Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping

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Stéphane Couchoud : HOLYSHIT !

Arnaud THIRY : FAA notification tomorrow ^^

KittFPV : Pretty much the GREATEST video I have ever seen!!! Many hats off to you man (and several conductors caps too) :P you officially have greater balls of Steele than Mr. Steele himself! Congratulations!!!

wesolint : So, have you been arrested yet? 😉

wanzamhobby Drone : Brazil watching, congratulations ...

Peter Handler : i was like - "yea nice, but let me see you land that thing on the train" *lands on the train* - "hmm nice one, but he cant fly between the carriges" *flys betwwen the carriges* - "wow but flying under whould be impossible, no way he.... *flyes under* ...... okay im out"

rotorpix : Epic man, the best I have seen. Guess there will be a big investigation now as you could of derailed that train and cause massive damage with your 500 gram killer Drone :-)

Ray Foss : millions are allowed to drive 2 ton machines in the rain, snow and right next to school buses... but entertaining us with the view of an annoying bird... no, that's too much.

Matthias Aviation Channel : WOW flying crazy wild!!

Robert Neal : I don't care what anybody says this video is freaking awesome

Drones de Sá • Marcos : this was not the flight of the year, yes it was the flight of the century, incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible homen !!! CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS ¡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆este não foi o vôo do ano, foi sim o vôo do século, incrível, incrível, incrível, incrível, incrível, incrível homen !!!PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS PARABÉNS !!!!!☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

FPV Brothers : Congrats on 1,000,000 views!!

SteelRainFPV : One of the most epic and ballsy flights that I have ever seen Nurk, you attempted and accomplished so many moves that would of taken out any mere fpv mortals, you should be inducted into the fpv hall of fame.

Brian Stendel : I predict the NTSB and possibly the FAA will soon have a chat with you.

GMAC FPV : When clickbait titles actually match the video. My hat is off to you sir!

George Henshaw : Going into a boxcar was so extreme there lol.

TheRey best : This is amazing wow

RCSchim : Awesome flight! Good thing is: if you pull of such a flight, you have an easy job editingit :) So many wow moments in it! Cant decide what was the best stunt here.. greez, surly deserves to be a viral hit!

Andrew Clelland : Just going to point out the elephant in the room... everyone commenting on this as epic flying, take it from an experienced commercial UAV pilot.... this was part skill and part luck (such as at 3:22 )... the fact that the drone was 'spat out' from the train after making contact was a fluke it didn't end up under the wheels. Also considering this guy is sponsored and is making money from the footage, it is considered commercial. Then close proximity flying to commercial transport is illegal without prior authorisation and safety analysis, which would have deemed this as unsafe on many levels. This guy is simply reckless in promoting his own skills in this way, and paints a bad picture to the whole UAV community who are trying very hard to promote safe and responsible flight.

Chad Barnhardt : Asshole of the Year

Dylan FPV : Pushing the limits! Flying and morals

One shot hooligan : So many whiny little bitches on this post...... illegal who gives a shit wanna be FAA fuck tards! sometimes you have to push the limits or end up like some of you sitting around doing nothing.... mad flight great job.

Russell Nelson : Over on Trains Magazine people are whining about how dangerous this is. Yes, it's dangerous to the drone, but not in any way dangerous to the train.

Bruno Lazaro : Flies illegally ignoring all laws and regulations and then asks for a licensing fee to use his video. LOL #IRONY

Sam Harrington : Doing something almost definitely illegal. Replying to barely (if) any of the comments of people giving you legitimate criticism. Doing stupid things that could contribute to drones getting greater restrictions, or even banned altogether. Not a good move buddy, not at all :/

eizol568 : "See you in court!" says the man with the Federal Badge...

Jonyace : Cool video, BUT, don’t ever do it again. Very irresponsible, especially on double main track. With this video on YouTube I can already guarantee Union Pacific lawyers and federal officials are going to track this down. The conductor did what was necessary. People have been prosecuted for taking family photos on live tracks because it’s trespassing. The conductor did what was necessary. He didn’t know if that drone would try and come through the window.

Kammel Ryder : Dunno about dropping the Mike but the thud you hear is my jaw on the floor! That's some serious flying skills there.

Northern Drone : I loved it. The only danger here is to the drone.

Robert Steed : I feel violated. Sincerely, Train

Justin Skinner : My hero.

ocriaf : Just found my new favourite Youtube channel! You're fcking awesome dude! Hats off.

LinoPR 2016 : Man I really enjoyed this epic,intense drone video,however these are the videos that kills the hobby with regulations and restrictions!!!!!!

Chris Tangey : The kind of selfish idiot who will shut down commercial drone flying for all of us, worldwide. Btw, he knows how to fly, has zero idea how to shoot.

W.Y.L.A. : fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckin killin it. I watch a stupid amount of FPV porn but this is hands down the anal creampie of FPV videos. You fucking rock my friend!!!!

apandelescu : Interesting how he can bend down to pick that drone over those gigantic titanium balls

Adverse Effects : thank you for helping governments all over the world ban this grate hobby when will people learn not to do stupid shit like this

OmegaReviews : This is indeed impressive, but people like this are the reason why drone photography and videopgraphy is having such a problem with the law in many countries due to what can happen

leewardstyle : Not cool IMO.

Tilted Monkey FPV : Flight of the year indeed! Damn you have some fucking huge balls dude. I thought you were going to watch it go bye bye a few times. Gnarly flying man👍👍👍


Amtrakeng : As an engineer, I'ma tell you, that was fucking incredible....your the best I have ever seen...

Edson Arez : here I am watching your video & thinking to myself was all you forgot to do was fly under the train! 10 seconds later you do just that!!! probably the craziest flight I've seen so far. you killed it!

Cliff Butler : This is the greatest video on YouTube!

Banq : I quit.....

wayne meinhard : Thanks for severely contributing to the acceleration of what will soon become a hobby of the past. Promoting responsibility is the only thing that has a chance at keeping this alive.

Danger Cat : Not gonna lie, that was impressive as hell.

bajabigs : This is my new favorite fpv video well done man!!!!

Mary S : wow, that's something to see. You are master of drones, never saw anything like that, weaving in and out of cars, into a boxcar and flying above the train passing over a bridge. Awesome.

skipopotamus : Did anyone else see the close call with the suspension cables at 1:24?