Captain Phillips (2013) - You're Safe Now Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

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vide0gameCaster : That scene, the way it was act by Tom Hanks, the way the Profesionnal medicare took part in the simulation, the way it was filmed, felt like it was a kind of a real life documentary.

buxx : Fun fact: The woman didn't have a script. She's actually a professional and she was told to just go in and do an examination, and Tom Hanks would play along.

Miles Allison : Tom Hanks is one of the best actors of our time.

Kawayo9 Ahai. : Who`s blood is on the captain that isn`t his? And this scene is so good, I felt my heart rend!

Billy Mays : all his friends are dead, push him to the edge

clorox bleach : 0:03 hmm that sounds familiar

Joseph Dellaratta : Damn. Tom Hanks' medical evaluation scene was some of the best acting I've ever seen. He actually brought me to tears seeing how traumatized he was.

jimmyl324 : Oscar worthy performance!

Young Republican : Tom Hanks is incredible in this scene

Hicham Lhachimi : 12 people who disliked this are the family members of the pirates

chunkylefunga : Just ridiculous acting from Hanks, if this isn't Oscar worthy than I don't know what is. Absolute disgrace he wasn't even nominated.!!!!!!

Joohga Loohga : "Captain Phillips is free, all your friends are dead" the way he says it makes me laugh. I need help

sj11791 : Tom Hanks deserved another Oscar nomination for this scene alone. Easily his best performance in years!

FieldMarshalRommel23 : This reminds me of a car crash I was in that killed the guy beside me, I was in such deep shock I couldn't answer the simplest questions, not even my own name. Tom Hanks acted out the shock really well.

AllHateIsBait : Tom Hanks is such a damn good actor

martinaee : *Dude... Who okayed maxing Hanks' acting attribute in the skill tree?*

xboxgamer : These pirates attack navy destroyers, I burst out laughing everytime they go towards a boat only to be shot at by hell

Rakeem Nasim : Word of a advice never travel with Tom hanks

oof : Sad to see people you know in your life is gone...

7 kix : I think this is the best scene in movie history

Ricardo Morales : This scene is so heart-wrenching. The cold, clinical voice of the woman in contrast with what this man just went throught. All the time I kept thinking, just let the poor man cry, let him be human for a second. Tom Hanks is a beast of an actor, he will make you tear up badly.

Martinobr7 : All my friends are dead, push me through the edge

JuicyJack : frosty nipples

ZachTheGamer 812 : Just imagine going threw that felling like that 1% chance of survival happened.

John Stjohn : One of the best performances of all time.

Omar Maestre : 0:50 The way Tom Hanks see the girl and ask "what?" was so real, wow... He's amazing!

KING MARCOSYT : I cried the whole time thinking about who would the real captain is feeling

Kalu Joshi : Best movie and salute to captain.

jordanng.1111jelly : I love movie clips video is nice

Nissan and Infiniti Supercharged and Turbocharged : Us Navy did a great a job and so did captain phillips

Alaric : "captain phillips is free, all of your friends are dead" savage

Rogue Sniper Gaming : I teared up watching this scene

Matt Foley : Wow that was good acting

photomorti : Best acting ever

Awesome Face : This scene always hits you in the feels, breath taking acting.

The Burberry Man : Push me to the edge All my friends are dead

Tyler Salfai : At 1:41 I cannot help but hear a little bit of Forest Gump come out when he says " Ok, Ok."

Kronie Homie : The prison is probably better then his life now, he gets food, water, a roof over his head and a bed.

Willy : shes pretty

brigadier-tc : Such a great film, such a great ending

Aslam Quadri : Wow his acting 🤤🤤

Michael De La Rosa : Poor black dude You can tell he didn't want to get anyone hurt. Just wanted the money and get out He was all sad that his friends were dead.

manictiger : Wait, foreign pirates get Miranda rights? Really?

fortnite kid : This scene was sad I cry alittle

Walter White : Movieclips. First, Do This is the End. Second and Last, Do 30 Minutes or Less please

0511LAMBO : This may be the best acting in the history of cinema right here


Turtles Are MLG : This sene made me cry 😭😭

Rakesh D : And we all know who robbed Somalia and their wealth left people's poor and hungry, but showcasing outside world as a superpower and caretaker's of the world.

mr wolife guy : Is this based on true story ?