Timberwood: Orientation

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John Engel : This is amazing. Seriously, you've really got something special here. In addition to having great writing and a skilled cast, the production quality is professional level (I saw on reddit that you've been making commercials and stuff for ten years, so I guess that shouldn't be a surprise). I'll be showing this to all my friends and I suspect we'll probably be quoting it the rest of the year.

Maddie Becker : This gave me a wierd pit in my stomach of longing for not having these experiences, but is camp really like this? Like???

SoulDecisionComedy : LOVE this! Where can we see the next episode?

Camp Timberwood : The ONE and ONLY episode! Spread the word to all your camp friends!

Connor Prov : This was actually good

Shepard Pie : Welp....that was pretty good! Now I wish I went camp! Keep it up. I'll check in from time to time.

Pepijn : I wanna see more!

LessPvtParts : I just wanna say i had a great experience working on it. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the opportunity.

52 Skillz : This is fantastic!

Harry Baskets : An order of magnitude better than most of the dross doing the rounds on Netflix these days. Congratulations, putting this production together, and making it so solid and funny, can't have been easy.

Mr. Dean Wyser : This is awesome

Skarma0 : Soo good!

Saleste Mele : F#%k William. 😝 Loved it! Well done 👍

Jake Kashetsky : Jay over Ray

teresabgraham : I thought it was very interesting. I did have a bit of a problem understanding some of what Kim was saying. Did not catch all the words, either she speaks too quickly or too quietly. Some really funny lines! Love Ollie!

Holly DeRoo : I thought it was great.

The Randomizers : AMAZING!!! Don’t stop!!!!

Rodney Dean : Grat work!

Astra Tahli Grace : i LOVE it

The OM Sound : Timbrrrrrrrr!

XxCAFxX : Is this hosted at Timberlake camp in NY? If so quality place to film. Beautiful facilities

internetuser1234 : Reminds me of the TV show Camp (TV series) 2013 NBC.

Derek Von Hohenheim : Was that Archie?

piss pie : its not that funny

Christian Byrne : Rad! Donated to the Indiegogo. Congrats everybody involved.

sodakproud : Good work. I got a bit long in some sections. It could be cut down to half and hour show.

AndreaLissetteReyes : this was good! Wish camp was actually like this haha! I hope Netflix or something picks up the rest and yall bring Ryan back for it hahaha ;)

Forza 3 Drift Videos : great stuff here guys. Harry Basket is right. much better than a lot of stuff on paid streaming services. Congrats on an absolute winner. I'm sure your futures will be bright!

Harley Pfeffer : I go to the camp this is filmed at

Phlare : The best place in the world!

Dropper Productions : FIRST HERE!