Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping

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NURK FPV : Welcome everyone from the Droners episode. Thanks for checking out the flight and definitely subscribe to the channel for more crazy fpv stuff.

NURK FPV : Okay. It's months later. How are y'all finding this video?

1hourOfLove : You landed on a moving train? You went under a moving train? You entered a box car on a moving train? You give me brain cancer. I think I'll just leave my drone in its box.

Charlie O : That engineer was pissed off. lol

David Höing : It was then that he realized he didnt hit the record button.

Peter Handler : i was like - "yea nice, but let me see you land that thing on the train" *lands on the train* - "hmm nice one, but he cant fly between the carriges" *flys betwwen the carriges* - "wow but flying under whould be impossible, no way he.... *flyes under* ...... okay im out"

Rendy Wandarosanza : Awesome flying skill man. Totally flight of the year. But you are threatening our hobby. So not cool.

elireloaded : The fact that people even indicate he'll be sued/arrested/taken to court, over this is a good window into the sad and scary state we live in.

360_Previewer : This is the most amazing and most irresponsible drone flight I’ve ever seen.... congratulations...you’ve just justified every drone restriction they have ever made or will ever make.

Northern Drone : I loved it. The only danger here is to the drone.

Car TV : Man you are PRO!

Phil Stone : This was a cool, yet foolish video, I say cool because as a fellow UAV owner i think this was great and obviously you have some serious skills that maybe you ought to approach the UP and see if their interested in having FPV Video Promotions done?? Foolish, because im a fellow Trainman and i can tell you this is EXTREMELY ILLEGAL and FRA along with the railroad might be knocking at your door one of these day's. This is honestly why ALL UAV's are required to be registered with the FAA as of November 2016. but i digress....it is still pretty cool and you have my vote, just avoid getting so close to the cab of trains, remember...many new engines like that lead one have inside and outside cameras recording all the time. Still...well done.

Edson Arez : here I am watching your video & thinking to myself was all you forgot to do was fly under the train! 10 seconds later you do just that!!! probably the craziest flight I've seen so far. you killed it!

ther1rida ther1rida : BAN ASSAULT DRONES.

Lucky Film : Piloting like this is why they keep legislating drones and running public opinion into the ground.

Andy Rees FPV : wow.. lived up to the title.. thats some serious skills 👍😀

87 Cheez its : 3:21 is awesome!!!

Myles Spear : I seen this video multiple times and I’m honestly torn. As a beginner fpv pilot, this is some of the most AMAZING footage I’ve ever seen. But as a rail fan as well, I cringe at a few parts especially with the open cab on the locomotive. Per say something happened and you flew into the cab. What then? Lawsuit? Another thing to consider is what if the quad crashed and the train ran over the lipo? Could it start a fire? I’m not that experienced in fpv quads and freestyle flying so these are some the concerns I have. I am NOT trying to bash anyone over the head here but these were some the concerns I had. Again, PHENOMENAL job but I just had a few questions.

Stéphane Couchoud : HOLYSHIT !

Stephanie Kent : bloody hell what did I just see?????? freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekin amazing!!!

Oliver Keating : We may be living in a golden era for drones, just before massive (and enforced) regulation comes along to prevent exactly this sort of mischief. Fly responsibly, not like an ass

dibbkd dibbkd : If you did a build video of this drone with affiliate links to everything you'd be rich.

Chris Seymour : Flight of the year!

GMAC FPV : When clickbait titles actually match the video. My hat is off to you sir!

Conservation Media : Thanks for bringing down the regulatory hammer on us ethical professional pilots.

Howling Wolven : Well shot footage, but I can't condone flying this close to the tracks and especially the crew of a running engine. This is a few levels of unsafe and illegal above what we should really be keeping ourselves as a hobby, unless of course you obtained permission from UP and that train crew to fly that close. Chiding aside, very good flying and a very nice video!

Retto Elbaroda : You know, that doesn't look all that crazy expensive. Is there a way for me to buy a finished product complete with a radio and all, similar to this one (in terms of video and transmission quality and distance)? I'm not a person to build my own system, so what would you recommend for someone like me who's new to all things to do with drones and want a complete system?

K R : It’s funny how more people are against what happened here than for it! Goes to show there are still people out there that know how to use there brain! This guy needs to be taught a lesson a nice hefty fine! Confiscate all his equipment, and ban him from flying! I guess when the FAA requires a license to fly any drone! so they can pull it from people like this! It will be the only way! Good job we are now even closer to needing a License just for Recreational use of drones! I had to Register all my Drones because of BS like this next I will need a License! Bad Eggs are why we have so many regulations!

KittFPV : Pretty much the GREATEST video I have ever seen!!! Many hats off to you man (and several conductors caps too) :P you officially have greater balls of Steele than Mr. Steele himself! Congratulations!!!

james tingley : Great flying.

Ian Rice : I'm at a lost for words. I have to pick my jaw up from the floor!!!!


Emin Akca : 1:00 that driver close the window XD too Much db motor of this drone ??;)

SteelRainFPV : One of the most epic and ballsy flights that I have ever seen Nurk, you attempted and accomplished so many moves that would of taken out any mere fpv mortals, you should be inducted into the fpv hall of fame.

3025m : Это было круто)

unclejack123 : Nice HD footage ................. I'm betting you never got spanked as a child ......... that's too bad 'cause when you get spanked (as an adult) for the first time - It really hurts ................... JRW

Drone No Limit : Amazing pilot!!I subscribe bro!

Blaines World : That was awsome

Hayes Myers : Great. Hopefully flight path and owner are recorded...and not just on youtube. Harassing a conductor seems to be a childish endeavour.


Yukiteru Amano : I like how when the conductor sees you, he closes the window. The driver sits on the other side though.

onee : Lol, the conductor was probably watching porn.

Scott Cozart : Damn. BAD ASS. DUDE. LMAO. I LOVED IT!!!!

michael roach : NOT the video of the year by far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mindmantv : I really hope this video doesn't start a pi55ing contest between pilots. Oh and thanks for contributing to the destruction of the hobby :P As much as this is awesome to watch, without permission is baaaad. did you get permission?

chtitube : Well done !

A Guy In a Van : https://www.dr1hub.com/

Bruno Lazaro : Flies illegally ignoring all laws and regulations and then asks for a licensing fee to use his video. LOL #IRONY

onee : Jesus, American trains are freaking long.

onee : When the video gave you a minor heart attack. :P