who's tried to act sober while tripping balls will recognize this!

Mikko Mac : "Hello Sir!"@ 9:36 The old man is like a mile away haha

Custer : älskar hur dom gick ifrån att vara två svin seriösa svenska hosts till att bli Morgan och Ola-Conny

YourFurthestReaches : I love Swedes, this is hilarious

Karsten : This is the most realistic depiction of being high i've ever seen. If you wonder what its like, or know someone who wonder. This describes it pretty well

Kenta Toostronk : Haha, I think all stoners can relate to this

Max : Skrattade så jag grät, så mycket igenkänningshumor! 

Kris : "Ruth and Bruce - it rhymes!!" haha

loch70 : "MUUUUUUUUUU!" "Was that...Was that a flute?" "No, those are cows..." "Sorry." Ahahahahahaha!

T Tanizawa : "How much does Bear usually eat?" "You ate as much as he does" "He lives on that shit!" Lmao.

MrMrMaran : S(Weed)ish tv hosts

upecch : "-Don't think about the cookie." "-The cookie is all i think about."

pukusNK : i feel like while they where on the bench together and bruce came out to visit he knew they where high and he wanted some.

Salty Apple : This is probably the best documentations of eating marijuana ive ever seen. Filip & Fredrik <3

Mr. Hardcore : Dom som fattar fattar.

Leroy Jenkins : Plot twist: They understood everything they were saying.

Dicio : Those damn flute cows!

Brutal Whale : Pure entertainment, one of the best videos I've ever seen on Youtube. Great depiction of what being high is like when it's deemed "Taboo" by society.

Kinespojken : It's so obvious that they DON'T fake it. Fredrik is really stoned and it's hilarious to watch this haha

Tobias P : Det här var det bästa avsnitt som vissas på tv , så jävla grymma killar . Så jävla jordnära och Sköna

Jn_A : 6:03 "this is terror mixed with joy" the most perfect sentence to summarize to first timers what weed is like

TheSeBjo : Att kolla på detta när du är beng är bland det roligaste som finns.

Colette Gabrielle : this is the funniest I've laughed in a while, good job

Mr. Hemlig : i have easily seen this over 20 times, this is one of the best things that have been aired in sweden! :)

onehappynegro : jag rekommederar inte droger till unga, men vi vuxna är värda att bli barn igen. kommer tillbaka till detta klippet om jag måste skratta.

Archie Ellis : it's so funny, it looks like they're on acid, but its really just one spacecake... Thats what we call a freshman, and it never ever disappoints!

RedTearstoneRing : i was in tears from laughing :D

Adam Engel : Vad ska han tro!

Arne : "You dont have to be perfect" "But i have such a hard..."

Sander Cronberg : 2018 någon?

Julius Fawcett : That was really funny, crying here

Jonathan Schiess : 4:44 "Was that a flute?" "No, that was a cow."

Garbage Person : If only they would have been this high and funny when they were on Getting Doug with high

Lisa : Legalize it!

Knågen : I can totally relate to this

Atom Molekyl : "This feels really uncomfortable" .... "I think this stuff is really strong."

Bill P. : This is officially one of my favorite videos.

_ EST _ : I’m pretty sure those old hippies knew exactly what was going on, but they just went with it being good sports trying not to mess up the guys awkward trip more than they managed themselves.

CUNNINLYNGUIST : "Ruth and Bruce? That rhymes!"

PoliticallyAbstract : 11:04 - You know you have the munchies when you don't even let a huge umbrella distract you x)

YTKeeps AskingforName : Watch as an unsuspecting friend is the target of one the worst drugs known to man, see him try to laugh away the pain this drug is causing, even worse, he cannot even stand to look or talk to a fellow human being while high because of the immense shame he feels. Would you want your friends to do this to you?

Ikke Kreativ : Men ändå så är cannabis fortfarande olagligt...

I Want Lee : They could have translated it better though. And a hell of a lot of swear words were cut out too, which makes it less fun for non Swedish folks than it is for swedes.

lifeofhippipeace : Alltså det hade ju varit grymt mycket mindre pinsamt om ni bara sagt, "Sorry we eat some magic cookies, we dont wanna be disrespectfull". haha xD grymt jobbat att klara sig igenom det ändå ;P

Mr Andersson : På den tiden grabbarna var sevärda.

Danne Modig : Jag skrattar så att jag gråter!

ScaniaEtPalingenesis : "HELLO SIR!!" hahaha