Drake - God's Plan (Asian PARODY)

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JeffreySweezy : AAYYY!!! I ONLY LOVE MY GRADES AND MY CHOPSTICK I'M SORRY!!! Make sure to SHARE!!! Happy Saturday!!!

JoshPlays : Personally one of the best parodies made yet on this song 👍

Amazing Badri 1 : Roses are red Violets are blue But remember kids There is always a Asian better then you

Robert Toms : Drake has some competition lol

The Unknown : 1:34 1+2+3=6 not 5 XD

Aleqcis Jay Olila : 0:13 Did yu see da camera Hope i got some likes😦😪😪

Veridian : *_I only love my grades and my chopsticks_*

10000 Subscribers with no videos : I'm Asian and I find this hilarious

Preston D : 0:49 my face when I die in fortnite

RJK Films : Chin Chong Chin chong chin Chong chi

What's That Sound? : What everyone has been waiting for the mighty smile! 1:16

Adrian Aguilar : I just figured out I’m asian just now

IamFoxPr0YT : This is the best Asian parody ever😂😂

Chasinator Playzzz : This was gods plan 110%

Trip : *chin chong chin chong chin chong chi*


Monkey D. Luffy : I know math no ABC

Chicksterzs Roblox and nore! : Title should be Asian's Plan 😂

The Crazy Queen : Ohh man you so stupid lol

Rekxzy : **broke man** stfu asians are rich af😂

Shoel Howlett : After watching this i am now asain

Pug the Wolf : *_chin chong chin chong chin chong chi_*

Fortnite Battle Royale : 1:27

LPS December : *I GOTTA B AHHHH*

x i lost you x : This so funny😂😂😂😂😂

PhrostiX : I like how it thinks it’s God’s plan copyrighted...

No Don't come here : Aye my rice gum!😂

Anthony J. : So asian.

Josh Sekombo : so funny1:16

Northern Islands : this is the greatest video ever made

GL!TCH W0LF : Are you Vietnamese?, Bc I am, Like if you're a Viet too

Judy Lam : Yaaasssss!!!!asian squad here. Like if you are asian


TOM KRU : Where did the fortune cookie go?

Mr_Supreme - Roblox & More : The bit you all have been waiting for 1:16

Nickols : 1:27. Is the best part lol

Hexilicious HD : Broke man 1:20 has a iMac😂😂

Amit Prabhu : "I GOT A B AHHHH!!!" "DOMAI YOU SO STUPID!!!"

farhan jamil : broke MAN you have a iMac at 1:20

Sloppy AG21 : Top 10 anime openings

Hariz Noah : Exam is near I hear this and I will get A for meth 😂

KingQLit : Who else died at ching Cheng chi XD

SniperrDDoodle 0000 : Says "I have no money" before he dances next to a $35 table and a $1000 apple computer

-Andrew- : I keep asking and asking and asking for... *V-bucks*

JSHARMAC (Jeremy Sun) : 1:20 How are you broke when you have an iMac tho

Kitten Thug : remineds me of plainrock124

-Akira toriyamaアキラ鳥山 : Asian's plan

Kristian-skate : It’s not that good

Ali Miakhel : i tought you was Ricegum

Ha Ngoc : 1:16 When i fart