STAR WARS 8 Movie Clip - Luke Explains The Force (2017) The Last Jedi Movie HD

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Everton Peterson : *luke busts* Rey: I can feel the force *insert thumbnail*

BATMAN XD : Thumbnail looks dirty

Peter Parker : Luke hitting it from the back in the thumbnail

KP195 : Luke: “And Inside you” Rey: “Inside me” How did they watch that back and not think that looked and sounded like a Star Wars porn parody?

TheMarionick : When I saw this scene in the movie, it blew my mind. The Force can't be explained any better.

Abigail Powell : Y'all have dirty minds! Pervs...

Adrian : Love how the music combines reys theme with the force theme

XxDuffnotfuddxX : thumbnail looks like a porno thumbnail

The Talking Green Box : That thumbnail doesn't look right

It's Me, Cody : And this is the lesson. To say that this power belongs to the Jedi is vanity! Can you see that?

Kal-El fan 49 : The power of touching.

Player One : terrible film ... just terrible

JuanSitoh : and between your cheeks?

aditi jaiswal : Impressive every scene in this clip is spectacular.

Ltblackdragon : She is still a better jedi than Luke ever was

FIFPro Games : La miniatura parece otra cosa....😂😂

Awesome : Love it so much. 😭

The Anti-Hero : A really great movie in the Cinema

Blake Calhoun : Rey:Inside me 7u7

Lawrence Masucci II : The Force is what gives the Jedi there power.

Liechen Selinda : When I first saw the home page of the vedio it looked like Luke was f*cking reu

Dwight Schrute 2.0 : Shit movie