Chris' Insane Job Interview Tactic - Skins

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Chris is given an interview for an estate agents and is told to pretend to sell a mug of tea, but somehow his crazy methods land him the job. For classic Skins moments and exclusive YouTube content make sure you subscribe to our Official YouTube Channel - Follow Skins on Twitter: and Facebook


serst35 : I'd hire him on the spot.

Melissa Harmon : that won't work with houses.. just burn their house down and sell them a new one

Ashley Carter : jal and Chris has to be the cutest couple ever

KevinRCFree28 : won't work with houses? buy a burned down house,fix it and sell it fixed

zzginigzz : 1:02 lmao

lamesaqmasaplauda : Yesterday i have a interview in a shoes shop so now i have to pay a burn shoe :/

marcos huerta : Fuck it! chris will say

Naya Morris : Oh my God I miss Chris, this was so funny.

luluemmylou : Chris likes to recycle!

Skins : No problem, we're pleased you enjoyed it. We have more exclusive Skins videos being uploaded every week, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out.

KinneyFever : Just watched this ep for the first time tonight and I laughed so hard! Best Chris scene ever I think! Thanks for uploading!

The Ghostmaker : just googled apivorous. i always thought he just made it up. didnt realise its actually a real word and really does mean that lol

Victory Tea : Fucking genius