Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

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Tim Adkins : What instrument do you play? Bobby: "The crowd"

Faith Jarvis : He's playing an instrument made of people

Rubén Medellín : I don't know why, but I always end up smiling like an idiot each time I watch this video. Music is really amazing.

twiinapocalyp2e2 : The last crowdbender


Lorenzo Pietro Antonio Giovanni Giorgio Botti : "So you're saying you are a musician?" "Yes" "And what instrument do you play?" "Crowds."

hole - 1st drill press channel : Don´t worry, be happy!

King Pin : Musicians ....instead of politicians... :)

DeadlyDanDaMan : Music and Math, the true Universal Languages.

Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 : This made me cry and I'm not 100% sure why. I have a lot of feelings about this video.

Jimmy Griffin : The pentatonic scale is definitely one of the most useful things a musician has to learn and master if he wants a chance at being a professional.

Dan Wiberg : I get the chills everytime I watch this.

richardhalo : This made me smile. That was pure beautiful.

The Post Modern Guy : That was pretty awesome crowd control.

Jared Christensen : The guy who makes the Neuroscience comment at 2:51 is Daniel Levitin, who coined and documented the Levitin effect: that people tend to remember songs in the correct key.

Brandon Pack : I wish they included the conversion before and after. Two of the others had a dry argument about cultural musical inclinations disrupting each other. Then he starts this. And afterwards they tried to bend his demonstration to prove their points. :(

Kingsthrone : What several scientists spend years to research and conclude, Bobby McFerrin does in less than three minutes.

uizzmedia : I think the most interesting part in this experiment is figuring out how the audience learned the G# (C#, D# and A# he gave away, and F is easy to figure out because the audience was locked on whole-step intervals at the time - we're in C# pentatonic btw). I think it's because of, either one of, or a combination of the following : 1.As far as I can tell, at first Bobby tried forming the pentatonic with G# as its root (his first two sung notes), instead of C#, but the audience resolved that to C# and he went along with it. I think that was the first time the audience encountered the G# in a musical context during that time period. 2.Bobby sneakily introduced the G# during the yodle thing he did @ 1:18. 3.The audience didn't come into contact with any half-step intervals at the time, and Bobby trained them for both ascending and descending whole-step interval patterns, so it was just the natural way to go. Also, once you have positions 1 2 3 and 5 of a scale, with a major 3rd, it's pretty easy to figure out the 4th, since it's highly unlikely for it to be a tritone). Such a fun thing to witness and study!

Mardycious04 Reyes : he just hacked everybody's mind lol

tsoueddie : Darude - Sandstorm your welcome

MrKockabilly : Indeed, given just the first two middle notes, the audience instinctively and almost unanimously figured out the others and expanded the scale along the pentatonic line. Either the pentatonic scale is indeed a very natural scale or the people has somehow got used to it.

Walter Mitchum : Sometimes, without even realizing it, I find myself humming this to myself.

WolfCoder : This means something. It is important.

jaypkan : What Genius!! He makes it look so easy

WILLY STEWARD : Try that in will be chaotic

Omkar Parab : I don't know why but i m smiling continuously after watching this... :)

RAQUEL LIGHT : Talk about playing the crowd! haha!!

Axiom Ape : A great lesson using very few words...the indication of a great teacher.

TheWalper : Conclusion: People are sheeps

Artushka Pushka : He's Living On Levels We Can Only Experience In Heaven..

Beth Grace : this is honestly the best thing ever

Ellie A. : That was not only awesomely entertaining, but it demonstrated the commonality of humanity throughout the world.

C Flow : AWESOME-NESS!!!! That Bobby McFerrin is a TRUE musician. Now this is definition of an ARTIST not just a singer, feel me? Love him, he's a genius.

Trevor Lutz : 45000 likes, 300 people that accidentally clicked the wrong button

Ari Pg : I should be studying for exam...

Azmo .R : is he saying ba or fa

sydney morris : The pentatonic scale is somehow "wired" in everyone's brains. It is built in and is something that everyone knows no matter where you are in the world. It's incredible. When he starts singing at 1:19, what song or tune is he singing? It sounds so familiar!

Robby Diggs : Black man's genius is revolutionary for ALL ...

Emily Taege : I can't like this enough. It makes me feel happy inside.

SorWrath/Bloodstained : some ppl win the lottery, that is by choosing random numbers, and if luck is with them and they will win.. for me it was when my college told us to attend an event in our music hall for a project. Without having big interested in going, I chose they only thing that caught my eye in the music hall's schedule. A jazz concert by a dude named Bobby McFerrin when I went there I didn't knew who he was, but after that day I feel like I won the lottery, because it was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been. And I have seen almost all the big names of Rock and Metal (also few from others genres) in concerts the last 25 years. Side note: Bobby McFerrin was accompanied with another 6 incredible vocalists.

KJSTANCIL : I have never seen a more beautiful display of knowledge in the music science. This melody is so beautiful.

EllenElgar : Still my favourite video on the Internet :)

Boogieforme : Bobby McFerrin might be the only person who actively plays the audience like an instrument. I love the guy!

Joshua Chinquee : Is anyone else surprised to learn that Bobby McFerrin doesn't have a Jamaican accent..?

Dwarf Langersson : What a mind, visionary!

YbYBwRbY : Dear Bobby McFerrin, My guitar teacher just suggested I listen to this. You've just explained not just how God created the Universe, but why. I wish everybody would put down their weapons and listen. Thank you so much. From a 60-y.o. beginning guitarist, a prof. in Massachusetts.

Daniel Johnson : is there a name for the song he sings along with?

Daniel Sell : Exceptional!!!

flanker : I have a feeling this wouldn't work in for example Turkey. Especially if he were to do it with an audience who doesn't listen to western music. Pentatonic Scale isn't widely used in Traditional Turkish music or most of the eastern music for that matter. Still very cool.

Julian Sp : Every few months I come back to this. It brings tears to my eyes everytime.