Americans Try REAL Street Tacos

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Maria Andree Tobias Mombiela : Make them try tamales!

Oskar Dez : Love tacos de lengua with salsa verde

BERZERKER13 13 : Who ever did the cooking sucked because a lot of those cuts when done right and done with right ingredients should have came out super tender so on that note,very disappointed with those who prepared these tacos they did not do the street taco any justice 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Carlos Beltran : GIRL:"IS THIS SEAFOOD!? Guy:"Again,nope. This is some weird part of a cow" 😂😂😂😂

hudson fox : make them eat bull dick

Afaf Juma : Taco party tour 2k16

yuliana en fuego : I just moaned looking at those tacos.

RED 96 : Do one video of Mexican Coffee

suzyblue28 : Were al pastor? Barbacoa? Carne asada? The famous ones

Almu Casas : They should try ESQUITES

Lui : These are not street tacos, these are REAL tacos!, those are how tacos have ment to be! None of that taco bell bullshit!!!

Rubi Villegas feregrino : Si hubieran probado los de pastor!!! 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Xynand : How does one become a food taster?

rick cain : they're not eating them right you need your bowl of cilantro your bowl of lime your bowl of white onion and then you're bowl of hot sauce and then you are in Heaven.....

NobodyImportant3 : If you're not eating your taco with some type of hot sauce and lime you're doing it all wrong.

Mario R : The white guys in the glasses are really enjoying them. They know what's good

The Steven : 0:15 why does thy homie look like josh from drake and josh mixed with the guy from the Garfield movie😂😂

Falcon59 : You like our shit gringo's

Alex The Tryhard : What are these, as a mexican i can say that the most popular are de asada, al pastor, pollo, adobada etc. not whats in this video

Fabuloso : Tacos make me Berry happy

kevin hernandez : Did that idiot just compare chorizo with Taco Bell ?!.. mas pendejo smh

TheOnlyBass : Wheres the tacs de Al Pastor!!!!

Karen reyes ruedaquijano : I was waiting for this video all my life (by the way I am mexicana wuuuu #fuerzamexico)

Steve Hangen : Damn. Now I want to go across the boarder for lunch.

Maria Eugenia Cardenas Gutierrez : Tacos! 100 por ciento #MEXICANA

Lee's got all the jams。 : CHORIZO AND CARNE ASADA ARE THE BEST.

Gabriel Delgado : its like eating a taco without a tortilla

WhisperingTrance : They're not even eating REAL street tacos. They look like those taco truck ones that are gourmet looking. People! Look up Tacos El Gordo or TJ tacos and that's your real tacos.

Yese Castel : Where did you get those tacos, they don't look like the real thing wtf

GstripeMonkey : Taco Bell da fu bitch

Aethel pady : Al pastor es tipico taco mexicano

Cocaine Woodchuck : Street tacos are found all over the United States.

Angelica Guerrero : I ❤ real tacos. Asada, chorizo, and pollo are my favorites. But I gotta have them with lime.

Angel Mendoza : Where's the lamb SAUCCCEE!!

Armando Castaneda : So not too long ago I took my friends to go eat street tacos for the first time. They loved what I ordered for them (lengua) and asked for more. It was all going good up until they asked what it was. I told them to guess and they both said chicken. (Idk what type of chicken they eat at home) But when I told them what it was they were full all of a sudden and didn't want to eat it anymore. White peoples i swear 🤦🏾‍♂️

Somethin Else : They should've had them try barbacoa , carbs asada or al pastor come on buzzfeed 😑

Kevin Fuentes : Carne asada the best

Nadia Carolina Garcia Valdez : Asada,tripa,alpastor,birria?

peshmerge44 : that one guy with the glasses already looks like a caricature. imagine an actual caricature of him

Toxic Wizard : 0:42 *CRINGE WARNING*


larry floyd : check out the irish try foods and stuff.. facts  videos... much more fun and funny

JJ Belac : Fucking hipsters...

m0d.99 : White people picky as hell and cry about everything

Titty Twister : lol all they got was a bunch of cucks and feminist next time get real Americans

THEGOLDENCAR : se les olvidaron los tacos de barbacoa

Light Txnes : fucking Americans

XboxGamerKID XD : tacos De lengua is the best

Eleven Eleven : tacos de lengua and tacos al pastor are the best

Ant Man351 : Lol the black ppl aren't Americans wtf are they doing in this vid :p