It's Over Anakin

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Shayne Berg : That bro is gonna seriously hate sand after that.

John Pollanen : "You underestimate my power!" *Attempts to push boat, but only manages to push himself back*

Matthew Burke : Where did that hat freaking come from?


slashiesmokesweed : F

Gustavo Rodrigues : 10 people don't have the high ground.

Aoha : 0:07 Play at slow speed x0.25

Brennan Murphy : Cue Intro for The Tatooine Shore

Boomhauer : Dang ol pow pow pow woosh

Farpafraf : This is so sad

Abraham Nixon : Ah jeez dude that's a cool ass Film right there boy! I always tell people that if I ever owned enough money I would buy a boat and if I ever owned a boat I would be very selective of who comes aboard. Good lookin' Party Boys? No. Horde of Hot Asian Chicks? Uh... yeah dude, I'm thinkin' yeah, dude. **Winks at you with both eyes** . Ciao.

Drifter : You were the chosen one!

簡宥名 : I do like sand

black wall : F

Cohaagen90 : This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah : Rip

Jonah Kattau : Did he die?

Stefkostov : F

Little Oxhorn : Featured on r/WCGW

Alex : High Ground? now that i think about it , i think the fortnite creators are Star Wars fans

Juno Lee : "It's never ogre"

Spethman Jones : The lightsaber sound was the best part

Mrfailstandstil : that light saber swing sound at the end is spot on man

Chaft015 : I LOVED YOU !

John Pollanen : 😂 It looks like they were fighting for some time.

Oscar the golden toy dela Hoya : This channel is pure gold!

Vasily Kayakova : "I HATE YOU!"