Girls Gone Geek The Show (Teaser)

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Unicorn Dreams : I like this ch b/c it takes a break from the regular flash Supergirl arrow Gotham talk you cover all. 👍👍

Joshua Millican : Love it!

Annie Stapp : i have like it soo much

Pamela Arsena : As a computer gamer I can relate to being a girl geek. It is something I have taken pride in. It was awesome to watch this show and know that there are other ladies who have the same interests. It just shows it is super cool to be a little geeky!

Kelly Engle : Lovely video ! keep it up guys

Elizabeth Lewis : Thank you so much for this super video .

Rose J. Gough : my favourite show this

Jason J. Blakeman : So perfect.

Bonnie C. Stewart : wows, this is an best video of my life

I. Elijah Epitome The One : This is great. I had the pleasure of being a part of the audience as a famous Star Wars character. You can a catch glimpse of me in my Lando Calrissian costume (Actor I. Elijah Baughman). I was even granted with the chance to ask a question. Great Trailer, great concept. I wish nothing be the best for this project. :)

Jenny K. Williamson : Beautiful show

Dale M. Herrin : Good video, very interesting to see

Oscar S. Harrington : Excellent video, thanks for this

Paul J. Dean : thanks for share a good video

Sabrina F. Hodges : wow !!! Excellent, I am totally excited

Jennifer Jorgensen : really great video!

Nancy N. Bishop : Great video

Leigh P. Clark : I love the video!!!!!!

Jessica J. Burchett : awesome perfomancesong of this show

Thomas Lee : omg, your videos are soooo good. i'm your new happy subscriber

Cornelius L. Hunziker : Girls Gone Geek The Show r rocks

Shannon J. Chong : wow! it's a nice video .i like it very much.

Christina R. Flores : So perfect.Really amazing.

John B. Avendano : good quality show

Jeanne A. Yanez : really nice just looooved it

Craig C. Love : Really good work & nice all

Janie J. Smith : very beautiful girls

Daniel C. West : very good work

John J. Beltran : Awesome girls

Kyle D. Merritt : very good & nice job

Garnet E. Johnson : wow, beautiful girls

Emily T. Sullivan : Very good video, I liked it

wilkenuts45 : This looks amazing and I can't wait to watch every episode!!!

Alyssa Wallace : Awesome! Can't wait to see more! <3

Mary Hadley : one of the best video on Youtube

Suzanne Jones : wow Nice Video & will definitely be back

James Lopez : Wow ! Nice video

Linda Porter : Great video ! subbed to your channel.

Lezlie Cohen : Love it!!!!!! I know so many people that would love this show

Asante Kemp : interesting

Christina Braus : This show is fun, smart, creative, and informative! Can't wait to see more!

Isabella Jones : I'm so excited for it!!!

Selena O'Sullivan : This looks awesome!! So excited to see the show!

Arafat Hossain : wow ! very nice video

The Nerd's Take : Great video!

Jock McBile : The best part is, I'm old enough to get all the Geek references.😂😂😂👍

Wingnut Official : Nice job! I am so excited to follow you. I hope you can include interviews with female artists, writers, & programmers 'behind the scenes' too! From toys to gaming, there are amazing woman building brands. More young ladies need to see the inspiring career possibilities: from design to tech!

Kenneth Colman : Awesome concept!!!! I can't wait to see the show!!

Amanda Boley : Seriously excited about this show. Representing for all us geeky gals! #picardbestcaptain

24 Hour Movie Channel : Good Job John.