Unbeatable Banzuke - Bamboo Derby III
Unbeatable banzuke Some serious skills on stilts

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A kid, housewife, radiologist and a banker go to a Japanese Game Show. No seriously. Here's them doing one of the most famous challenges of Muscle Ranking


TRAP MUSIC NOW. : Haha, these shows were the shit. Could never quit laughing at how hype the announcers get.

Rue Fiasco : I loved this show kinda by accident ...my TV got stuck on g4 for almost a year I was helpless my TV sucked lol but every nite faithfully watched this and ninja warrior by day 15 I was cheering everyone on good times

InductedMist : this show was great, I wish G4 was still around :(

thekickflipper200 : lmao bruh i used to watch this show every saturday before naruto came on. this mxc, and ninja warrior were my shit

RedneckNinja2014 : the kid, the second contestant was a great sport about it, despite the fact he fell HARD.

SoCereally : Kakashi Sensei, we need you back at the Leaf Village. LOL

NvrStpGaming : Thank you for keeping what's left of G4 alive

ish teran : i semi miss g4 in it's good days, and unbeatable banzuke was def dat fyre!

pinkyandthesheep : Hahaha, "wiped the smile off his face". He's wearing a mask!!!

Lord of Cinder : Finally found out the name of this show. God I miss this show. It always came on either before or after ninja warrior

Oshy : the 11 year old was doing the Home alone impression

Kiri Kiske : lol dat ending :D

kefkapalazzo1 : Lmao this energy

Mike Marks : i miss this show

𝓛π“ͺ𝓑𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 πŸ‘‘ : Man I used to love this

First Person Fisherman : the guy commentating sounds exactly like kakashi sensei

KenTerminatedbyGoogle : I bet this course is tough without the stills.

buddyroach : god i miss G4 TV. perfect stoner channel. wtf happened?


Ken Lim : I wish G4 is still here

kerry parker : Kenji Is A Commander Of The Empire Of The Rising Sun On Red Alert 3 Including Naomi And Shinzo

JC : in spanish

Jay Cartwright : When this was on in the UK it was narrated by Brian Blessed

Hamza Hassan : Good old days

Naggy Boo : Anyone know where you can buy stilts like these?

Jesse Ayala : I beat the unbeatable Bukkake