ABBA "Little Britain" cast spoof.

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DisastropheFilms : Haha. Matt Lucas looks JUST LIKE Agnetha!

Kitana Kojima : "I'm talking." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Alasska Luna : omg David looks so pretty in this haha..

LissWhatever : Matt actually looks good with that hair lol

Paula Dale : Its humour and as an Abba fan its kinda funny .They are focusing on the speculative rivalry between the two ladies, not the accents ;)

william weir : "YOU TROD ON MY FINGER!!!!"

De Wandervogel : they pretend to speak Swedish but use a German accent. for example: "very big in Sviden"

David Adams : I was lead vocal, but Fred here...

CivilSerpent T : 4:10 No joke, Matt Lucas looks properly stunning.

randall starling : Matt and David are completely crazy!

Sandra Campbell : muriels wedding

Anna ElvisFanNo1 : matt looks like a heavier version of agnetha it's creepy how much 😂😂

Sakura Blossom : I think Agnetha would have loved this as much as I did.. She is such a kind and loving woman, and has such a sweet heart.. Granted, I don't like the bit where they say she retired from public life and make a joke of it, because that was the result of her stalker (which was a very traumatic and horrible experience in her life).. But that's just me, and I thought it was handled tastefully.. Overall the sketch was light and cute, and done in a nice way.. Very funny..

add19455 : hahahahah love the "finger" thing

The Swift and Steadfast Unicorn of Love : You trod on my finger!


aerialkate : 'Agnetha' sounds German.

Pinko Faggit : Matt Lucas is hot

Maria Nilsson : Agneta would never never answer like that she is too shy

Lainey M : I don't vant to be a blonde bimbo XDD I love this.

Dante Vargas : This cannot be happening to it! #brilliant

EqualJustice4All 4 20/20 : There are only five people living in this village, and your related to four of them. And you're the other one.

IsItSoWrong : this is hilarious

me0on0utube : Her and that finger...LOL..all i can say is Peeeeeetttty

Natasha Kershaw : The accents are more like posh English than Swedish.

Badger BadgerBadger : How did Matt pull this off so perfectly?  HOW?

Tinky Winky : I'm Swedish and I approve.

Paul Weaver : This is so cool :)

Nae O’Connor : They don’t make too bad looking women😂

sexobscura : agnetha looks *particularly lovely ravishing* here

Guppyy 101 : Unlucky 4 a ABBA reunion? Look up 2018 back together new song soon😬❤️

Kitana Kojima : "There's only five people in that village and four of them are related to you."

Jeff Schueler : She TROD on my FINGER and I STILL have the swelling........!

ID-ERROR 404 : Hard to watch

Benjamin Lindkvist : ABBA isn't from Germany...

Glenn Guiao : its naut funny

dudewheresmycar47 : im laughin like a drain

Xander Sterling : Lmao omg. Two of my favourite things together at last ...

Rocky Dans : This is nothing to do with little britain.

Dramatic Scar : to proper Abba fans... is this even remotly accurate???

Mark Blaze : They sound like Herr Flick of ze Gestapo

MrRhythmicDancer1 : The man doing the interview is cute, he got a name?

erna sack : Ich feier die so extrem ,dass ich kacken muss vor lachen .Oh entschuldigung Sorry..nice Day all

Jerry Perry : Funny but not exactly on target. Not that I know much about Agnetha or Anni-Frid but never felt that they were posh. Benny has a house a few miles from where I live. He and his family just want to be like anyone else.

nicknameidono : It would have been funnier if Frida had trod on Agnethas`s middle finger! XD

rampart rod : wonderful

Susanna Lehto : He looks actually pretty as Frida :D

Boo bear x : Not funny 😐

mashroob : I swear HALF of that show was Matt Lucas in drag!

Elias Shaw : Matt is always fun~~~~