A Real Human Bean

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Virginboy3D : thats a bean alright..a human one

Doopy Doody : This is actual footage of a man ascending Into a higher state of being...

Household Hacker : Rektum, you are quickly jumping up my charts of favorite YouTubers.

Justin Y. : He looks like a human scrotum

TheDerp OfHolland : Why isn't this meme more popular


Nabbit's Youtube : "Don't let your dreams be dreams.."

The Ranting Squirrel : Why humans are glorious creatures.

rektum : not my birthday

Ron Jet : And that's how a Pokemon evolves, kids.

lulubeloo : why is he doing that?

Kris A : Africa was never the same after that day

frankisteve : Not enough toothpicks 0/10 -IGN

UziCrew : Did he seriously just recite the speech from Rocky Balboa?

Тони Тодорова : when the steroids and meth kick in at the same time

Cricetinae1138 : we need 10 hours version of this

Captain Weekend : ANG ANG ANG ANG ANG *drums chest* ANG ANG ANG ANG ANG

gaby : 10 hour version please? also.... please play this at my funeral

EmanS117 : 0:19 Biggest WTF moment I've experienced in a while. Does he have rabies or something?

AMvideos : He got that from rocky balboa...

Akilroth234 : Can anyone please explain to me what is going on with the manlet?

Art The Fart : Is this how Trump became president of Mexico?

Ras : and a real hero

Royal : If there was ever a video that summed up 2004 up in 30 seconds it would be this video.

Robby S : the grunting goes well w the beat

Mark McCartney : Someone PLEASE make a 10hour version of him pounding his chest with the song repeating! Please!!!

Erik Ravenclaw : Too much Human 7.8/10 -ign That's the best i can do

Lytening : You are really amazing lol

BLUR078 : Such a majestic creature.


Osman Dimen : I cried

BeyUK Breedo : Well done ripping off rocky 6 XD

ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ : Fun fact: this guy went on America's Got Talent and did the gorilla thing.

senorashish : Was he transforming into a gorilla at the end?

fafafagat : The most hilarious part is how his grunts goes in rhythm with the song. I've been here before and I think I've already commented this months ago. If so then ignore this. But alas you've already read it. It's alright just move along and stop reading. I said stop reading WTF.

Rouhan Ghulam : i thought he was going for a motivation speach but then he turned into an angry gorilla

Black Ice : this is from rocky

Friend : rektum ur the reel hero here. thank u 4 ur beans.

toin : This video is perfect

Captain : The song is: College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero


RockLegend2 : Wow, that's so inspirational! He must be a geniu-- oh... oh, god... STOP.

Onkej : I'm not sure if this was intended, but when he recites the motivational speech the music kicks in, but just barely in the background. Sure he's a little bit weird for screaming and all that, but what he says is true, so the music remains faint. However, the moment he goes full camel the music volume just peaks instantly. I don't know if it's obvious or not, but it seems like a subtle little detail. Instead of the music gradually increasing the moment it begins, it just lingers and doesn't change at all until he just loses it. I'm aware that I'm coming off as really obvious, and it seems like I'm just explaining how the meme works. The difference though is that most other dudes let the music slowly and gradually peak, but here it's not the case. Basically he should have stopped while he could.

Yellow Waffle : I've been watching this daily for two weeks already

xYodaFighterx : why was this even a thing? what caused him to go "YUHH YUHH YUHH"

Yeh Mon : Fucking plagiarized rocky

faisal albattashi : Tyler 1 got me here :D

Output485 : Been my pfp for a year now

epicsauceness100 : Yeesh, I think maybe he got a little too excited.

SpacemanSam13 : and a real gyro