Drake - God's Plan (Asian PARODY)

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JeffreySweezy : AAYYY!!! I ONLY LOVE MY GRADES AND MY CHOPSTICK I'M SORRY!!! Make sure to SHARE!!! Happy Saturday!!!

Monkey D. Luffy : I know math no ABC

Akira Toriyama : Asian's plan

GamerCraft 17 : 1:16😁

Abrea Kirkland : She said do you love me I tell her only partly, I only love my grades and my chopsticks I'm sorry. Lmao had me dead💀😂

EXTREME GAMING : Broke Man With iPhone and iMac!! Weird

Hexilicious HD : Broke man 1:20 has a iMac😂😂

Amr of Steel : 0:49 when I saw this parody

1 GiraffeNotHot 1 : Genius.

Kevin Garcia : It is good bro keep putting songs like that.

Irwin Velasco : 00:41 is me😅

Tyreck_YT : 0:33 this is me when i come back home from school :D

Mr_Vulpix 04 : 1:34. 1+2+3=5? Thats why you need to study

AlexXX Playz : 2:07 Me When I Get A 100 On A Test

Irwin Velasco : If he cant get a match in tinder then y did he say 01:27

ItzDaRobloxGamer * : guys he is asket for it give it to him

Veridian : *_I only love my grades and my chopsticks_*

chris0712 : Who was here before it reached 1 million views

[Scrubz]DioXide : 0:48 the face u make when ur mom said h can’t play fortnite

Yah Squad : Do you love me I tell her only partly I only love my grades and my Chopsticks Im sorry (LMAO)

Leia South : Man u so stupit she shong she cheon cheee

KingQLit : Who else died at ching Cheng chi XD

God master Bill : I love the show naruto

Estevan Padilla : That face

turtle master 2385 : 116

Justin Mohammed : Now i can say i was here be4 a mil

Adrian Aguilar : But the likes...

master masquite : 2:51 when school ends

Anton Gamer : 99.99999999% on a math test.....

Jaden Velaidum : 1:40 lmao

Godric Gryffindor : At 1:55 it looked like he was doing the wiggle

Pug the Wolf : *_chin chong chin chong chin chong chi_*

Noah Alvendia : I’m Asian lol

Tyton EllisGaming : I bet ur mom got lower grades then you

Daniel Angel : 0:00-3:06 best part

Qwer Qwer : I’m American ish and I will beat you with Kenpo

Iza Leonie : chin chong chin chong chin chong chi HAHAHAHHAHAHAH BEST PART!!!

waffle. ? : *_chopstick_*

iSlurp : 4M soon!

Yah Squad : Ching chon chi😂

Brady The Savage : You made it better

TickerDino : I only watch NARUTO too

iSlurp : 😂

I3 8100 : China numbe oneee

Johnny Buckley : 1:44

iSlurp : I actually love this more that the original!

Adrian Aguilar : I just figured out I’m asian just now

turtle master 2385 : 116

Leia South : Broke man 🚹

Leia South : Good sit on the toilit