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There's just TOO MUCH funny to only upload the 1 compilation from the hilarious stand up special 'That's The Way, A-Ha, A-Ha, Joe Lycett'. Joe discusses artisan coffee shops, gay tv shows, coming out to his family and a 24 hour Starbucks. BUY That's The Way, A-Ha, A-Ha, Joe Lycett now: Website: Twitter: @joelycett Facebook: Don’t forget to subscribe to Universal Comedy for all your comedy needs - #Comedy #JoeLycett #Universal

Comments from Youtube

Your-A-Novice : Never seen this guy before but he had me laughing by "tiny little scissors" what a lad.

Soul : "The staff at 4AM, genetically closer to a moth" 💀😂

Hana FARES : “We couldn’t cope”🤣🤣🤣 “did my cocaine arive”

robertvalentine123 : One of the best comedians on the comedy circuit. Great jokes well delivered. 😂.

bluesapphireymca : "I'm a gay, get me out of queer" would have been better 😂

Hannah Walsh : Such a laddy knee

Greg Pamachena : I knew i'd love this guy from the moment of the "lad knee". He's hilarious 😂😂

karatefella : I love Joe. Very funny guy. He sounds slightly like a young Julian Clary to my ears

jan rees : I love Joe Lycett 🤣♥️🤪

Amy Bennett : English auto generated captions have never been so correct! Love the way he speaks

Harshul Narang : Nigella Farage is an act I’d like to watch 😂😂😂🤣🤣

Motto Diamandis : Cyunts 😭😭😭😭

Mike Okkerts : Shouldn't that local art be shyit?

Desiree Appeltans : "let's get fyucked up".... so...putting y's everywhere turns you into Goofy? xd

rayna bateman : Love Joe. We don’t hear enough of him here in New Zealand, my friends must get so sick of me telling them to watch him on YouTube .

ian clarke : Should have a clean and dirty Olympics. Like the 6 pint long jump and 8 pint hammer throw and the 2 day binge decathlon.

stella star : I find it funny how a flat white is considered pretentious in England but it Australian its the boring normal drink that 90% of people get

nick Langford : One of my favourite comedians.has me cracking up every time 🤣

Kat Rina : MORE JOE LYCETT. Come to U.S!!!!!! Or have a special on Netflix. You deserve it. #netflixspecial

Fancy Ninja : Game of Bones

Jelena Trbovic : 10 seconds into the video and I'm already laughing like an idiot 😂 I LOVE Joe Lycett 😁❤

Scott Gray : In 1987, when the payroll department at the opera had a Name the Pumpkin contest, my entry was, Lois Carmen Denominator......l won!

Fishbowl74 : 'Block'

MD : where's the treasure? you're a treasure!

Alex Richardson : I love Joe Lycett! Keep the clips cominggg

bootsy181 : My fav comedian of all time absolute genius 👍🏽

SomethingStupide : Is it me or does he look like a middle-aged, slightly puffy Dan Howell? :D

Eric Blair : Joe Lycett is my mood 24/7

Komedia Brighton : Joe Lycett is absolutely hilarious! Have a look at our channel for some other fantastic comedy!

Ren 89 : Whoever the cameraman is at 4:22 is trying to make a statement???

Edward Longstaff : Thank you for finally taking out the explosive at the end of the video

Briana Robinson : any day there's a new Joe Lycett video is a good day

Sapna Wijesooriya : "she was livid" "full of cyunts" 😂😂😂

Graham Reeve : Some one waiting for evolution said gays aren't funny. Nearly 3000 likes and 47 dislikes. Haha

Ashley Ward : quite possibly my new favourite comedian

MissGeorgiex1 : i adore this man.

kinky mermaid : DONGS OF PRAISE! 🤣

Sophia Hilario : Can we have more of Joe Lycett? He's freaking awesome.

happy days : You had me at Nigella

Cora Mcalister : No I didn't know that. Thanks son!

LoveofVelvet : Brilliant!!! Brilliant comedy!!

Nxtxlie Youtube : Yay i didn’t get a heart attack this time!

Joshua Bicknell : Stupid amount of adverts in a 10 min vid

XNUKE Airz : Love Joe ❤️hilarious 🤣

Lewis Brain : haha! keeping up with the kums seem about right they are all a waste of spunk.

Adrian Carlisle : My nuts are really hot🔥

Vanessa Millwood : Did I hear Jimmy Carr's laugh at 6:42-6:44? Or someone has his exact laugh haha

Fifi Edi : Nigella Farage 🤣🤣

elin eklund : 1:33 got me... 😂😂😂