Americans Try REAL Street Tacos

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SkankinLozer : Kinda disappointed you guys didn't have tripas. My favorite tacos hands down.

Carlos Beltran : GIRL:"IS THIS SEAFOOD!? Guy:"Again,nope. This is some weird part of a cow" 😂😂😂😂

The Steven : 0:15 why does thy homie look like josh from drake and josh mixed with the guy from the Garfield movie😂😂

Rubi Villegass : Si hubieran probado los de pastor!!! 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Alex The Tryhard : What are these, as a mexican i can say that the most popular are de asada, al pastor, pollo, adobada etc. not whats in this video

Afaf Juma : Taco party tour 2k16

Psych0Bunny 609 : Lengua!!!!!!!! My favorite!!! Put lime ,lemon, and some hot sauce! Mmmmmhmmmm yeahh little bit of radish to the side and fried carrots. Mmmmmhmmmm

WhisperingTrance : They're not even eating REAL street tacos. They look like those taco truck ones that are gourmet looking. People! Look up Tacos El Gordo or TJ tacos and that's your real tacos.

suzyblue28 : Were al pastor? Barbacoa? Carne asada? The famous ones

Almu Casas : They should try ESQUITES


TheOnlyBass : Wheres the tacs de Al Pastor!!!!

Kevin Fuentes : Carne asada the best

Angelica Guerrero : I ❤ real tacos. Asada, chorizo, and pollo are my favorites. But I gotta have them with lime.

Cocaine Woodchuck : Street tacos are found all over the United States.

Frank Santacruz : Tacos de pastor con salsa verde is the best

Gabriel Delgado : its like eating a taco without a tortilla

Steve Hangen : Damn. Now I want to go across the boarder for lunch.

Maria Eugenia Cardenas Gutierrez : Tacos! 100 por ciento #MEXICANA

yuliana en fuego : I just moaned looking at those tacos.

peshmerge44 : that one guy with the glasses already looks like a caricature. imagine an actual caricature of him

Abril xoxo Sarabia : When the girl said “maybe and avocado or sour cream” really got me mad like THIS AINT TO TACO BELL, THIS AINT CHIPOTLE. bro I hate when non Latino ppl say that man if my Mexican mom heard you say that type of shit she would have fucking smacked you across the face frfr🙄💀

JJ Belac : Fucking hipsters...

Oskar Dez : Love tacos de lengua with salsa verde

Nadia Carolina Garcia Valdez : Asada,tripa,alpastor,birria?

Marie Bellucci : Oh, God no!!!! Chorizo, YES. The rest??? Not saying a lot of Mexicans don't eat all of those but PASTOR (or TROMPO), CARNE ASADA and BISTEK are FAR more famous and common. It feels like they tried to mess with their heads and gross them out as much as they could.

larry floyd : check out the irish try foods and stuff.. facts  videos... much more fun and funny

Fabuloso : Tacos make me Berry happy

idek myname : "Your ready to french kiss your taco?"😂

Bubbles Lewis : Keith and Nic !!!

Bubbles Lewis : Where eugene?

Dat Typical Dude : 2:03 there’s something in my teeth

KevinIsKingg : People in the comments are being salty and offensive even though they would react the same with foreign foods ....

Edgar Solorio : They should try tacos al pastor cut from a trompo👅

Simply Daisy : He said chorizo wrong🤦🏻‍♀️He pronounced it like how it’s spelt when in reality it’s supposed to sound like ch-oh-dee-so. It’s harder to spell it like how it’s supposed to be prounouced but you get the point.

eduardo66137 : 2:26 “give me that cabeza” I agree

Anoush Shah : Is that the dude from blue mountain state

Gavino Barrera : What happend to the asada, alpastor, tripa, huh?

Ka_Bueno : Buche taste way better with chorizo 😋

Jr Rios : The first girl was so white she didn’t know what chorizo was

Bryan Pham : Americans are not used to flavor

Maria Isabel : "Looks like Taco Bell-" I didn't even have to listen that whole sentence. *offended Mexican*

Felipe Rowder : You should have tasted ("Mexican" names): suadero (beef), chorizo (you did), campechanos (beef & chorizo), pastor (spiced meat with a pineapple slice), carnitas (pork meat), barbacoa (sheep meat) & chicharrón (pressed cracklins). & you should have tasted it with the garnishes (onion, coriander & Mexican sauce).

Yese Castel : Where did you get those tacos, they don't look like the real thing wtf


Hermione Granger : Los estadounidenses no saben qué es la comida real. gusta si estas de acuerdo

Toxic Wizard : 0:42 *CRINGE WARNING*

Nat Po : Cool but those tacos are missing some limon y salsa :)

Valencia 13 : U welcome. 3:18

Golden Trap : I dont know why people dont agree that us mexicans use actual natural ingredients for our food Not factories yo No offense like at all