Yanny or Laurel? Answered definitively! #TeamYanny vs #TeamLaurel

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Chris Mason : As much as I try I only ever hear Laurel.

brayzbeats. : 2:30 I still hear Laurel :D

Arashi Kitty : I can hear both after he splitted the frequencies. But before watching this I heard Yanny

FateNation : Both i heard only laurel. Wtf

V : I heard Laurel on both when you played the 2 clips separately??? Lol, what's wrong with me? xD I actually know 1 person called Laurel and another called "yanni" it is spelled differently but pronounced the same. I hear Laurel every time.

Zappa Woman : I can only hear Laurel, whether it is the higher or the lower frequencies. I've got my own theory as to why people hear one or the other.

Chris Bishop : Its odd. Someone played it to me yesterday without me knowing either word. I heard "Yanny" or as close as. When I was shown the words all I could hear was "Laural" and now that's all I hear?

NASCAR Race Reviews and News 78 : #TeamLaural

Jake Bolling : Still heard Laurel both times

gavin .c duk : I hear Laurel on both

oig40203 : Well done. I am a forensic audio analyst and immediately noticed the strange spectrogram on the audio. I had never seen that in 25 years of work in the field. Whoever did this was very clever!

Debangsu Sarkar : I can hear both and am using 2 dollars earphones. Long live!

John Smith : It’s so strange, I only hear laurel

Nyet MyPresident : i hear both and can toggle it in my head.

CJSchecter96 : I heard yanny at work, Laurel when i got home, I just listened to it 3 times in a row on the same site and heard Laurel, Yanny, Laurel. I'm losin' it! Thanks for the explanation though i see it's definitely 2 audio signals now with your demo.

Jess G : All I hear is Laurel.. both times!!

John Ryan Parman : i hear laurel on both parts.

Ashley Stringham : I literally heard Laurel both times.

trancehi : It's laurel when played normal and to me unfathomable how anyone hears yanny. So those hearing yanny are only hearing a selective upper part of it and those hearing laurel are hearing the whole upper and lower parts.

Argee Learner : Really cool! Thanks for sharing.

Ben Schebella : i hear yeahwey. every single time

Hi Jack : I head Laurel both the times

Gillian Orley : "Yanny" or "Laurel"? All I can hear is "Satan." Is that a bad sign?

The Kitchen Floor : I don't hear yanny at all? I just hear Laurel both times

Nathan Carter : Heard Laurel both times...

John Spitznagel : I hear Laurel with both upper and lower frequencies.

alex edwards : Could hear laurel on both

Demi Cochrane : I heard laurel both times

jm5150 : I hear laurel both times

Fashy Goyim : I never heard Yanny. Even when highlighted I heard laurel

JRM 4 PM : I heard laurel on both very clearly.

ManPursueExcellence : It’s interesting, in this video, when he plays the upper portion I hear a strange mix of Laurel and Yanny that sounds like something in between Lanny or Larry 😂 However, it is still predominately Laurel. Lower portion is Laurel all day. I have to be focusing to hear Yanny but, I do hear Yanny in their with Laurel too. Yanny sounds lighter, maybe female. Laurel is a smooth man’s voice. I’m using iPhone ear buds👍🏾

pours more gravy : Heard Laurel twice

Dylan Boardman : Can't hear yanny no matter how hard I focus

MossbergMule : I heard Laurel on both upper and lower frequencies when you played it..

Euphorixxx : I still hear Laurel when its isolated lol

RomynSound : I literally only hear Laurel high and low

Cash cash Money : I CAN ONLY HEAR LAUREL

Tips 2 Fix : you have right for that both names are present are mixed together one with low EQ and other with Hight EQ but in your explain , It hear laurel with the high frequency and low frequency in both of your examples , im also able to hear yanny in the same time , but its like whispering! you have to change the time pitch also to make that difference you can clearly hear yanny after that , check to my channel i did that video me to - Yanny or Laurel - What do you hear? Tech Clip Explained

Christopher Columbus : All I hear is laurel. Top and bottom

divadsmom : There's no "y" anywhere in that recording. LOL #teamlaurel

Amber Ann : This is insane. I’ve only heard Laurel until you highlighted the top portion. 😧

Glittery Dragon : Now my hope is destroyed completely. I still hear Laurel, even if the higher frequencies are highlighted

ARMundra : Only Laurel

BloodSky Angel : This is the second video I’ve seen that isolated the frequencies but I can’t heard Yanny...

Jason Park : i still hear laurel on both versions

JuliaFreakingGulia : I literally cannot hear the word yanny at all.

ANDMA : I hear laurel on both frequencies

Eva Tipton : Nope...still laurel

Phil Greig : I have to confess I heard Laurel on both the upper and higher frequencies.