Americans Try REAL Street Tacos

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Oskar Dez : Love tacos de lengua with salsa verde

rick cain : they're not eating them right you need your bowl of cilantro your bowl of lime your bowl of white onion and then you're bowl of hot sauce and then you are in Heaven.....

NobodyImportant3 : If you're not eating your taco with some type of hot sauce and lime you're doing it all wrong.

hudson fox : make them eat bull dick

DESTRO350 : Lengua is bomb as fuck!

Aletze ER : Yeah...I don't like cheek beef either.

Bernal Lmao : Tacos de frijol

George Rosses : Tacos is my favorite Mexican food... for example barbacoa tacos are delicious.

David Galicia Espinoza : América is all the continent from South to north don't forget that gringos vivan los tacos mexicanos los más chingones

Yero laY : make them react to pabazos!

Eulalia Gonzalez : Haha lmao

Alexander Vega : white ppl😂fuck em

Clinton Faber : you didnt include tripe you monsters

Jhona Patiño : no hay amor mas puro y sincero que el de un taquero .

JJ Belac : Fucking hipsters...

Inferno Fire : Where is the Posolè at??

Pusheenlover 2106 : JOSH PECK!!

The Blue Shy Guy : Vampiros 😻

My Strange Life : The al pastor is THE best thing in the world. Bólidos over here like...OMG STARBUCKS YASSS OMG PIZZA YASSSSS. And I'm over here like...MAMI DAME MÁS ALPASTOR PORFAVOR PARAQUE ME AGUANTE LA CHANCLA. Lol

Natalya Rodriguez : Lengua tacos are bae tbh

G Chin : Chickenwatch

Diego Gonzalez : "Street" taco hahahaha fucken Americans...make my fucken tacos in a kitchen in house...

Canino Alcaraz : These arent even real mexican tacos yall want some real mexican tacos GO TO MEXICO

Unknown gamer : Beefy it’s pork not beef

Smang : Everyone is suggesting carne asada but god damn it’s basic as fuck.

jess : what the fuck did i just listen to at 0:42.

Alyssa O : Lengua is the best!!! When I go to my grandma’s house and she has lengua I eat like 8 tacos.

Bernardo Amaya : nigga where the guacamole at?

SGO010 : Give me that cabeza lmaoooo

Louie Ralphie : Wealthy land owners in Mexico would give the peasants the parts of an animal they would not eat,

Png Thoj : Which part of America is this, who in America has not had street tacos from the taco trucks.


Mortify : Lengua is my favoriteeee!!! YUMMMM

gay.daddario theLGBTshelter : I'm triggered

x x : Spaghetti tacos tha best

Rafael Vera : 0:40 cringy af

Carlos Mejia : WTF these are uncommon Mexican food

Priscila Michelle : Americans are a bit whiny about food, those aren't even the weird ones. hahaha so cute

SraiTdenI : 0:51, you can put my taco in your mouth..😏

Daniel Lunsford : I'm amazed they liked everything so much. Usually these guys are all, "Ewww anything unusual is gross!"

KatherineIsAPanda : I get so happy whenever my mom or dad makes tongue tacos :D

Remy Martin : Lol cold ass fake tacos.... wtf is this? Take them to a real taco truck on the street ....

Almu Casas : They should try ESQUITES

nataliaa : Chorizo is Italian... is it not?

Robert Rada : Where was this filmed? At the risk of sounding condescending (I swear, it's not like that), any random suburban cracker from Chicgaoland would be familiar with these meats and thensome. It's wild how regionally diverse our food is in the States (I wouldn't know the first thing about beef brisket, philly cheesesteaks or tex-mex).

Arlyn Villeda : Suadero is very good

Alvarado 52 : I love tongue tacos im Mexican :P

LILMANlc : Too funny!!!

Analia wifi : 2:43 lol French kiss your taco the way he said it

logicslayer : They should make a Tongue in Cheek taco!