Toy Story 4 | Teaser Trailer Reaction

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MrPato5671 : What a good time to be alive! (Again)

Koral Davis : My uncle said they would be total scene stealers. Do you think these two should be in the movie and have their own short?

Tube Industries Broadcasting Company : How the hell did a "Your mom" joke get into a PIXAR ad trailer?

Roshan motwani : "To infinity and to your mom" They had to imply that this movie is not just for kids

Zico Mitchell : Awesome throwback to a Key & Peele show skit


LuckyKidDane Studios // Dane Parsons : 1995 - Toy Story 1995-1996 - Toy Story: Treats (From The ABC Network) 2000 - Buzz Lighter Of Star Command The Movie & TV Show 1999 - Toy Story 2 2010 - Toy Story 3 2011-2012 - Toy Story: Toons 2014 - Toy Story: Of Terror 2015 - Toy Story: The Time Forgotten 2019 - Toy Story 4

hasibb hridoyy : The voice acting and physical animation is infinity and beyond good😍😍

Shrek Ogrelord : As soon as I heard Woody I felt like I was a child again.

Kenneth Do : *"To infinity and your mom"*

Sir Isaac : "You are a I DON'T CARE bear" ... But he's a bunny...

Maryam Al Maadeed : 0:32 you Can see The guitar from Coco

CROSSOVER ANIMATION STUDIOS : I'm Waiting for Mr. Potatohead's Voice, since Don Rickles passed away in 2017.

Tblack : They acting like there valet characters 😂😂😂😂

David Sucgang : Pixar: urmom This comment section: whOA THERE

Uncultured Swine Entertainment : Animating a reaction video to your own animated teaser trailer? Weird flex, but ok

P_E1994 : When your first trailer sucked and got beat by detective pikachu so you release another one the next day

ii. Catherine : I FOUND AN EASTER EGG!!!! *at* 0:16 *you can see Ernesto’s guitar from Coco! It’s near the top right corner of prizes.*

R.F 95 Deluxe : When they see woody and buzz you think they be like omg its them but then their laughing at them

Eric Rathbun : This is better than the teaser trailer.

Lazar : Detective Pikachu, Toy Story 4, and Stan Lee dying (rip) in one day? What?

B. C. Sharpe : At first he says to infinity and your mom then he criticizes Buzz for saying to infinity in the actual phrase. Hypocrite.

Kallista D.W. : "To infinity &.. Your mom!" That's hilarious! XD

SuperWiiBros08 : I'll rather watch Detective Pikachu

Llamaxander 142 : Toy story 4 the last stand or Toy story 4 infinity war Buzz..........I don’t feel so good............

Han SoloTubehd : I have been waiting 8 to 9 years for Toy Story 4

DJ - W0LFB3AT5 : Is that Key and Peele I hear?! Oh no... 🤣🤣🤣

Cosmic Bunny : Another unnecessary sequal in my opinion. Pixar is on a cash grabbing spree.

STRANGEMAN LOL : 2018 best meme to infinity and your mom! 😝😜😵

Ozome : This is so funny I didn't even expect it!

nifelheim664 : expected bad.....I'm going away laughing. You guys got this

WolfiiyDaCOOLWolf :3 : the first movie to ever have a fourth movie!

Kevin Richards : “Incredibles 2 is forgiven” -Pixar

AIR Puglovers : To infinity and YOUR MOM

CROSSOVER ANIMATION STUDIOS : Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are both movies together since Storks

DV N : Welp two characters I dont like

Dumbo trilogy : Toy Story 4 was made thanks to Pixar.

Neo Soldner : Well these two are clearly going to ruin the film.

EleFantMonty : Stan Lee better have a cameo!!

super mario maintenance : To infinity and your mom!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mountain Anderson : I hope this movie involves them running into Andy

Moff Tarkin : Not a fan of this teaser. The first one is better.

superdavidbrothers : I knew they were making a Toy Story 4 next summer!! I just wasn't sure when they were going to announce it (and they did)!!

Guardiansaiyan : This is better than regular teaser trailers...NO SPOILERS! And it feels like new content for ONCE!

Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰 : 9 years later ......

Ethan Koo : The "Ur Mom" joke doesn't quite fit with Toy Story tbh

Elvin Garcia : From The Creators Of Finding Nemo® Inside Out™ The Good Dinosaur® Cars 3™ Wall-E® And Incredibles 2™

Nathan’s amazing World : Blue 🐰: there making another toy story 🎥 🦆:👎 I 💭 the 🎥s were ✅ they all make 3 🎥s Blue 🐰: they make 3 🎥s this is number 4

Game Universe : Does anybody see the guitar from coco in the background or just me

Vailskibum94 : epic