Americans Try REAL Street Tacos

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Maria Andree Tobias Mombiela : Make them try tamales!

Maria Isabel : "Looks like Taco Bell-" I didn't even have to listen that whole sentence. *offended Mexican*

Ors180717 : New title: Josh Peck eats real tacos

Mane! remaster : Y la salsa y el limon?

Psych0Bunny 609 : Lengua!!!!!!!! My favorite!!! Put lime ,lemon, and some hot sauce! Mmmmmhmmmm yeahh little bit of radish to the side and fried carrots. Mmmmmhmmmm

Diego Aburto : The most famous taco in México is "pastor"

TheOnlyBass : Wheres the tacs de Al Pastor!!!!

Marie Bellucci : Oh, God no!!!! Chorizo, YES. The rest??? Not saying a lot of Mexicans don't eat all of those but PASTOR (or TROMPO), CARNE ASADA and BISTEK are FAR more famous and common. It feels like they tried to mess with their heads and gross them out as much as they could.

Jj Zaragoza : “Put some aguacate and sour cream” stfu that immediately makes it American. Authentic tacos is only the 2 small tortillas, meat , onion and cilantro and salsa, lime some salt and grilled onions and jalapeños. . THATS IT

Bryan Pham : Americans are not used to flavor

Yese Castel : Where did you get those tacos, they don't look like the real thing wtf

Jr Rios : The first girl was so white she didn’t know what chorizo was

fortnite_gameplayz1 : Tacos de pastor con salsa verde is the best

Hermione Granger : Los estadounidenses no saben qué es la comida real. gusta si estas de acuerdo

LOLWalyoshi2 : Not Street at all, most of them are served in Taquerías (Taco restaurants)

KevinIsKingg : People in the comments are being salty and offensive even though they would react the same with foreign foods ....

Maria Eugenia Cardenas Gutierrez : Tacos! 100 por ciento #MEXICANA

antonio barrera : They should've gave them verga tacos

suzyblue28 : Were al pastor? Barbacoa? Carne asada? The famous ones

sweetest dream : The girl looks Mexican, but I could be wrong.

Gabriel Delgado : its like eating a taco without a tortilla

wetsheppy plays roblox 013 : *Tacos de lengua!!🌮🌮*

eduardo66137 : 2:26 “give me that cabeza” I agree

alejandra rodriguez : You can't beat carne asada tacos with a lot of chile and lime

wetsheppy plays roblox 013 : When people find out what the taco is made out of there just like "eww" and that annoys me SOOO much!!

Juan De La Rosa : I'm not surprised Mexican food Is so fucking good

Jason Leem : #stopwhitepeople2018

Ms Yikez : Hands down all i tased is chalky ones but when my Mami makes em it is GOOD! WARM TORLLIAS CON WARM CARNE ASADA AND WITH THE VALENTINA AND LIME ON IT AND JUST YUM!

SkankinLozer : Kinda disappointed you guys didn't have tripas. My favorite tacos hands down.

Anoush Shah : Is that the dude from blue mountain state

peshmerge44 : that one guy with the glasses already looks like a caricature. imagine an actual caricature of him

Dat Typical Dude : 2:03 there’s something in my teeth

Pablo Siever : Ok, now that you've tasted real tacos, please get rid of taco bell ... PLEASE!! Sincerely a Mexican.

Afaf Juma : Taco party tour 2k16

Evelyn Lopez : Slide into those DMs my ass, To make a taco good you have to put cilantro, onion a nice spicy sauce, lemon, salt, maybe even stir fried onions but this is bull man

Daily Dose Of Vince : Dude that guy looks like Josh Peck😂😂😂

larry floyd : check out the irish try foods and stuff.. facts  videos... much more fun and funny

Ethan B : Tamales and street tacos are the best thing

rick cain : they're not eating them right you need your bowl of cilantro your bowl of lime your bowl of white onion and then you're bowl of hot sauce and then you are in Heaven.....

Bubbles Lewis : Keith and Nic !!!

Bubbles Lewis : Where eugene?

Enrique Alvarez : 0:51 my type of girl😍

Juan V : I hate taco stands


Edgar Solorio : They should try tacos al pastor cut from a trompo👅

Dreamingeye1 : Lengua is way too chewy for me

Miriam Love : People dont know what real food is

Isabel Hennings : Pff blancos

Gavino Barrera : What happend to the asada, alpastor, tripa, huh?

Ka_Bueno : Buche taste way better with chorizo 😋