Family Guy Uhaul

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GazelleOnWheels : Forgot about the part where they call you to let you know they don't have a truck a week before your moving date even though you booked a month in advance. Then make you a new reservation only to call you back again and say they don't have a truck 2 days before your moving day.

Jason Stein : Or they give you a truck with an alignment issue so it's always pulling to one side anyway

Oblivion : My friend died when this drunk dude driving a u-haul flipped over and crashed into his car. RIP John

xxlCortez : Me playing GTA.

QUINN Isntmyname : When the video is 24 seconds but they still put the season and episode in the description

Denver CO : If u can't handle a pickup, don't drive these lol

Charles Golden : So true, moving to Florida from Tennessee we were terrified driving something that huge...

Medusa gorgon anime : This is gold!

Daniel in the lions den. : Our $39 26' truck turned into $78 after I only drove 8 miles plus the fees and insurance. Bad brakes and fighting it back to left the entire time. Pretty sure I jumped a few curbs. I'll never drive one any further than around town! Buy the extra insurance, there's a high probability you're gonna need it!

Wrestling Scholar Bernkastel : Drove one of those giants trucks today. Came here.

tconlon251 : People on Long Island can appreciate this: I was stuck in traffic on the Northern State Parkway for about 20 minutes because someone tried to drive a 9’4” tall truck under a 9’0” overpass

reflexindex : The regular sized vans are okay though. They're manageable.

Benjamin Voss : Right as my friend and I pulled up to our new apartment he took out the side mirror and dented the hell out of this classic Volkswagen that was parked on the street. We went and hid at a Johns market up the street for a bit. Good times. This clip is accurate.

Flavour Towne : Ay what the song

Generic Name : Penkse drivers are 100x worse than uhaul drivers. Almost every penske driver I see drives really aggressively.

razab ali : Reddit😐

Coleton Donaldson : Hey Reddit!

Yeggster Shane : Neo joke! :) ... I picked up this GIANT U-Haul truck (the biggest one they had) ... because we were moving ... the VERY first right turn I made I knocked down the stop sign and drove on the side walk for 20 meters :)

Darius Franklin : No subtlety

adamquiroz00 : lol


Gage Worthington : when i drove one of these for the first time, it took me like 15 minutes to figure out how to shift gears

Mermaid Man : Of course. Some one who can just pay a moving company criticizes how average Americans move. Disconnected much

JUSTIN O.K. : There was a real version commercial which Excluded the Crashing and stuff bad about driving a heavy duty truck it was first a rare and secret tape from 1973.

L Coters : Good truck to make meth in. Plenty of space there is even a vent!! 😃

TheAllSeeingEye : How hard is it to drive a truck?