Metallica's "One" Played On 1 String! | Pete Cottrell

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ragin' Gandalf : Landmine has taken my E taken my A taken my G and taken my B taken my e taken my pick Left me with life in hell!

The Washington Pundit : Through the Fire and the Flames. One string. Go.

Cloud Lake : Impressive but can you play smoke on the water with no strings?

Ten Second Songs : Gorgeous

Cript Hunter : skills: 10/10 tone: 8/10 strings: 1/6

metfan4l : Onederful!

646a656e74 : *1988: One* *2016: One on One Guitar* *2018: One on One Guitar on One String*

10000 subs for this profile pic pls : “Enter Sandman but I consider a sand as a f***ing instrument”

James Carmichael : ...and JustOneString for All

Waterblonk : Can you play Tool's 10.000 Days on ten thousand strings? lol.

Pete Cottrell : 6 strings are sooo 1988 man... \m/

phantumgrey : What?! Couldn’t get the choppers, bombs and people yelling out of that one string?!

Rafael Rivera : Why this don't have 1M of Views?

Farhan Dipto : *Sees titile* Heh that's not possible. Must be a clickbait. *Watches video* Drops like. Leaves....

Douglas McCartney : It's obvious the ones who gave this a thumbs down are not Metallica fans. This was freaking amazing. 2 thumbs up sir!!

Jack : It’s confusing because in theory, this should be easier because you only have to remember the fret to press instead of remembering which fret on which string. But in reality it’s harder than the normal version lol

melodramatic : great, now can you play fade to black in the dark?

JTgBassing V : Crazy that this was mentioned on Ozzy’s Boneyard with a shoutout congrats man this was awesome

Rayan Mufti : Amazing! It’s depressing how simple he makes it look 😓 I should stop playing guitar

Wartortle : Now its 23 button guitar hero

King Mondo : Thousands of people have probably already said this, but that was *wonederful*

De Oppresso Liber : Can you play No Remorse with no strings please?

Justice Gemini : Now play Nothing Else Matters w/ nothing

Joe Butcher : Very entertaining. An amazing talent.

MisterSwagify : I don't mean to be picky here, but as impressive as this was this would not fall under the the category of "one guitar" since there's both rhythm guitar as well as multiple lead parts. It was done with one string on three different guitars, essentially. Again, very impressive, but it just didn't follow the requests one hundred percent.

*Le Marginal* : Very impressive, but can you- oops wrong channel

Squidward Fan4lyfe : Good but can you Oh wait. Wrong channel.

Gear Gods : You are a madman

Asa : Walk on home, playing walk by pantera.

Nr1from1978 : Kirk is going like: " oh no...they're on to me". James is going like: "dude, your gig is in jeopardy".

RockVlogs : If Kirk Hammett watches this he may just drop his guitar and never play again.. haha

Jake : i want to know why 400 people disliked this! why? Metallica is arguably ONE of the best metal bands ever! Nice job Pete! METALLICA!!!

Raul García : If you can make this your fulltime job, that would be amazing (of course, if thats what u want lol)

HisokaMC5 : I like the video for one in one string 😆😆😆

Ankit Arya : 300+ dislikes... I do not understand why people get jealous

AAK Music : Came here for the solo 😂

marcus paquette : No helicopter 2/10

Dima X : Amazing impressive good cool

Renato Santos : Thats really really impressive

Edgar Murillo : Brushy one string has nothing on this.

Angshuman Debbarma : Now do another version with no strings

LeeR : Good job. Now do Hangar 18 with 18 strings

Dank D'Sign : #getpeteasig

VIDEO HUNTER : Very interesting! Can u play "Enter Sandman" on the one string?

Ender Wiggin : Only a few of you will get this: kvothe the bloodless

Canal Pimba : Toca sem nenhuma corda agora bixao. Kkkkk

Jimmy Lavoie : Chapman guitar !!

Marcin Wojtaszczyk : I like it. More than that 8 string shred about nothing some people do :D

Wehrmacht Himmler : Thats really cool

R M : Where am I and how did I get here?! 😳 🤘🏼