Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping

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JAYEKING ADELEKE : All hail the King...all hats off for you. Wow!!! You are the G.O.A.T.

EnglishTurbines : Jeez....yes, that's ballsy alright....Phew, I need a lie down now.

Joshua CB : Thats one big as train

ROJAS : This is the sickest most dope flying I've ever seen!

Sinaka Sanders : was that a power line @1:23

Alex Lukashov : За такое определенно лайк)

Alysson Miranda : The best flight ever! You´re the man.

Nedyalko Petkov : Wooow now that’s freestyle. People like you should be on RR not some complaining, make up people with some sketchy shaking quads

BIG FLY : best video by far stunt devil

Unknown Zone : I cant believe this got ANY thumbs downs. Goes to show there are a lots of jealous twats on the planet. FREKKIN AWESOME!!!

Stevens B : Really magnificent! It's a pity that we hear the noise of the engine

Daver 2233 : You gotta risk it, to get the biscuit! Can’t stop watching this awesome vid.

Eric Rodriguez : God what an epic flight to such shitty music... Had to turn off.

Jay Jay : inside a box car? Balls to walls, balls to the walls...

CoconutFPV : Aaaa, dang son! Don't throw Crazy Train at us and then change the tune :D Balls of steel with getting inside the train

Conservation Media : Thanks for bringing down the regulatory hammer on us ethical professional pilots.

romangorchakov : Awesome! Is it Futaba 2.4GHz link? Not the Crossfire?

Luke Johnson : wow under a moving train!!!

bobntrains : Bet you'd have fun flying that in N. Korea right up rocket boy's ass.

Anthony Phillips : Now this is what I call , taken it to the next level of video recording!!!! As a result of this video, you have gained a new subscriber!!

Starbuckin : Yep, suubed! How does it feel to be the BOMB at FPV quad piloting?!! It's easily the BEST FPV multirotor vid I've ever seen!

sadigov : High risk, high reward situation right there.

Droney Montana : I thought the bridge loop was crazy, then you go UNDER the train! 🤤 Awesome vid man! 👌

Mauricio Mejia : Great video. Greetings from Colombia - South America

Propwashed : SHOCKINGLY this made it on our favorites list for our September video. All joking aside, incredible footage man. Keep up the amazing work!

Northern Drone : I loved it. The only danger here is to the drone.

W.Y.L.A. : fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckin killin it. I watch a stupid amount of FPV porn but this is hands down the anal creampie of FPV videos. You fucking rock my friend!!!!

A K : That's an infinite train composition!

Phil Stone : This was a cool, yet foolish video, I say cool because as a fellow UAV owner i think this was great and obviously you have some serious skills that maybe you ought to approach the UP and see if their interested in having FPV Video Promotions done?? Foolish, because im a fellow Trainman and i can tell you this is EXTREMELY ILLEGAL and FRA along with the railroad might be knocking at your door one of these day's. This is honestly why ALL UAV's are required to be registered with the FAA as of November 2016. but i digress....it is still pretty cool and you have my vote, just avoid getting so close to the cab of trains, remember...many new engines like that lead one have inside and outside cameras recording all the time. Still...well done.

RCFun's Diversions : I have a new master, Show me the way Sensei!!!

CrashProneDrone : The best fpv video on YouTube! I was on the edge of my seat when you went under that train. Sub'd

Crank Auztik : Wow , Really awesome :D

Utsav Singh : What are you? A magneto?! Too cool bro! (y)

Rendy Wandarosanza : Awesome flying skill man. Totally flight of the year. But you are threatening our hobby. So not cool.

IPEGRAFFITI : I nutted when I saw the autoracks

Technic Builder : Lol nice

Jason Lee : Man!! illegal or not... awesome flying man! You make me want to sell my mavic and get a racer

Mauricio Santoyo : balls of fu***ng steel man

Jayden Lawson : Most viewed FPV video ever? Great work mate! That was fun

Austin Moss : This man is god of fpv. the god of fpv has serious balls

nikodelrey : You should of flown into the locomotive before he shut the window

Yffgrsvht 6cufjeufuv : Man that was awesome. Nice flight

Drone Parks Worldwide : Amazing!

Anton Slyusarchuk : You crazy man!!!))

norcalfpv : That was some bad ass kick ass flying !!

Shitov Alexander : A beautiful fake video ... Shooted in the Hollywood pavilion, where "landing on the moon", Plus the use of computer technology. Do not believe in the reality of the video!

Joseph Navratil : Man your are one stupid ahole hope UP prosecutes you for your dumb bs

T BkRl : Dont be deterred by the TROLLS. Keep flying close and making SICK VIDEOS like this.

Downstream01 : 1:24 - It goes through electric line?

Charlie Van Bilderass : That engineer was pissed off. lol