Blackout: The Power Outage That Left 50 Million W/o Electricity | Retro Report | The New York Times

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Ghetto Wagon : What I remember was the people of NY all drove like morons and crashed into one another when none of the lights worked. No one slowed down or stopped. It only lasted a day and a half yet so many freaked out in 3 hours.

pete saws : Gotta go to da bathroom and can't even go nowhere

Adam Ohm : Because of this blackout I met almost all of my neighbors in the apartment building I was living in at the time. About 20 of us got together on the roof and started grilling whatever meat and other food we had in our fridges that we couldn't save. Then we spent the rest of the night drinking beers, chatting and watching the stars. I admit it's kind of sad that it took a blackout to get me to socialize with my neighbors.

milkerfish : 1. Blame terrorists (wasn't terrorists) 2. Blame Canada (wasn't canada) 3. Blame Cleveland

Abshir Ali : the Mayor of Toronto is savage!!! LMAO What a come back

Ali Shah : This seems like something Homer Simpson would do.

dennis n : Good thing it wasn't winter. Pipes would have broke and no heating + everything that happend with the transportation grid. Could have been a lot worse.

TheImpiroGirl : 3:24 Toronto mayor is savage but God it's so true

Donny Donowitz : And how many babies were born 9 months later? Lmao

Sha-ad : 3:29 lol a t-shirt with ''i survived the blackout New York 2003'' ok nice for you .I survived 30 days without electricity in the winter of 1998 during de ice strom.I want a t-shirt for that lol

RagingMoon1987 : Obviously they learned nothing from the blackout in '77.

Reasonable : Huh. Didn't even know Canada's power grid was connected to ours.

Glenn Weeks : have you ever heard America take any blame? No ...we love to blame everyone but ourselves...

Norman Farmer : You don't need electricity to use the bathroom...

K-Tech : You know that dude got fired!

svtfast : Clevlend should of had diseal backup generators for their water pumps. Only idiots would not of had that.

Ghost : that was a truly fun day, in nyc, not gonna lie

Marc James-Finel : 4:30 lol this story wasn't even the biggest one on the news paper because of Micheal Jackson

Karlito Sway : I pretty sure it was a epic night

Tad Greenwald : WATCH DOGS

Matt Brine : I remember this blackout very well, knocked out power to most of Ontario, and my hometown of Oshawa, east of Toronto. ALL I WANTED TO DO THAT DAY WAS GOTO THE LIBRARY AND PLAY RUNESCAPE BUT NOOOO THE BLACK OUT HAPPENED!!! Oh well, I had fun anyways, later that night we had a bon fire in our neighbours driveway, roasted some marshmellows and hotdogs and had tons of fun, all lit by candles and fires on Bruce Street, Oshawa

Zachary Zalass : Nationalize your grid. We did that in Quebec and we have one of the most advanced grids + world class research

nudist0885 : I remember this incident. I was in western New York state on a few days vacation from the job that I had been then. I remember I was out in the countryside when the power went out, but I already had my motel room key because I had checked in the night before. When I heard on the car radio that the power was going to be out for a number of hours I decided to go have some fun. I drove into a small town (I can't remember which one it was) and found a very dark area where I could hide my car. I got undressed and got out of my car wearing nothing but my sneakers. I then proceeded to walk around some of the outskirts areas of the town knowing that very few (if any) people would be able to see me. I walked around the local high school, some of the small strip malls that were right on the side of the local roads, I even walked through one single family home housing area for about 20 minutes (I knew where I was going and where my car was parked). That night was fun.

UnitedStatesOfEmbarrassment10018 : I remember when this happened. I was only 5 years old. Sucked balls. I couldn't even watch TV. Those people at FirstEnergy should have been more responsible.

denelson83 : Don't forget that a severe geomagnetic storm can bring down quite a huge chunk of a power grid, such as what happened in 1989 in Quebec.

Joe Shook : 3:20 for the win

trollollol14 : This reminds me of the purge

Realbek : 29 hours I've survived for like 48 without complaining XD

Eon Hardy : I was 13 and in summer camp when this happened. We was just about to go on a trip, and had to get on the 3 train. We got word that the power in NYC went out and the trip had to be canceled.. I wudda been hella tight stuck on the 3 train . Smfh

Blado : Another example of humans being reactive instead of proactive.

Lisa Foos : Blame Canada!

THWNAH : This was clearly aliens

Sekrocatz : Did you know that light pollution is the cause of why you can't see whole galaxies in the sky? Light pollution is when light from the city blocks the sky every night, so, that means the light covers the sky and you can't see the galaxies and stars

Egils Aleksejevs : Watch_Dogs sent me here. In the game it says it was a cyber attack

Andy Lee : Why I have a backup generator in my home and a 40 gallon reserve tank.

Peridot TheClod : Manila : meh dis happens everytime New york : *1 minute later* Y IS DER NO POWER AHHHHHHHYHHHH

Ecléctico Iconoclasta : And that is deregulation and lack of investment in infrastructure for you kids. Keep voting for the republicans in order to get even worse episodes of this kind of third world situations

Courziv : A few years ago, there was a solar flare that nearly shut down all power on earth for years.

Kolobos0523 : i thought it was skynet taking over!

The Curlos : Watch dogs

XxxCarlWeezerAK-47XXx : August 14th 2003 I was born then suddenly New York City had a blackout so that means I'm in The Unlucky day for my life

Carlotta Mclee : I remember the black out back in 2003 me an my big sis was just coming from the galleria mall there was no traffic lights no nothing one of my sister's friends got arrested for fight some middle aged lady in the middle of the road my sister end up breaking up the fight it was crazy that day the lights didn't get cut back on till noon the next day smfh

EnderXD_Gaming : i was 8 years old when the blackout happen,i was in New york ,but we went to Charlotte during the major blackout.

Afghan Lion : Best summer of my childhood.

Galih Pratama : aiden pearce, is that you?

Carly Al : I remember this. We lived in the ghetto and my mom was so scare the whole night. We had no phone to call for help and she was alone with two little girls. My mom had to walk the Brooklyn bridge that day.

Cheese Lover Girl : Of course it’s NYC that’s complaining like babies in all the other states that surround New York that don’t have that many big cities and THEY DIDN’T COMPLAIN these New Yorkers are so dang dramatic the fact they’re making a documentary on a power outage that literally lasted a day is ridiculous

simon wang : Don't worry. Rick Perry - Bachelor's degree in Animal Science, is our Energy Secretary. Top notch. Very smart guy. So qualified.

TheVideomaker2341 : I was only 7 when this happened, I was playing my PS2 (I don't remember which game) but the power suddenly went off. I thought it was a prank from my older brother but instead, the whole neighborhood had a power outage and didn't find out later that the ENTIRE northeast had a power outage and some parts of Canada.

Dalton Chew : ctOS blackout.