A Real Human Bean

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HouseholdHacker : Rektum, you are quickly jumping up my charts of favorite YouTubers.

Virginboy3D : thats a bean alright..a human one

TheDerp OfHolland : Why isn't this meme more popular

Nabbit's Youtube : "Don't let your dreams be dreams.."

The Ranting Squirrel : Why humans are glorious creatures.


Kris A : Africa was never the same after that day

Justin Y. : He looks like a human scrotum

Harry Stallone : fucking cunt stole this from rocky

frankisteve : Not enough toothpicks 0/10 -IGN

Alexis Baker : what the fuck im laughing so much it hurts

Cricetinae1138 : we need 10 hours version of this

Timothy Price : when the steroids and meth kick in at the same time

Bibee™ : 10 hour version please? also.... please play this at my funeral

Akilroth234 : Can anyone please explain to me what is going on with the manlet?

Dslyexiac : gr8, m8. The beat fits with ape sounds. +1 respect

Captain Weekend : ANG ANG ANG ANG ANG *drums chest* ANG ANG ANG ANG ANG

EmanS117 : 0:19 Biggest WTF moment I've experienced in a while. Does he have rabies or something?

Lytening : You are really amazing lol

Ras : and a real hero


Art The Fart : Is this how Trump became president of Mexico?

WinterFan078 : Such a majestic creature.

Osman Dimen : I cried

Jenny Wakeman : This shit turned me on O.O

Erik Ravenclaw : Too much Human 7.8/10 -ign That's the best i can do

Friend : rektum ur the reel hero here. thank u 4 ur beans.

Spaisekraft : what the fuck

fafafagat : The most hilarious part is how his grunts goes in rhythm with the song. I've been here before and I think I've already commented this months ago. If so then ignore this. But alas you've already read it. It's alright just move along and stop reading. I said stop reading WTF.

PaleBlueDot : This is the kind of shit you can watch on MTV.

lulubeloo : why is he doing that?

The Cosmic Monitor : Rocky, plz.

Mark McCartney : Someone PLEASE make a 10hour version of him pounding his chest with the song repeating! Please!!!

faisal albattashi : Tyler 1 got me here :D

senorashish : Was he transforming into a gorilla at the end?

Adrian KSM : delet this

RockLegend2 : Wow, that's so inspirational! He must be a geniu-- oh... oh, god... STOP.

AMvideos : He got that from rocky balboa...

Panzerwaffe : Been my pfp for a year now

Axel Nussbaumer : This is really good

rektum : not my birthday

D1ckyPr05T41nt : a perfect speech ruined because the fucking cue card guy wrote "Ape sounds" instead of the next line. What a cunt.

epicsauceness100 : Yeesh, I think maybe he got a little too excited.

SpacemanSam13 : and a real gyro

TheBlue Sentinel : What is he doiiiiiiiiiing I'm confused

Theep1cone11 : The original "Just Do It".

BeyUK Breedo : Well done ripping off rocky 6 XD

h4ppyh4rdc0ril4 : I DRIVE

SAMUEL CRESPO : How original... Rockey does not approve.

xYodaFighterx : why was this even a thing? what caused him to go "YUHH YUHH YUHH"