Americans Try REAL Street Tacos

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Mane! esta en todos lados : Y la salsa y el limon?

Maria Isabel : "Looks like Taco Bell-" I didn't even have to listen that whole sentence. *offended Mexican*

Bryan Pham : Americans are not used to flavor

Ors180717 : New title: Josh Peck eats real tacos

Julia Hernandez : Like Taco Bell? Those are chingaderas

Jj Zaragoza : “Put some aguacate and sour cream” stfu that immediately makes it American. Authentic tacos is only the 2 small tortillas, meat , onion and cilantro and salsa, lime some salt and grilled onions and jalapeños. . THATS IT

Marie Bellucci : Oh, God no!!!! Chorizo, YES. The rest??? Not saying a lot of Mexicans don't eat all of those but PASTOR (or TROMPO), CARNE ASADA and BISTEK are FAR more famous and common. It feels like they tried to mess with their heads and gross them out as much as they could.

Jr Rios : The first girl was so white she didn’t know what chorizo was

Golden Trap : I dont know why people dont agree that us mexicans use actual natural ingredients for our food Not factories yo No offense like at all


Hermione Granger : Los estadounidenses no saben qué es la comida real. gusta si estas de acuerdo

Psych0Bunny 609 : Lengua!!!!!!!! My favorite!!! Put lime ,lemon, and some hot sauce! Mmmmmhmmmm yeahh little bit of radish to the side and fried carrots. Mmmmmhmmmm

KevinIsKingg : People in the comments are being salty and offensive even though they would react the same with foreign foods ....

LOLWalyoshi2 : Not Street at all, most of them are served in Taquerías (Taco restaurants)

SkankinLozer : Kinda disappointed you guys didn't have tripas. My favorite tacos hands down.

moonwalk_glock : Tacos de pastor con salsa verde is the best

Guillermo Vlogs : Im disappointed that they didn’t include mexican classics like carnitas and birria

Bryan's Vlogs : Nothing compared to the Real tacos in Mexico

Pablo Siever : Ok, now that you've tasted real tacos, please get rid of taco bell ... PLEASE!! Sincerely a Mexican.

antonio barrera : They should've gave them verga tacos

Jesus Vizzuett : These guys only now the taco bell tacos not the real tacos

The one mexican gurl : *Tacos de lengua!!🌮🌮*

eduardo66137 : 2:26 “give me that cabeza” I agree

Cabbage Lettuce : I don't get how people who eat chicken nuggets or hot dog freak out about beef tongue or stomach. Probably because they are uneducated.

Juan De La Rosa : I'm not surprised Mexican food Is so fucking good

Akira Moné Dickerson : "Sometimes the weird parts are the tastiest parts."

Random Dumbass : Carne asada? They missed like the best type of tacos

Pozole : Real mexican taco trucks is when it says "La Familia Tacos" or "El Gordo"

kevin hernandez : Did that idiot just compare chorizo with Taco Bell ?!.. mas pendejo smh

theodore raz : 0:50 I'll give you this taco to put in your mouth anytime babyy

Wolf : *sorry but the tortilla isnt greasy enough* 😧😧😧

Bigfoot Hunters : My favorite Mexican foods are enchiladas,tamales,empanadas, tacos,menudo, and pesole.

Mr.Bubba Gump : 2:27 "give me that cabeza "

Evelyn Lopez : Slide into those DMs my ass, To make a taco good you have to put cilantro, onion a nice spicy sauce, lemon, salt, maybe even stir fried onions but this is bull man

unknown player : The tounge is the best part with lime and salt mmmmm delicious

lourdes Ramirez : I find it so weird to see people react to food I find normal and just casually eat day to day

Naomi Garcia : Josh peck looking ass, no seas mamón.

eat me bitch : I love how it says REAL tacos

BTS armyforever1 : My mom makes them better😂😂

Sofia Gonzalez : “Looks like Taco Bell” *excuse me*

dan ma : The title of the video will br gringos beacause americans we are all from alaska to patagonia

Diego Aburto : The most famous taco in México is "pastor"

smileswild : I’m upset they didn’t make them try tripa

Miguel Angel p : Q pasó con la salsa???? Soy mexicano pero la verdad esos tacos ni yo los comería.! Les falta mucho para verse como unos verdaderos tacos.! 👍

Vincent Valadez : Dude that guy looks like Josh Peck😂😂😂

Viviana PMG : I honestly think they grossed them out just to make Mexican food look bad ☹️ MUCHOS NOS ODIAN

rick cain : they're not eating them right you need your bowl of cilantro your bowl of lime your bowl of white onion and then you're bowl of hot sauce and then you are in Heaven.....

Elianne Nascimento : The point of this video was to get people who enjoy eating tacos to try tacos they wouldn't normally order on their own.

Ethan B : Tamales and street tacos are the best thing

Saira Carrales Life : 0:25 *TRIGGERED* *HE* *DOES* *NOT* *KNOW* *THE* *WAY*