2018 vs. 2017 Mercedes F1 Car Explained

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esteban muñeton : Obviously the Halo looks bad, but as long as it protects driver´s head from flying objects... I hope this year there could be more battles, Mercedes looks like it´s gonna keep winning most of the races. We will find out on the first races this season...

Spud Byrne : I could listen to James Allison all day. The man is so well spoken, as well as being a bit of a genius. 👍🏻

Tottenham Hotspur Fan : Lewis Hamilton World Champion 2018 🎉🎊🙌 Congratulation

Christian Augustin : 3 dislikes by Ferrari, Redbull and Vettel.

ksells : James Allison is awesome, seems a really nice guy.

Psyclone The Seahawk : Congratulations on your 5th straight manufacturers title!

Infidel Gastro : The halo is fine. I'm not hating on it like most people do. In fact I think it doesn't looks bad at all but people are resistant to change. In fact there are only two guarantees in life, death and change, so get used to the latter.

Formula 1Fan : James put that in to real terms for all of us but while I appreciate the work and the fact that this keeps the team at the front giving Lewis the best chance to bring home the championship wins, the Halo is hideous and I think there will be accidents caused by it. I watched the 2 video's with the drivers wearing camera glasses and I saw for a fact that a person leading the driver out vanished as he turned side on to the car and reappeared as he gave the final signal to go I also saw the view going down the pit lane and if someone was crossing the path of the car yes the driver would see them but if they were standing in that blind spot................Ambulance needed.

Said Belaidi : Ferrari be like 👀👂👀👂👀👂

Kashmir : Best F1 team with the best media department, I love it, keep it up

Reinaldo Alves Moura de Almeida : My BLOOD is SILVER!

T R : Please don't win

2Phast4Rocket : Mr Allison doesn't reveal any secret here. All the teams have improved their cars over the break. The secrets are in the suspension gears, the new PU, the software, and everything that isn't covered by the bodywork.  Of course, we love to have Mr Allison tell us about them too. ;)

Qazdar Karim : Mercedes sending a real warning now :D

loose goose : Thank you ! It's so rare to see a team so proud of thier car and showing it off in some close up details. It looks like a lovely thing !

diketso ndlovu : I think I am the only one that likes the halo

Arnav Badgel : The best F1 team ! Forever!!

Sean Brady : come on mercades win the championship

tristan henning : Really like James Allison's discussion of the two cars

KÖNIG SCHUMACHER : The W09 would be much more better without halo...😌 but this are the rules in this strange F1..but anyway good luck Mercedes! 😜💪

Sonny Forelli : Nothing like a silver arrow!

Richard Weston : Please keep making more content like this!!!

Mike Cobweb : Mercedes for 5th title💪🏻💪🏻

Elhadji Amadou Johnson : Let's crush the competition!!!

James Gonzalez : It's beautiful apart from the monstrosity that is the halo.😇

Kofi H : I want that jacket!

ZZ9 Productions : Race the two cars in a video plz

Crig S : Did you really care this much about everyone saying that both cars look exactly the same?

David momoh : Wow. What a presentation and a bold move from @mercedes to put the W08 &W09 side by side for other teams and petrol heads to look into. I wish mercedes success this year

Nathaniel Akingba : last years car would blow away this years wow 😮 cant wait for that

Hamiltonfan1356 felix : I think it looks better with the halo

anotherone10 : The way he spoke, it's like poetry

Dr. Royalty : Tommy Hilfiger is sponsoring Mercedes now? I need to get some of their F1 merch asap.

Alex Thepalex : James is a really likeable guy and clearly a passionate engineer. Exactly the sort of person you want leading development. Good luck for the new season although I doubt you'll need it!

Ruan Esterhuizen : Shots fired!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Charlie Carr : Love videos like this, thanks guys!

Sun NY : Great video..

AtlanticiaCom JR : I love the way you open up to the world offering at least a little transparency. I love the technology you've got, and it's a great team. Good luck and well done for the work so far! Glad to see some of this trickling towards a road car too....

Nathan Constable : Those bargeboards... 😱👌

Cooper Ondersma : I haven't been watching F1 long, but personally, I don't hate the halo. I think it helps mesh the two parts of the car together, as opposed to a low cockpit, then a really high air intake, I think it makes the silhouette of the car flow better.

Jraybay : Very cool! James is a natural at this!

Randy Marsh : 2018 the year F1 died they banned grid girls for political correctness and to put the final nail in the coffin they brought in the halo.

Justin M. : I like the 2017 car 😜

T S Hariharan : A fair warning as subtle as they come

Michael Leuff : Seriously, no one thought to put sponsor logo on the halo? Your marketing guy should be fired.

YouTube Zone : James Allison is such a good presenter

Omar Faruk : word of the day - TOTALITY

Baz : Fantastic video. What a natural James is in front of the camera, could listen to him talking technical all day. Can't wait to see this car in qualy & race trim.

Thamindu kavinda : Looking good

AYANDA VILAKAZI : Why did Lewis not get No. 1 on his car?