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buxx : Fun fact: The woman didn't have a script. She's actually a professional and she was told to just go in and do an examination, and Tom Hanks would play along.

Miles Allison : Tom Hanks is one of the best actors of our time.

Michael De La Rosa : Poor black dude You can tell he didn't want to get anyone hurt. Just wanted the money and get out He was all sad that his friends were dead.

vide0gameCaster : That scene, the way it was act by Tom Hanks, the way the Profesionnal medicare took part in the simulation, the way it was filmed, felt like it was a kind of a real life documentary.

Joseph Dellaratta : Damn. Tom Hanks' medical evaluation scene was some of the best acting I've ever seen. He actually brought me to tears seeing how traumatized he was.

FieldMarshalRommel23 : This reminds me of a car crash I was in that killed the guy beside me, I was in such deep shock I couldn't answer the simplest questions, not even my own name. Tom Hanks acted out the shock really well.

Billy Mays : all his friends are dead, push him to the edge

chunkylefunga : Just ridiculous acting from Hanks, if this isn't Oscar worthy than I don't know what is. Absolute disgrace he wasn't even nominated.!!!!!!

Joohga Loohga : "Captain Phillips is free, all your friends are dead" the way he says it makes me laugh. I need help

Cinephile 98 : Tom Hanks was amazing. I cried like a baby after watching this movie. He was robbed of an Oscar.

Omar Maestre : 0:50 The way Tom Hanks see the girl and ask "what?" was so real, wow... He's amazing!

Hicham Lhachimi : 12 people who disliked this are the family members of the pirates

jimmyl324 : Oscar worthy performance!

Ricardo Morales : This scene is so heart-wrenching. The cold, clinical voice of the woman in contrast with what this man just went throught. All the time I kept thinking, just let the poor man cry, let him be human for a second. Tom Hanks is a beast of an actor, he will make you tear up badly.

Littlecake : That is the saddest and MOST ACCURATE portrayal of PTSD (in terms of immediately following the event - this feeling is still bottled up in a guy or gal for a long time afterwards) that I've ever seen.......Unfortunately, I've seen this and I'm shocked at the acting of Tom Hanks in this....there must have been some really good consultants on this film.. The girl in this is fantastic...she really makes this scene among the best I've seen in a long time.

Young Republican : Tom Hanks is incredible in this scene

clorox bleach : 0:03 hmm that sounds familiar

Sancheezy : I'm not going to lie... I teared up at this scene with his emotion... knowing he survived that type of event... it was sad. But I also felt bad for Abduwali (idk why just his reaction knowing his friend died was kinda sad..)

Kawayo9 Ahai. : Who`s blood is on the captain that isn`t his? And this scene is so good, I felt my heart rend!

Rakeem Nasim : Word of a advice never travel with Tom hanks

martinaee : *Dude... Who okayed maxing Hanks' acting attribute in the skill tree?*

AllHateIsBait : Tom Hanks is such a damn good actor

sj11791 : Tom Hanks deserved another Oscar nomination for this scene alone. Easily his best performance in years!

Vegeta Solo : This is the first time Tom Hanks has portrayed a real life person where the events took place in 2009. The second time was in 2016 when he portrayed the story of Chesley Sullenberger, who became a hero after gliding his plane along the water in the Hudson River, saving all of the airplane flights 155 crew and passengers. The events in this film took place in April 2009.

xboxgamer : These pirates attack navy destroyers, I burst out laughing everytime they go towards a boat only to be shot at by hell

Derek #GOAT Jeter : The prison is probably better then his life now, he gets food, water, a roof over his head and a bed.

FaTe assassin : I think this is the best scene in movie history

You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin : When an actual corpsman is not using a script

Craig Bowles : There is acting ... and then there is this

Bongo Cat : his acting skill and reactions are godly

Martinobr7 : All my friends are dead, push me through the edge

Raghu Seetharaman : Tom’s performance has such incredible gravitas in this scene. Such heart wrenching trauma concluding a film realistically examining a truly traumatic experience. Tom Hanks doesn’t need words here, every fiber of his being conveys aspects of disorientation, psychological scarring, continued fear, and existential gratitude for survival. It’s a powerhouse of a performance beyond anything coming from the academy that year. Tom Hanks is so recognizable these days, it’s hard to see past him to a character. But by the end, I was just in tears and all I wanted to do was give his character a hug, forgetting completely the actor embodying him.

I B33 : It's amazing people actually bash the medic for what they deem "robotic" behaviour and suggest that she should have reached to him on a human level?!?! He's come out of a traumatic situation with potentially multiple injuries and perhaps many unseen. He has lacerations to the head, these could just be superficial wounds or they could be linked to some severe head trauma, concussion and all sorts of internal nasties. She has to get her job done quickly, efficiently, safely, so that everyone is kept safe. There were multiple human interactions between her and 'Phillips' but ultimately she has a job to do.. ...then of course there is the deal of getting deeply emotionally involved with every patient would soon burn out a medic. When they go to work, it real life and death stuff, taking on deep emotions for every individual they see, especially in that state of emotion, could cause her to end up with issues of her own/breaking down.

Mike12522 : 0:02 - " Captain Phillips is free. All of your friends are dead. You will never see your country or anyone you have ever known again. You will be in prison for life. With a bunch of guys who hate Somellies. And you won't like American food, either. Have a nice day. "

Zyhir Harris : even tho the pirate's did something bad I feel bad for the captain pirate

Gop_her : Sad to see people you know in your life is gone...

Alaric : "captain phillips is free, all of your friends are dead" savage

Nitro YT : I cried the whole time thinking about who would the real captain is feeling

Yaseer Jafari : Bro I cried watching this movie, especially that this is a real movie and happened in real life. Let God bless you Captain Phillips and may your family be blessed by God too and my inspiration to be becoming a marine or navy soldier.

John Stjohn : One of the best performances of all time.

GrillMeACheese : can 60 people dislike such a strong, emotionally charged scene delivered through magnificent acting?

Extra Videos : He’s a pirate he doesn’t have any rights

Stephen Mason : Her voice is so soft and comforting, like a mother's

ZachTheGamer 812 : Just imagine going threw that felling like that 1% chance of survival happened.

Matt Foley : Wow that was good acting

Cheryll Serrano : The Somalian would be in the worst position, they got a lot of evidence on the Somalian, all of the attacking was caught on camera, good luck on the court Somalian.

Awesome Face : This scene always hits you in the feels, breath taking acting.

Trailerking : Wooww Im fascinated by this scene

Tyler Salfai : At 1:41 I cannot help but hear a little bit of Forest Gump come out when he says " Ok, Ok."

Forrest Van Alstine : The pirate when he realizes that his friends are dead: "all my friends are dead push me too the edge