Drake - God's Plan (Asian PARODY)

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JeffreySweezy : AAYYY!!! I ONLY LOVE MY GRADES AND MY CHOPSTICK I'M SORRY!!! Make sure to SHARE!!! Happy Saturday!!!

Veridian : *_I only love my grades and my chopsticks_*

8bit corn dog : That face at 1:16

Any Kitty : 1:16

British Kid : British version She ask me do you love me? I tell her only partly, I only love my tea and the queen I’m sorry

ams the jams : 1:16 Is Me

Monkey D. Luffy : I know math no ABC

Distain - Minecraft : As an asian, i can relate


Neon Spider 62 : I like naruto as well

Electric Pants : 1:16

-Akira toriyamaアキラ鳥山 : Asian's plan

Potato Studios : *I GOT A B AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!*

Jhankrit Sharma : Next Nigahiga

Homemade Memes : THIS IS SO RACIST

Max Gamer : The best part is from 1:27 to 1:45 Also 1:16 my face when my crush asks me out

Hexilicious HD : Broke man 1:20 has a iMac😂😂

cris vlogs : I have watch this 10 times

BONELESS PIZZA : This is quality content :) take notes pewdiepie

SuperMarioBros : 1:42 I CANT STOP LAUGHING LOL XD!!!!!!!!!

The Guy That Subs to Popular Youtubers : I feel you, man

DanielTheOne : Sounds good if you set 1.25 speed

Alex Kvista : If its a parody probubaly should have some comedy

SØLDIER:76 : *Mah Plan!*

Jason Vorhees : Every asian parents

toad gaming : 100,000th like

Tyreck_YT : 0:33 this is me when i come back home from school :D

The IndorPool : 1:18 I'll be ASSstink ASSstink ASSstink XD

bed wars : I don't have no money can you buy shoes for me

Khang Ly : Are u Vietnamese cus am and u said a bad word in Vietnam

Dany Alasvandi : Can you do some music videos

GamerCraft 17 : 1:16😁

Playing GamerzYT : When u increase the speed of the last part of the vid to x2 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣

Steven Rodriguez : Naruto is a god

Vicky Lara : this is so funny

Snowygalaxy Watson : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Adrian Aguilar : But the likes...

ʜᴀʀᴇʙ ɴᴀᴢᴇʀ : 55:3 OMG 😂😂

SheeN lol Item : you look like a BoxBox :P

mac maclarren : Bongol

z a r m e e n : we played this on our last day of school.

Gavin Poirier : B Br Bro Brok Broke Broke M Broke Ma Broke Man Broke Ma Broke M Broke Brok Bro Br B

itzZack : 1:16

FomulaSphinx1 3 : Rip in the chat for my 🅱️i🅱️🅱️a ricegum

ryanthe beast i quit youtube : 1:59

Dr GearWorks : This is accurate

KingQLit : Who else died at ching Cheng chi XD

Dany Alasvandi : BEST Song ever

Dany Alasvandi : I Got a B

Dany Alasvandi : I don't have no money can you buy shoes for me