Reebok's Response To Nike's Kaepernick Ad.

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Angry Applesauce : Holy s*it! My fav style of dialogue driven sketch comedy. The audio was all over the place though. JS

Besoo Mi Amour : 🤣🤣 that s____ is funny 😂😂

turkey pockets jr. : The ending T-shirts had me crying!

chnalvr : Freakin' hilarious! Bro-ish behavior taken to the ridiculous and beyond.

Bout Tree Fiddy : Lmao @ cut the swoosh off his socks "Checkmate"

Real Life : hilarious!!!


capdust : i will do everything in my power to make sure you don't have a happy life lmaooooooooooo

Paula Sanders : This is why Reebok is disappearing and its almost nonexistent

Kayah Murphy : This man is getting way to much attention for doing nothing. All he has done is disrespect the brave soldiers and police officers that actually go out and SACRIFICE their lives for us on a daily basis. He is free to protest whatever he wants but to be made out to be some type of "hero" I can't see how. This man is no hero, what he is is an anarchist out to destory any respect for the law. If we stop giving him light; he and people like him will go back into the darkness from which they came. Don't give him light or life and just say NO to nike!