Look Like a Winner: Military Etiquette and Grooming 1970 US Army Training Film for WACs

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Dan R : "For some girls a daily shower or bath is something new" could be true.

Reality Check : Thank God the military has such great men who've made it their life's mission to style womens' hair. That and the A-bomb won us WW2

Abusemtex : I cannot believe there is not a single comment about that one eyebrow girl. o_Ô

Cosquillas Y Paz : Work it, Susan!

Julian Sloman : each woman represents a unique set of problems - wat?

Brian Barth : A little blast from the past. Interesting. Thanks.

ether150 : Is there a video for men?

A 1 : I think my mother must have cooked Susans green beans at 13:40. They are well and truly boiled to within an inch of becoming sludge. I am surprised there is not a serving of boiled cabbage as well...............

Norm T : Tom really doesn't want crazy colours girls!

Richard Porter : They should show this in schools.

NowForTheTruth : I dunno, lesbians just seemed more...well, classy in those days.

Julian Sloman : wonder what he says after the sound goes off at the end... pays off in important ways...

Ron Williams : That blond short stiff wig. terrible. i like what that black lady said about getting it together at the end of this film

ytuseruber : These girls should have been getting married and starting families, not wasting their time in the Army

Gun Nut : Trigger warning lmao

M. Sheridan : you got to love the hair dresser

Baby Blue : Poor Susan has to starve herself to look nice in her uniform.

YiffTron : im gonna have to put :37-:43 in gif form b/c Legs

f off : porky goesvto the army

Michael DiLorenzo : Back then people could still be clean and not Bathe everyday.

Stripdancer100 : "Daily shower is something new", "if you want to smell clean, you have to be clean" - it sounds like they are from 18th century, Africa, USA of 30s maybe, but USA of 70s? My world will never be the same.

Martin Lovasz : The acting makes them sounds like a pack of dogs and they are treaded like a pack of dogs as well...

†ACIÐЖЩITCH† : Look like a winner, not a feminist SJW dyke.

Rem Acu Tetigisti : Now if they could keep the girls from having sex together .......