Metallica's "One" Played On 1 String! | Pete Cottrell

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One by Metallica played on one string! 6 strings are sooo 1988 man... ➤Subscribe: ➤Patreon: ➤All business inquiries: Patreon Super-Supporters! This video was made possible with the support of: Pelle Renlund. Thank you so much, you rock! Get tabs & extras for all my videos on Patreon: My Music: ➤iTunes: ➤Spotify: ➤Bandcamp: Follow Me On: ➤Facebook: ➤Twitter: ➤Instagram: ➤Merch/Website (Coming Soon!) Get The Gear: ➤Chapman Guitars: ➤Ernie Ball Strings: ➤MXR Smart Gate: ➤Peavey 6505MH: ➤Two Notes Audio Torpedo Live: ➤Focusrite Scarlett 2i4: ➤Cubase: ➤Distrokid: Get your discounted Distrokid membership here:


Cript Hunter : skills: 10/10 tone: 8/10 strings: 1/6

ReMetallicMusic : *1988: One* *2016: One on One Guitar* *2018: One on One Guitar on One String*

Cloud Lake : Impressive but can you play smoke on the water with no strings?

Ten Second Songs : Gorgeous

The Washington Pundit : Through the Fire and the Flames. One string. Go.

ThatOneTimeAtBandcamp : Will you stop messing around and just finish changing your strings already

Jae games : Still waiting,for two by metallica

Waterblonk : Can you play Tool's 10.000 Days on ten thousand strings? lol.


melodramatic : great, now can you play fade to black in the dark?

Wartortle : Now its 23 button guitar hero

Farhan Dipto : *Sees titile* Heh that's not possible. Must be a clickbait. *Watches video* Drops like. Leaves....

10000 subs for this profile pic pls : “Enter Sandman but I consider a sand as a f***ing instrument”

R.I.P Geno Cultshit : I believe the part you're looking for is at 4:35 You're welcome.

Daniel Dominguez : The most impressive thing I've watched today

ThatOneGuy1 : Now play “one” by Metallica on one guitar with one string and one fret

Jack : It’s confusing because in theory, this should be easier because you only have to remember the fret to press instead of remembering which fret on which string. But in reality it’s harder than the normal version lol

Ghoulish Gamer : When did you get plastic surgery and change your channel name, davie?

Cosmic Devine : Crazy that this was mentioned on Ozzy’s Boneyard with a shoutout congrats man this was awesome

Douglas McCartney : It's obvious the ones who gave this a thumbs down are not Metallica fans. This was freaking amazing. 2 thumbs up sir!!

Pete Cottrell : 6 strings are sooo 1988 man... \m/

Asa : Walk on home, playing walk by pantera.

AgentMinor ReligionBrigade : 1:15 i dont know about you but i see three strings..

Rayan Mufti : Amazing! It’s depressing how simple he makes it look 😓 I should stop playing guitar

AAK Music : Came here for the solo 😂

Justice Gemini : Now play Nothing Else Matters w/ nothing

Harman Farwah : Play through fire and flames but while being through fire and flames.

lex rad : Impressive , Next up number of the beast played on 666 guitars

Edgar Murillo : Brushy one string has nothing on this.

metfan4l : Onederful!

Benjamin Watson : One was the first full song I learnt on guitar 10 years ago now, and I watch this and I think, the hell I need 6 strings for, good job dude!

Blake Stormcrow : Brilliantly done! Would have been a catchier title if you could of played 'One' on a G-string 😁

Flippin Jace : ride the lightning, but played on a $5 lightning mcqueen guitar

*Le Marginal* : Very impressive, but can you- oops wrong channel

De Oppresso Liber : Can you play No Remorse with no strings please?

Samulyaigoapril : -One -one played by one person -One played by one person on one guitar -One played by one person on guitar in one place -one played by one person on one string on one guitar in one place -one played by one person on one string on one guitar in one place sitting in one chair

Uncle Jane : Bravo! (The sound of one hand clapping)

GloupsLeBlob : Can you make ten thousand fists by disturbed with ten thousand... uh... wait

I don't have a name : Is this channel becoming davie504 but on guitar?

John Wick : 2020: One on one guitar on one string one handed

DMS HC 101 : I thought one guitar one string not 3 Guitars one string. Now we have just one guitar with 3 strings so all is fault but nice :)

ComaAlpha : Two takes on the same guitar doesn't save this from technically being two strings. Just shy of a perfect 5/7.

marcus paquette : No helicopter 2/10

Rigon Sierra : One-Song One-Guitar One-String One Badass performance

Färt Blu : I dont see something special here... greetings from every punk rock bass player ever 😂😂😂

Wesley Trott : I wonder what James and Kirk would think if they saw this.

Forged2one : This was recommended for me... Thought you were going to stop at the chorus but holy crap man! Great job!

LeeR : Good job. Now do Hangar 18 with 18 strings

jon sixxx : Sounds like a video game lol