Recording Foley Sound Effects for 'The Night Manager'

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Random Encounters : I was really blown away by your footwork. I have a lot of trouble performing steps. The cloth and spot fx were kinda an ego boost after that, as I recognized many techniques that I use in my work at play here too. I should probably invest in some kind of baffles, cause I'm ALWAYS having room issues in my home studio when it comes to medium-loud foley work. One thing I really wanted to know, though, is what Keith was actively doing while Barnaby was performing. Was he actually riding levels and EQ on the board to match perspective, for instance? Or did you do that mostly after the fact, in the mix, through the board? Realistically, I don't have a board or an engineer so that info won't be directly applicable, but it'd be nice to know :)

AA Productions : Do you sometimes have sound effects start a frame or two after the visual starts? You know, like, I'd assume for big things or stuff far away, for example. Or is everything always matched up exactly to the frame?

five : 4:02 for anyone else wondering what these are I think RX is used for noise removal & TransMod is a transient processor

googlestopaskingformyname : The amount of work is remarcable

Aldy Waani : One scene done, 200 more.. i really appreciate his hard work, he look very exhausted doing it by himself going back and forth to the warehouse on every single shot. but the result are world class level. 👍🏻

Thea Goulas : Okay, time to go watch the episode (again) and be completely blown away by all the tiny sounds.

Ware Production : A filmmaker told me you can have the best film on screen but if the sound is terrible your film means nothing. Get yourself a professional sound engineer

Mary Jane : Amazing! I'm shocked and blown away at the same time. Incredible job there! Congratulations!

John Conroy : It's fascinating to see just how much work goes into something that's often completely overlooked by the viewer. I've always found foley to be a very interesting area. Thanks for putting this up.

josevillaman120 : thought foley artists worked in their undies? pants/shirt create unwanted noise.

Emily Wegscheider : Wow! This just blew my mind. You guys do an incredible job! I’m so impressed and happy that I saw this :)

meacomefeyou : this guys a true artist. I love this stuff

Bo88y Beretta : Fantastic!

Rad MNL : this is super cool! amazing when it was all put together very nice

Brian Mullany : Brilliant

Artem Rolar : great work! guys, what shotgun mic do you use?

leprozoriy : very interesting! want more) thanks!

Zachray Braunlin : WOW!

Davis T. : Wow, really so much work

Sensorica Official : thank you so much for this video, please keep going to make this, very interesting

Ben Tyreman : fascinating!

Danny Garcia : Recording all Mono with a MKH 60 I guess :)

Jaz Lamport : Amazing! Shame about guys having to wear heels during recordings though! XD

zanderinofilms : Brilliant insight - thanks for sharing this. You sound guys are a special breed and it's great for people to see all the hard work that goes into bringing a show to life.

XXLDistortsion : awesome!

Valerie Smith : I did a lot of audio for radio theatre/commercial audio and always dreamed of doing Foley work. So wonderful to hear the Foley Artist explain his work!

Zhora1999 : This was absolutely fascinating! Thanks for sharing! It was also a bit hilarious to see how you used the old pram! I don't think I will ever be able to watch this particular scene with the same "ears" again!

Vaios ZaxosOfficial : I LIKE THIS JOB.

Anjesh Kafle : Hit like if there is still only one dislike in the video. Who is that?

Paul van der Walt : Very cool, thanks!

smokycharizma : Thanks, that was fascinating.

Antonio Fernandez : Awesome! Thank you for this video!

Stacey Sakamaki : So cool