Toddler Plays With Gorilla: Caught on Tape | Good Morning America | ABC News

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1softkiss : Animals are so easily misjudged by people that have never had any experience with them and that indicates that there is a lot out there that people need to do research on before passing judgment about the human and animal bond !!

Clayton Saint Cyr : This obviously isn't a parenting issue, she's clearly fine. He probably had defense plans as well in case of emergency. This is an issue about people stigmatizing an animal based on isolate incidents.

Udumfucc : "You must be careful they are wild animals." Indeed, but the same rule applies to human beings too.

1softkiss : My cat and big snakes have been pals for over 11 years now and they never have a bad day and the relationship has always been their choice. People really need to stop judging animal relationships with other living being based on what they read and watch on television !!

Tairy Hesticles : Oh look, if you put a gorilla in forced captivity for years and then let it loose it may attack something! We have to stop treating animals like entertainment. At least animals so closely related to humans.

Sir Octo : Saying that apes are dangerous is like saying all humans are dangerous because some kill.

it’s ooofphan : Human: be careful it's a wild animal! Animal: be careful it's a wild human!

Jahvaun Ernest : Do not confuse Humans, Gorillas, and chimpanzees together. Gorillas are Way more gentler then we humans Ever hope to be. Chimps in my book are gentle but can be unpredictable. Humans are the real monsters, we infest the world like termites. Constantly consume an consume whatever we feel is our right to claim. We hold no role in the environment. Actually, my mistake, we do have a role and our role from the evidence so far in history is to Destroy, False claim, and Command anything that does not have our intelligence or speak English. Then we kill each other in wars, we pollute the earth, we Remove animals from their natural homes. Once we take them into zoos or hunt them for furs and shit, we have the Nerve to make articles in the news saying "save the endangered..."! The earth is suffering because HUMANS! We are dangerous, WE ARE MENACE, WE ARE THE PROBLEM, and for any of you who thinks gorillas aren't safe with a baby... Just stop, stop talking.. We aren't mention to judge cause sometime we as humans do sick things to babies that Gorillas would Never do!!!!!

bosnakedisniksic : He is so polite. He was talking and the reporter interrupted with a question and the guy was still talking yet he said sorry as if it was his bad lol. America, take note, this is how you behave on news stations. Im tired of seeing remedial reporters, correspondents, guests, and politicians yelling over each other. Im talking to you Fox Entertainment ;)

charles espinosa : we are the most dangerous animals in the world

University Of Houston16 : the world should fight for Harambee justice...proof that gorillas can be gentle and Harambe was just freaked from the yelling...

Sunny Blue : Let the man raise his own dang child how he wants! All I want to know is can the gorilla babysit on Wednesdays and Fridays because those are my bingo days.

Daniel Strauss : I'm more afraid to a species called humans.

Chickie Babe : I am a firm believer in showing no fear with an animal.  Your strength and confidence and compassion for the animal comes into play here.  Yes some animals no way but I've seen many videos depicting the side of the animals that is soothing and gentle and very loving.  Gorilla's are 97% our genetic equals which means they are 97% that close to what we are.  And we are a bunch of crazy humans; think about some of the shit that some have done to other humans.  We have to give animals credit, have faith.  Animals are violent because of their needs food - sex - territory -etc...  What are our reasons?

Gooners Rule : Would you entrust a baby gorilla to any human?

FIERO871 : This is one of the many problems with humankind: anything different from us is to be feared, distrusted no matter what.

Void Red : Gorillas are actually pretty cool man. Some are more aggressive than others but they're pretty nice if you don't show threat.

SpiderWayne : Guy looks a bit like Adam West

Wasp : That thumbnail tho

than217 : So the gorilla was put down I assume?

Samuel Levy : People need to stop sensationalizing these creatures. Any living being can attack when it feels threatened, but gorillas are widely known amongst animal experts as being an incredibly gentle species. Baboons are commonly known for being vicious, and chimpanzees can also be hot-tempered. Gorillas, however, have shown that they recognize human beings as similar creatures, and recognize human children as being similar to their own offspring. Not all primates are alike -- people need to chill out.

Rachel Paquet : As cute as it is, that wasn't the best idea the father had. It could have easily gone from cute to terrifying.

Evie Addy : HOLD IT you bring King Kong into this when in reality he was one of the most gentle creatures I'd ever seen in a movie! especially towards the women whom by the way he saved in the end they shot the poor ape because everyone wanted him for things that are just wrong and this scared King Kong which then caused him to climb the tallest building in America the same way he would in the jungle to get away from any other kind of threat. yes the film demonstrated the power of the ape but people seem to overlook the gentle vulnerability of him and this is why I'm pissed off with the zoo keepers of Hanambe's zoo.

Dennis Sanford : That gorrilla is not 300 pounds

akseli9 : This is not just unknown gorillas in a zoo. These gorillas live with them and are taken care of by them. They all are family members to each other, it's not like they'd have put the little girl in some unknown gorillas cage in a zoo. The entire business of this man at the time, was to heal lost gorillas and then release them to Nature once healed.

The Hawk : R.I.P Harambe :(

edisonsun21c : very well spoken guy

basicbodybuilding : More humans have killed other humans in one year then all of gorrillas have in all of time

LittleFawn Uwoduhi : Dude, human beings are violent and dangerous, too. More so than a Gorilla. People need to understand that just like a violent, or unstable human, a Gorilla can behave the same for whatever reason. Who knows why that Gorilla attacked people. The same can be said for a human.

Moriah B : Guys, chimpanzees are extremely different from gorillas. Chimpanzees are more violent, and are more likely to attack without reason. Gorillas a a lot more gentle with humans and each other. They are two separate species. Please don't use one to judge the other.

steve salt : That is not a 300 pound gorilla... maybe 95 pounds. Media love to add drama.

Sweetearth1958 : Obviously, the gorilla is a better parent than the human.

JuiceManK : Hey, if you held me captive in an enclosure the size of my backyard, I'd become a "wild beast" too. Humans act as if they can control these amazing creatures. How would you feel if some aliens dropped down and just decided to colonize us and put us on displays at zoos? Don't act like you wouldn't try to escape from captivity and act violently to keep that freedom.

H Mason : Notice the only times gorilla's seem to exhibit violent and anti-social behavior is when theyre captured and put in zoos

metalElvalover : It's not something I would personally let my daughter do, but then again I'm not a gorilla expert hanging out with a bunch of gorillas who know me super well.

YourArgumentIsInvalid : I wouldn't entrust chimps with anything, but I'd have no problem trusting Gorillas to be around my own children. Not because I'm some tree hugging idealist, but because I know enough about the social behaviour of Gorillas. The great apes are very VERY different from one another.

Peter Kermack : After today i now respect gorillas A LOT more and watching that video about the gorilla being killed because the adults let the kid in the gorilla cage. My sisters and I are going to have a funeral in our back yard for that gorilla that protected and ran with the kid, ITS NOT HIS FAULT HE SHOULD NOW HAVE BEEN KILLED!

Blinzer : if i was held captive and ridiculed for my whole life i would be pretty pissed too

Kelly Devlin : I don't see what the big deal is. These animals are incredibly intelligent. They knew that she was a baby and needed to be handled with care. Two small children have fallen into a gorilla enclosure at two different zoos and two different gorillas protected and saved those children. One gorilla barricade the child in refusing to let any of the gorillas get within arms reach of the child until he was rescued. The other gently picked up the child and began rocking him as she was walking over to the door and then handed the child over.

128pagenovella : Interracial crime is 90% black on white. So this is a very risky thing to do.

janestillspeaking : Truth be written, depending on the person, you are likely to be safer in the wild with a gorilla, than anywhere (school, work place, home) with a human.

FADED music : 0:55 humans are much more unpredictable when they have mental problems, or when they are on all kind of drugs or alcohol ! so what this ranger says there is f***ing stupid !!!!!!!!!! animals are much more predictable than humans ! take as an example cases when humans take humans hostages or all the wars !!!! who would have fought that a human would ever build a gun that can kill millions of other humans ???? !!!!

Dale Berman : Why didn't the zoo director get into the gorilla habitat and rescue the child that fell? DIdn't he/she know how to cope with problems like that without killing?

Roabie : Gorillas and orangutans are literally some of the safest primates to be around. Yes, they are very powerful but they do not fight unless they have to or are provoked. They're very intelligent and know what is a threat and what isn't. A tame gorilla is less likely to attack someone, especially a child, than a dog is. It would be different if it were a chimp, since chimps are far more unpredictable. However, the two I mentioned already are the least concerning of all the apes. Kid was in absolutely no danger. One in a million chance that gorilla would have hurt it, and if it had, it more than likely would have been accidental.

lilian garrido : muy lindo verlos que no lo lastiman son buenos

Plague Doctor : "playing with a 300 pound gorilla". Which is only about half a foot taller than her. Complete load of shit.

SleezyWeezel : Harambe just wanted to play with that kid just like these two. RIP.

barry zome : Damm dirty Humans

Evanna D : Harambe was just protecting the child too... And he got killed Dont they see that gorilla is not that kind of dangerous

Neo TSV : This is an exceptional instance where the whole family knows about Gorilla behavious and they would know when not to allow the child into their enclosure.  People are over protective.  Good on you man.