ABBA "Little Britain" cast spoof.

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DisastropheFilms : Haha. Matt Lucas looks JUST LIKE Agnetha!

Alasska Luna : omg David looks so pretty in this haha..

Forest Sky my Pony OC : "what about when you hit me around the head with that clarinet?" "that was and accident.." "SEVERAL TIMES!" "YOU TROD ON MY FINGER"

Kitana Kojima : "I'm talking." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Paula Dale : Its humour and as an Abba fan its kinda funny .They are focusing on the speculative rivalry between the two ladies, not the accents ;)

David Adams : I was lead vocal, but Fred here...

randall starling : Matt and David are completely crazy!

Sammy T : 4:10 No joke, Matt Lucas looks properly stunning.

LissWhatever : Matt actually looks good with that hair lol

Sakura Blossom : I think Agnetha would have loved this as much as I did.. She is such a kind and loving woman, and has such a sweet heart.. Granted, I don't like the bit where they say she retired from public life and make a joke of it, because that was the result of her stalker (which was a very traumatic and horrible experience in her life).. But that's just me, and I thought it was handled tastefully.. Overall the sketch was light and cute, and done in a nice way.. Very funny..

De Wandervogel : they pretend to speak Swedish but use a German accent. for example: "very big in Sviden"


william weir : "YOU TROD ON MY FINGER!!!!"

Anna ElvisFanNo1 : matt looks like a heavier version of agnetha it's creepy how much 😂😂

add19455 : hahahahah love the "finger" thing

aerialkate : 'Agnetha' sounds German.

Sandra Campbell : muriels wedding

Pinko Faggit : Matt Lucas is hot

The Swift and Steadfast Unicorn of Love : You trod on my finger!

Natasha Kershaw : The accents are more like posh English than Swedish.

sexobscura : agnetha looks *particularly lovely ravishing* here

Lainey M : I don't vant to be a blonde bimbo XDD I love this.

Benjamin Lindkvist : ABBA isn't from Germany...

Maria Nilsson : Agneta would never never answer like that she is too shy

MATTY GUPSTA : Unlucky 4 a ABBA reunion? Look up 2018 back together new song soon😬❤️

Kitana Kojima : "There's only five people in that village and four of them are related to you."

Xander Sterling : Lmao omg. Two of my favourite things together at last ...

Dante Vargas : This cannot be happening to it! #brilliant

Glenn Guiao : its naut funny

mashroob : I swear HALF of that show was Matt Lucas in drag!

IsItSoWrong : this is hilarious

me0on0utube : Her and that finger...LOL..all i can say is Peeeeeetttty

Jeff Schueler : She TROD on my FINGER and I STILL have the swelling........!

Badger BadgerBadger : How did Matt pull this off so perfectly?  HOW?

Paul Weaver : This is so cool :)

MrRhythmicDancer1 : The man doing the interview is cute, he got a name?

dudewheresmycar47 : im laughin like a drain

Elias Shaw : Matt is always fun~~~~

Owen Desmond : rock profile was well before Little Britain and alot better

Kackvogel : a: Theres nothing wrong of being a gay icon... b: At least some men show some interest

Bandido894 : Where did Matt get Agnetha's 'Super Trouper'-costume? :)

Usama Nasher : How could Matt Lucas look exactly like Agnetha, and still look exactly like Benny? On that note, How could David Williams look like Frida, while at the same time looks like Bjorn? is all beyond me

rampart rod : wonderful

Delaware Valley Gay Men's Christian Choir Ltd. : There are only five people living in this village, and your related to four of them. And you're the other one.

nicknameidono : It would have been funnier if Frida had trod on Agnethas`s middle finger! XD

ID-ERROR 404 : Hard to watch

Don Brogan : ABBA weren't German!

Sebbastian M : "...I'm so glad you kept beard, it suits you!..."

Rocky Dans : This is nothing to do with little britain.

Jerry Perry : Funny but not exactly on target. Not that I know much about Agnetha or Anni-Frid but never felt that they were posh. Benny has a house a few miles from where I live. He and his family just want to be like anyone else.