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Sthennker : FUFUFUFUFUFU(This is america) *Pow*

TwinkieMan : This is gold man

th31 : 1:36 golden

H E K O : Been waitin for this

Ryan Laker : *this is the best thing ever*

EXCEPT : n33ds mor3 vi3ws

face box : Ajua! ahre wey ;y

Daddy Dean Howell : Yes

Zedrîck : VICE Wants To Know Your Location

jas periynuhhh : This makes me want to keep going despite the atrocity that is this life. I've found my purpose. My home.

Attack Helicopter : The beautiful flute is to distract you from whats happening in the background the start is how flutes are killing recorders the choir scene is the flute exterminating the religious recorders Stop liking this comment , it's dumb af for real

GrippingJdm : When he pulled the flute out I DIED 😂💀👌

THE HAUNTED MANSION FAN : This why I subscribed a long tine ago for this very moment

ElHugoxD : *Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T*

Ricetas Eggman : My mom actually jammed out to this

• ASDT • : This is the quality content I subscribed for

яσѕєѕ 'и ριѕтσlѕ : 1:36 is life

Sorta : calm fluting 0:49 *fluting intensifies*

HolyWoLf : Now this......This is music.

Mr_Cat Step : is this a power of a god?

Gamez Xposed : 1:38 sounds like Elephants

Gamez Xposed : I can hear the lyrics!!

Justin Y. : This is a decent flute cover

John Major : Waiting for the part with the chorus, not disappointed hahahaha

LEGION : Take your Flute black man

Diego Ibarra : 1:35 those are bag pipes not flutes

Beaver Flakes : is it just me or is this actually better than the original

JUMABETA : If u see closely and pay attention you can see he is playing a flute.... Amazing

TheShinigamiLegend : *The flute is to distract you from what is going on in the background.*

iSRAH върхуretard : Omg I love it

Whitemexican760 : I was waiting for this

Jordan Mitschelen : Master peiceee.

The Gentleman : For the love of God, DON'T MEME THIS IS AMERICA!11!!1!

Haezel Fuentes : Thank god this has happened

Karina Zagaglia : This is F l u t e l a n d

ICanDoBetter Official : What language is this cover in?

BowlofChowder : 10/10

Plaplonk dudoik : this is SPARTA

spongebob carpetbombing moments : 1:35 put speed at 0.25 to get in touch with the void

gutter puppy : I lost it when the choir came in

SomeWeirdGamer7 : I can make at words at the church part...

Sir Jay Wrenington : yes

ThatSamSause : Amazing

Kamryn C. : Better than the original

jakob husson : This song really doesn't matter, because it sounds like shit anyways, his only decent song was redbone

Daniel Pinheiro : 1:36 when you're trying to do an exam but there's a flute exam in the other class

Ultraleone 1 : This is Shittyflute

Mark ZUCCerbergg : Yum

Vanilla : i like to imagine the creator of this cover, sitting at his computer, FL Studio open. maybe he has a cup of coffee? Staring at the screen intently, calculating the precise way to push this art form just a tiny bit further. further than the last

Memelicious : this video make me feel if im on new era