The Chernobyl disaster - the severe days

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Jan B. : Every single one of the miners shown in this film is a hero to us all. Without their work, the melted core would've sunk into the water table, causing even more widespread contamination.

Dominique Charriere : The workers were sent to their death, most knew, as it was the case with the first to arrive, the Chernobyl fire brigade. These were true heroes.

cynaraos : Looking at most of the comments on this video, I doubt any of the commenters truly know what happened that fateful night.

Jan B. : PaintAnimation101: the fuzziness, or "50s look", is caused by the film itself absorbing radiation from the surroundings.

Ana Castellano : They should have shut down the test when the alarms sounded. But it's a lesson learned for future generations.

Camshaft Shaft : Either way the men of Chernobyl are Hero's and the men weren't on strike when it happened it was a test they were performing to see if they could still get power with the fuel rods lifted out and they didn't keep cooling the reactor properly! Government idiots are the cause of this explosion trying to save money it's always about greed always! Peace everyone!

ilikeeggs216 : Am I going to die from watching this?!

Ford F150 : This man was brave enough to make this amazing but truly sad film of Chernobyl. Witnessing miners working without protective clothing, the biorobots, and the helicopter crash, which I had never seen before until now.

William Gill_Esq. : Unreal. God bless all the hero liquidators of Chernobyl, and the man who made this film.

CameraCapers : Bless them all!

Nuno Bettencourt : True heroes 🙏💪❤️

atomicsnowflake : These are REAL men, not the pussies that inhabit the earth today.

Katzenberg : Today 28 years before. The night of the end of the world.

FureyXIII : Just think, the Russians weren't going to tell anyone - until alarms started going off in Europe.... yeah, "Thanks Russia..."

Surce Riol : none of the persons in this video is alive today not even a single one

Bazlur Hazari : everything coming back to me.I played cod 4 and the mission where Macmillan gets hurt from the helicopter that's the mission where the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened.

FureyXIII : What happened, was 1st shift, didn't communicate with 2nd shift. They were going to test a "fake" problem with a reactor. And t was cancelled. In order to fake their melt down, to test their safety features, they had to disable a few safety nets. Safety nets were disabled... and not put back - when it was cancelled. Day shift and night shift didn't fill eachother in on the change in procedure. Which ultimately led to the melt down. To answer some of your questions. Miscommunication and a test/drill was postponed. Giving way to this disaster.

Justin Vardy : Do ing everything. On the cheap🎅

mrv : at 32 years from the end of the world, we salute these heroes.

Sylvio Bazote : Vídeo muito interessante. Por inocência ou coragem, as pessoas morrem para registrar a História.

Derk Berk : Brave souls those men, even had they known that certain death would be their fate I believe they still would have carried out the job they did.

Leyla Avci : Those aren't "bio-robots" they are human beings ... convenient choice of words, they didn't want to see them that way.

V H S : amazing

vee dub : Still a very bad situation

66hades : it wasn't russia, it was the USSR confederation, in Ukraine.

Sean Langwell : Go play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. that'll show u what it's like

tonnhard : thanks for the video. it tells a story the world needs to know.

MosinNagantR : chernobyl happened because the workers went on strike and werent working like they were supposed to. they didnt understand how fragile and delicate nuclear fission is and how dangerous it is. because of those people, many innocent lives were lost and many innocent children were deformed due to the radiation. :(

Liam Armstrong : thanks sevchenko, your loss and love for filming has brought us the film for the chernobyl disaster...

Liam Armstrong : no, this is wat WE HUMANITY get for INTRODUCING and MAKING nuclear ENERGY

GreenDayRoxer1 : Unsung heroes...

IamCorgidan : Actually. they can, and it's in fact better for the animals since it isn't safe for us to live there.

J Stef : Animals can't survive there either now.

Nik Amirul : *******

RaccoonHF : Fuck you. fucking shitbag


Nik Amirul : Feel Sad About chernobyl,(Like ur watching this in 2013 :) )

Jellybeans Me : I just can't believe how they (nuclear power plant owners) feel they had the right to send innocent everyday people in to clean up there shitty mess! How dare they!! You guys built guys mend it!! So sad

binarysoup : yes indeed. mankind greedy ones opend the box of pandora and still don´t know what they are doing. Worldwide about 300 more nuclear powerplants are planed to be build in the future and even if nothing happens (an impossible scenario because we are humans) nobody knows what to do with all the atomic waste that is toxicating wide areas.

Antonio Pereira : Your movie made me so sad. I am unhappy now. Why suffered heroes are allways unknown? Thanks for your movie.

Sharona Gelico : This is so sad :(

opetrenko : People make a bigger deal out of medium or low doses on the scales of months and years (there are places in the world with LOW cancer rates but radiation background 10 times higher than the 20mSv per year Fukushima exclusions zone). But 10 Roentgens (100mSv) PER HOUR? Damn... Check out the NOVA video. They actually had some scientists having to hop in and out of areas of 500-1000 Roentgens per hour... (1000 Roentgens is the cutoff for any serious chance of survival, from Radworker training)

560pizza : This is Ukraine you idiot

Paliv : Wow, just amazing.

FrostBanana : Oh, ok. I saw this morning that there has been a steam leak in Fukushima. Does that mean it's still boiling/fissioning inside ? steam don't produce itself.

Michael Simonetti : I'm pretty sure that was after the meltdown, that's what this guy filmed.

Michael Simonetti : There was both a meltdown and an explosion actually. The graphite moderator was the reason for the ignition/explosion.

John Bonner : Chernobyl is in Ukraine fucktard. I hope a hot stone gets shoved up your ass for being so insensitive.

plantaan26 : He is a egyptian muslim, I think that explains the most, When i was there they wanted to buy my girlfriend for 200 camels.