Drake - God's Plan (Asian PARODY)
Drake Gods Plan Asian PARODY

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Drake - God's Plan (Official Music Video) Asian PARODY Original Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpVfcZ0ZcFM THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/jeffreysweezy/featured?sub_confirmation=1 MY INSTAGRAM PAGE: https://www.instagram.com/jeffreysweezy/ 👻: JeffreySweezy Drake - God's Plan (Asian PARODY) © JeffreySweezy 2018


swaggaming and vlogs : one like= one dollar for his wallet.

AntBleus : This how many times he said “Asking for it” 👇🏻

to.haiderz : Teacher: “What song do you guys want?” Me: “God’s Plan please (Asian Version)!”

Gregthegod 1013 : Him: “ima kick yo a** with karate” Me: 🤣😂🤣😂😭🤣😂😭😂🤣😂😭😂🤣

Skeet Skeet : selling replays: 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 cost: 1 like

Doktor Dawg : Well nobody wants to know this I have the same wallet 👍

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happy.forever And ever : Who can relate to the doctor one?😂🤣

Dylan Le : How much money he will have at the end of the year for entertainment | V

cute thanos123 : Hold on let me let me open this fortune cookie It says I will always be lonley

Sploosh _ : Better than original. 10/10

Aiden Giles : This is how many subs he got from this video | ♡

Gacha Møon ღ : In our school there is an asain cult and we listen to this song everyday in our form until our teacher comes ;-;

Dark Myth : Friend: hey what kind of music do you like? Me: It's complicated...

Turd Series : He Said "i know math no abc" but how can he say the words like WHAAA...

MALI MALI : Has anyone noticed Jeffrey’s tripod at 1:24 in he mirror reflection? 😂 love ya Jeffrey

GeneraleweAwesome : I can’t get married till I’m 23 but it’s not as bad as yours XD

Volt : Who’s here in 2019?

iProsty Gamer XXX Channel : Mom: Why did you get a D+ Me: Watch this

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Tricky Slayer : swaggaming and vlogs he got 188 K dollars man.... he rich

Lord Kitten : bet After This Vid He Qon't be broke man no more

js J : What am I doing with my life?🤔 But still better than the original

Veridian : *_I only love my grades and my chopsticks_*

RedHammer :D Games : You know what I be asking and asking and asking how This got 12 million views?

Grimn-Reaper K : I might actually make a cover for this and make it more a little better🤣

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Meme-Chan X Ying Yan : LOL! I’M ASIAN TOO! MY FAMIKY NO LIKE A- ONLY A+ XD Then The youngst I can date is 18 AND I COOK AT THE AGE OF 9? LIKE WHY???? WHAT IS WITH MY FAMILY?!?!

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AB The Cube God : Those are good grades your Moms Tripping No Cappin

Zavyer LaGrandier Leon : This not what I expected at all NARUTO IS ALL I WATCHY TOO

Leann Nguyen : Noice my second favorite parody anyone in 2019

DANA TIWARI : *i only love my grades and my chopsticks, iM SoRrY* Me: ... O DANG

Eric Muenks : 1:38 that is me when i feel high but i'm not and i'm really just drunk

TheGreyGap : Your gonna look back at this and regret everything

Lord Kitten : When He Opens The Cookie He raises His Hands And There is No Paper Or Cookie???? Illuminati comfirmed

Pullsarr : U don’t watch goku? *U NOT CHING CHING*

xDreadL : I'm trying to party, mom said do da study gotta be the docter not playing PUBG 0:24 Like if you're asian

Dash Gamer : Dad: what is that Me: it’s real music my guy Sister:yea it’s real music

Regnbue Donut! : "I have no money in my wallet" *Sees expensive computer behind him* LOL NICE JOKE

IAAGTB : I got stage 4 terminal cancer from watching this🤦🏽‍♂️

Palm : *User [Drake] has joined the chat*

AcousticVince : 2:21 *Me when im finding my phone*

Craxys Guxci : when my mom says get a job and I said I wanna make a short song for u 1:03