Violin girl/street performer in Santa Monica
Young girl plays despacito on the violin Santa monica

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Girl violinist/street performer in Santa Monica. Apparently, there's a street performer on just about every other block or street gathering there, so nobody bothered to get the girl's or her parents name to turn them in to the talent scouts. This was fun to listen to. Update: It turns out she has a Youtube channel here:


Critic121 Kibitzer : Why are some people so talented??? ... such a young kid!!! ... violin is one of the hardest instruments to learn. ... and she here playing it ... like drinking water ... effortless.

Marilyn Webb : She is amazing! I never tire of her music ❤

sunil kumar : you are amazing......... i am fan of you.

Sher Lizz : Karolina Protsenko.

Sylvie L Tailleur : I can't get enough of this kid. What a talent, and to see and feel how much she loves it is an inspiration. You are an amazing girl Karolina. You make my heart sing<3

sharad daniel : Incredibly wonderful a star in the making God bless

Leo Houweling : karolina you are amazing do something with your talent

J-RDRGZ : She is AMAZING!!!!!. I love the violin ..fidle whatever. That is very well played. She has some serious talen!!. Hope she hits it big.

Valerie Richard : bravo!!! what a beautiful and talented girl!

Silvi L. : I love your music!!! Congratulations!!!

Geraldo Magela Goncalves : Me encantou, tanto pela performasse a música é contagiante ainda mais violino, muito bom, encantado!!!

Someet Singh : Beautiful... God bless u dear.... Keep Ur passion alive always....

Angie Lovell : This amazing young artist playing the violin. I hope to see more of her in the future. You have the natural ability to entertain people and the passion and love for music shines when you play. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

selva Kumar : I am an INDIAN ARMY MAN,I like music & Dance.i received a video in wats up played & saw this baby's video.immediately I told my brother about this matter.He gave me an idea that to check in google.i asked"STREET VIOLINIST'S This baby's was the first video.i don't know how much Happy man I was to see this baby.morning after getting up & before sleep I must hear her music.i l Ike her very much.GOD BLESS YOU FOR EVER.I LIKED,SHARED, DOWNLOADED & SAVED.BAI

Hetal Mehta Pendse : Oh dear! You have more than the capacity to steal hearts, the melody, the strings, brings tears of love & joy. Such a gifted soul :) stay blessed always.

June Bhattacharjee : God gifted her tune is the best blessings

Nouman Dharoll : Amazing performance keep it up lots of love from Pakistan

Kim Eberly : Her name is Karolina Protsenko

123 : I ❤️ this young girl .. great!

Fernando Navarro : I was a soldier, 4th I'd, I along with your parents will always protect you. Tu tio, adapted.

nikhil tandale : Very beautiful and I like dress your wearing it suits you very you 👌👌🎊🎉🙏

Nassy Fesharaki : She is so great that I wrote a poem for her and hope to hear that she likes it. "Girl with hat"

victor Corrales : great artist,at that age...I see a great future here!!

Sylvie L Tailleur : I have been sharing all your performances on my Facebook page. You have an amazing gift little girl. You make my heart sing <3

Deus Vult : Outstanding ! Brava Brava.. may you prosper and grow . May God guide you .

Diana Kamin : WOW YouTube are therefore best 😗 YouTube good a amaizig Musical 😍😍😍🙊❤💞💞❤ THIS IS THE BEST I LOVE THIS MUSIC SO MUTCH 😍😘

Mehmet Erkuş : Spectacular...😍😍 Greetings from Turkey ❤❤

Hugh Fathers : Fabulous performance . . .

ratnesh pathak : great performance by sweet little qute girl...GOD BLESS YOU

Адексей Гурский : Good girl. You play beautifully. Keep it up.

scorpio108raj : Lots of love and respect from India 🇮🇳🙏 love you 😘 God bless you always 🙏 wishing you all the success 👍

Jon Coffey : May I inquire the make of your violin and strings?

thamilan traj : This is 3 million viewers already on other Facebook.

victor raj : God bless you dear

champi champi : Great ...god bless u..

Claudia Bernal : Such a talented little princess❤️ You made me cry. You play beautifully! My little 6 year old and I watched all your videos on YouTube . Thank you for bringing a smile and warmth to our hearts

MICHELE IEZZA : An angel fallen from the sky. Thank you for existing, Karolina

Elizabeth Kaw : Your so cute I love your talent ... my idol your fallower😀

theanti2007 : the name of the young Girl are Karolina Protsenko

Romeo Venes : Amazing talent and at such a very young age! She plays the violin like it were so easy to make it sound so good yet it is such a very difficult instrument to play.

Joe Ashead : I could watch this all Day !!

jo keates : You are so talented keep it up young lady ☆

Chris A-Z : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Amazing.... obviously by years of exercising, you Karolina, are a natural talent!!!! Just stay natural as you are.... All the best for your future in the world of music, which will be great!!! Stay naturally..... With the best wishes, your Chris from Spain

Jim Holzschuh : WOW - What a talent - love this and all other videos of Karolina

Bhu-Mandala Universe : Wow, no matter how many times I watch this it is ever fresh, why? It's God showing the world one of His wonderful servants

Mike Allen : It looks like her name is Karolina Protsenko. If you Google that name you should be able to find out more about her and her music.

ansari ashfaque : Very heart touching music so far

Heide lat : Does anyone know the name of this piece of music? This video made my day...

daniela gonçalves : (((((((♡))))))