it was a computer virus and my pants slipped

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Efrain Velasquez : Beware of viruses! They may just steal your pants!

Sourcy : The perfect evidence of why being a single mother never works This kid is perfect material for a condom ad

tommy boi : C H I L D S U P P O R T P H O N E N U M B E R

Shunderz : this kid is lying through his pants


LoadsOfLlamas : Liar, Liar, Pants On The Floor

Gere Jardell : when my mom caught me she just said sorry and closed the door real quick. she was embarrassed not me


Azure Gray : This is the type of kid of forces his parents to buy him all the Razer shit at ebgames and then cry on the floor when they don't buy it for him. Little prick. He needs to get his ass whooped. Hard. Send this dude to chiraq.

Kat Main : Poor misunderstood kid... Why doesn't his mom believe, that he was searching around the internet and suddenly he downloaded a virus that made porn show up and when he wanted to get off the chair, because he was scared of the virus his pants slipped off and he pulled them up. I mean, that's SO relatable, right?

Trey Heller : "I am smart I'm going to the fifth grade" BOY

Midnite St0rm : (Mom politely tells him to shut it off) (Kid doesn't shut it off and starts fight) (Mom yells at him) (Kid complains that all she had to do was politely tell him) (Mom hits him) (Kid complains all she had to do was yell at him) (Kid thinks he's smartening up) (Kid acts like he's gonna call Children's Aid because mom was "starting fights") (Kid starts a fight by childishly chanting "you're a bad mother") (Mom approaches him) (Kid says "fine I'll stop, God" as if the mom was the one who started it) Really dude? (Googles how to strangle someone through the Internet)

la goose : "I am smart,im going to fith grade" - this kid

cocko : "get the heck outta my room"

HarshGamer : Oh yea man, every time I get a virus on my computer my pants just magically fall down too. I get what you are talking about 100%. God this kid is dumb.

Monroe Katastropha : I M A L R E A D Y S M A R T I M G O I N G T O T H E F I F T H G R A D E

Latin Productions : Poor kid Why doesn't his mother understand that he clicked a virus that sent him to pornhub and he got scared so he fell off his chair and accidentally pulled down his pants. I mean, SO relatable right?

Blondie Ballin : a lot of people in these comments have had bad childhoods if their parents woulda beat them for something like this lol

cjc3of3 : Liar liar plants for hire

Jason Duffy : These folks be talking how he got caught, while I'm questioning why this kid so rude.

Adrian Olvera : I get viruses pretty often then.

Na Jj : Don't you just hate it when viruses pull your pants down

Gabes Big nostril ass : I would kill this kid so fast props to the mom

IamCat : "BUT IF YOU LEFT THEN I COULD DO THAT SPECIFIC TASKKKK!!!!!" "Stop yelling" "I wasn't yelling"

-_-CAM-THE -K1NG-_- : when u put to much lotion on your thighs and ur pants accidentally fall down and your not wearing any underwear and ur computer is getting hacked and porn is on it.

Taylor jay : Thanks iFunny

Lord Narwhal IV : Just turn off the INTERNET!!!! Then he cant use his computer with internet!

Troy Davies : All could of been avoided if the mother had just excused herself and left the room and never mentioned it. Why make a deal about the kid having a wank.

GoldenTV3 : im smart im goin into the fifth grade

AyeItsMj : this kid need beyond scared straight

FlayzuhSWBF : The kid's name is Awesomestrator

WolfenGod82 : Single parenthood not even once. This whole shit show wouldn't have even happened if: 1) the parents had raised this kid in a stable family environment 2) the mother hadn't made a big deal about her son beating his dick 3) the mother just turned off the computer and dragged the little faggot to his bed, then removed his ability to access the computer for a few weeks as punishment for behaving like a bellend. Literally three options that could have prevented this dumb shit from happening the way it did.

Gaburieru Kun : Lol she sounds like Lois from Family Guy

intense moist : kid needs to get pistol whipped

2kNate : I would've smacked tf out that kid

LV : it was on skype not on twitch

enochh31 : Let that kid call child services and get bounced around the system. That'll be soooooooo much better then going to bed early. poor baby /s

Melo x MVP : I DELETED THE VIRUS!!! *porn still playing*

Silvershank, NSFW King : The video's so much funnier at 3:40, cause I feel like the kid's playing the game on screen.

Frostee Ocelot : 🅱️hild 🅱️UPPORT? Who are you Mrs go🅱️ernment

Мелания Герменова : God the mom and son are both horrid

Pasta Way : the mom even said he wasnt in trouble but he kept telling his terribly thought out lie

Pure World : If it was a Hispanic mom this would end so quickly.

Rachel Aung : I wonder how this kid will react while growing up in a yellow family lel

NeoNinja : "cHiLd SuPpOrT pHoNe NuMbEr" What a duoshbag

Straps 17 : The kid didn't do anything wrong tho 😂😂

Dylan B : I was pro life... then I watched this.

Blackknight165 - : "Call Child Support."

Very family friendly Christian channel : mom i wasn’t jacking off, the virus scared my pants away

Malthe Torp Nielsen : this kid should try the scared straight program