James Jean - ComplexCon Mural - Time Lapse

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Creativity Weekly : Yo! This is amazing!

Zoellick jiun : Genial, saludos desde Toluca Edo de México 🇲🇽 me suscribí

Pascal OLL : Hi, I have a similar project over a period of 30 days to do a time-lapse of an artist doing an​ outside mural. My questions are what are the extent of your presence and the frequency of the images taken? what would you suggest for a project like mine?Thank you in adavance REPLY

Arbaayah Zain : Love your expressions...

Annabelle Liu Art : in love

Roberto Medina : your work is absolutely amazing.. By the way is the name of the song Hazel and it was created by Killspencer and Schwartzpower? I can't seem to find it anywhere, and it's a dope track

Chady OnFire : Good work

Hugues de Payns : Nice mural !music is nice too, could you please share the name of this track?

Steph Apie : ♡♡♡ amazing

starry neigh : wow just wow

Lou : amazing as always