100 year old keeps sharp playing Nintendo DS

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GoGoFartHead : Meanwhile The oldest player in call of duty turns 9 And the youngest Pokemon fan turns 25

King Baby : Somebody get this lady a switch

Sebastian Pojman : UPDATE: This woman died on August 23, 2016, at the age of 104.

Brandon Shave : Ah, you see ladies? This is a *real* gamer girl.

1000 subs with 1 video : Meanwhile my grandparents say they won’t touch the computer mouse because “rodents are dirty”

JediToadProductions : Wow this lady is awesome.

TuffGaming : Who watched this six years after the video is posted?

Ry Ry The Science Guy : This is proof that Nintendo is the best in the gaming market. I mean, you don’t see grandma playing PS4 and saying that it’s the best, do you? 😏

Sunnexo : Somebody, buy this lady a Nintendo Switch please.

wigless oofer : My nan just upgraded her ds to a dsi and she loves it so much. She cant go a day without switching it on and playing tetris, which btw she is an absolute god at!

Ranxz : I wish she wad alive i wanna meet her 😭

Chokey McKrabz : I bet she would have been a pretty hardcore gamer had videos games been around in her day.

Mossterkim : 1:31 I'm still playing games - has pictochat open

Noah Norel : It has been proven..... That games makes us smart :v Like and share this to your parents :vv

missAphrodite : This will be me 60 years later

Incinium : She sounds exactly like me "Cup of tea, and my Nintendo" lol. Great woman.

Sandesh Singh : Wow! She passed aged 104!

Moskov Yasha : If Nintendo saw this they will cry

fredster : this video is the definition of pure and wholesome

Dav l : That's gonna be me

Scooter wears Socks : Aw! Old people just make my heart melt! I just want to cuddle her!

Marie Hewett : Oh, what a wonderful lady, an inspiration to us all! Im 65 and love my Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Gamers are like Rock Stars - still going strong into their old age!

ReelDealinsiDr : I lost my father this passed summer due to an illness he passed at age 87 but he loved to play games with me 😁 im 24 btw and he had me when he was 64 yrs old. He loved playing pac man and Galaxy ( u know the one with the bugs and ships) he even played the Ps3 :) he made me laugh when he said i cant beat my score over (9,000)which i thought was funny because i thought of Dragon ball z Vegeta saying this. I miss him alot. For Elders please keep yourself occupied and young always smile. God bless to this Lady . stay strong and healthy :) By the way Your are super Awesome and cool 😁

ZX Gamer : I wish I can give her a nintendo switch

Teagaroni : R.I.P Kathleen Connell, she died at 104. She had and still has my utmost respect.

Sofaya Gamez : This lady is really awesome but it's sad to think that it's b33n 6 years since this got uploaded and she may have passed away now...

Shazam XD : I bet she's better than me. Keep up the good work granny.

YourGoatStinks : She needs an R4 card..

Poppy Townend : Bloody hell she doesn’t look 100

C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s : This woman deserves immortality.

3 dollar dicks : If Jin was a grandma xD

1000 subs with 1 video : Me when I’m old

Thomas Owens : Biggest Nintendo ad campaign

family friendly pg clean : 1:23 While it's hard to see, I think she's playing Clubhouse Games there. That's awesome, cause I've always loved that game. I got a DS when I was 6 with that game on it. I still own the cartridge and I still enjoy playing it from time to time. Although I generally play it through an emulator on my phone, cause I thought it would be the perfect game to play on a phone. And sure enough, it is.

Devilcraft 42 : If you guys want to see somebody like her, try watching Grandma Shirly.


BANDORI PLAYER : I feel sad, they said that she is dead now. 😓

Y B : aww

Jaeda Antoine : She reminds me of my grandmother

Unknown User : And people say video games are bad and cause death

NinjaGamerow : I love she <3

The lonely Guy : Lit granny.


John Tsls : This proves nintendo is the best company

Brian Sandwichez : Right when she said "I like the Nintendo" I'm like "we need more people like her"

skyy boi323 : i wish dis was my grandma

dogeentertainmentsystem : She looks like Jigsaw.

NO 1237878 : Sadly this amazing woman has passed

Cinnamon Dreams : so neat!im writing this comment on my 3ds xl galaxy!great device!

Mqr1o : Don't be fooled by that innocent face. She can secretly rekt you in Mario Kart DS