how to buy guns in switzerland
How to buy guns in Switzerland

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a short video about how to buy guns in switzerland :)


Steven von Hofsten : "A gun is a gun." - Tell that to the U.S.

thailandveteran8888 : forbitten arms means that you just need another permit:-D

YC Grosjean : Forbidden weapons are forbidden until u fill out a letter that u want to have a forbidden weapon..... Welcome to switzerland the land of the free 😂

basti u : Mentality....Education.....and high standard of life....maybe becouse of that there aren't so many that country.

justdie905 : See? So easy to have weapons almost half the population have them. And STILL they have the lowest crime rate in the world. Been to Switzerland 8 times. Great country, Great people.

Jonathan Segura : Living in the US I thought we had a lot of freedom, but man you Swiss guys have got it.

John Doe : The Swiss are smart people.

Cayden Thompson : Time to move to Switzerland

Downtime : nice weather, nice guns, Swiss watch...this is the most Swiss video ive ever seen.

Jonathan Bissoo : When last have you heard of a shooting in Switzerland? *Never*

vistabetach : one more thing: not allowed to buy, shoot or posses weapons are people from Albania, Mazedonia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Serbia, Turkey, Kosovo, Sri Lanka and Algeria.

Ryan D. : That pile of firearms has my gun boner on 10. Very nice buddy

mikhail rascalov : The only country prepared for ww3 is switzerland

Hans Dampf : This Video is my Response to people, when they ask me "do you want American gun laws (in Germany)???" I always tell them "No, i want Swiss gun laws and culture, where every Citizen with a good Tracks record can buy and own guns and is not treated Like a criminal" So sorry, that the Feuerwaffenrichtlinie will affect you. Greetings from Germany!

Michael Morales : As an American,Envy you!

CrazyDog : If a anti gun in Australia saw this they would flip their lid, nice to see you guys got fun toys over there. Is there any politician's over there wanting to restrict firearm ownership?

We Run Guns : This is the best and most hopeful pro gun video I have ever seen. I hope one day the gun laws in the United States can mature to this level.

sherm dog : Dang I should get my 2nd citizenship there. Sounds like my kind of country.

DanGoodShot pewpew : A gun is a gun. Huh... who would of thought.... Forbidden weapon= slingshot 🤣 Edit: Very nice collection. I may be a little jealous. To have stuff like that here in America(You know, where we have gun "freedom") I would need to pay $200, fill out a bunch of paperwork and wait(6 mon) for a tax stamp on EACH short barrel rifle(Anythin under a 16" barrel) and on each suppressor. Forget about the Hoops you got to jump through and the money you need to Shell out if you want to go full auto. But according to the anti-gun bitches it's so easy to buy any guns here.

WhatAreYouBuyen : Switzerland more free than California

ki ka : Isch jo logisch gsi, dass du mit allne dene Waffe undere Rolex usem Kanton Zug chunnsch😂

Johan Larsson : So this is why there are so many gun related murders in switzerland every day! :O

TheMawsJawz _ : Wow that's interesting. Really cool that that is cleared up in a three minute video. Great video.

Beltzer0072 : What does a fully automatic H&K MP5 even cost there?

Frédéric Felder : I am still waiting for my permit and i can't wait :D

xCrimsonxTidex : The US, regarding some laws, actually is freer to own firearms than the Swiss. There are pros and cons, but WTF!? Your government classifies guns as "firearms" instead of us having classifications like Title 1, or tax stamp with long waiting periods for short barrel rifle/shotgun, suppressors, or machine guns costing more than $20,000! Not to mention you can own SG series of rifles, HK guns, and automatic rifles and suppressors within weeks. I am so jealous. Fuck the NFA, fuck the "sporter clause," and fuck our import laws. At least your law makers are somewhat competent. I got serious respect for you Swiss firearm owners. My government doesn't even trust me to own a machine gun.

Andrei Mihalache : Educational videos with Vista. Episode 1 : How to prepare to Anschluss countries.

TheNinjaDC : I always find it funny how every pro/pro-ish gun country has a weird quirk in their gun laws. For the US, its like short rifles restrictions that result in, "pistol" AR15s. In Switzerland, it's having laser sights in the same restriction category as fully auto weapons, lol.

Travis Bruehl : "You need a different permit for forbidden weapons......which I happen to have right here!" LOL....nice that you can own fully automatic weapons without going through hoops....unlike here in the US! It seems harder to get guns here, yet you wouldn't think that with the media making it sound like they are just hanging on trees, waiting for people to pick them like fruit.

Richard Noggin : You have no idea how jealous I am that you have that sig with that short barrel, and the MP5. Oh I want them sooo bad.

nonameguy96 : But the media would want you believe that only in america could you own firearms like this.

Metawarrior : I would like to point out that in Switzerland they have VERY RESTRICTIVE LAWS ON CONCEALED CARRY. So yes you can buy fully automatic and suppressed weapons "easily" but you can't protect yourself with it. Where as in USA most gun owners use it to protect themselves. In my state we have the Stand Your Ground doctrine or laws to protect my right as a citizen to stand my ground and fight against someone that is endangering my life or someone elses life. Switzerland has no laws to protect their civilians self defense rights (yes they have some but not like the US). So being an American myself yes I am jealous that you can buy fully auto guns without restrictions to barrel length and so on, but I don't only buy firearms to have for sporting and hunting, but to also protect myself.

Kevin the blind cat : Thanks for the info you've got an amazing collection

Weeb Airsoft : Well guess you just booked a one way ticket to Switzerland

Vanilla Sky : I love how a knife and a slingshot are forbidden but not AR

0570965 : Thank you for the knowledge

RobinRako Extra : This is very hard for me to watch. I am a nationalist, but i want to move to Switzerland... It's hard...

Eisen J Eisen : very, very interesting

Siegethebattlefield 3 : WTF TEXAS SHOULD BE LIKE THIS

Ethan Frear : “A gun is a gun!” I wish the ATF thought that!

v1antbo : Better than most states

HardcoreMotors : Worin besteht dann der Sinn irgendwas zu verbieten, wenn Du einfach nur nen anderen Antrag stellen musst und es dann eh bekommst? Ab in die Schweiz! Wobei, vorher müssten die Verkehrsgesetze massiv gelockert werden.

Will Xu : "A gun is a gun" I love the Swiss, I wish it was like that here. But instead we've got crazy people, mental people, drug cartels, gangs, etc. Those idiots ruin it for everybody else which pisses me the hell off.

Ciaphas Cain : Mk18 mod0 suppressed, glock19 suppressed, Bonelli combat shotgun, Hunting rifle, 22. Pistol. Those are all I’d want or need.

James S : Where I live in the United States, all of the things in this video are banned.

Brookie Bookie : Forbidden weapons, just need a permit. I guess it's not really verboten is it? Haha

SkyStone : you have to unlock rank vista!

Turf Surf : Don’t let EU take your rights away!!!

Seewhat Isee : This is awesome makes me want to move there. And on the anti gun people they are idiot people who dont understand they're history why the founding father wrote the constitution.