The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? S1 Ep1: Out of The Room

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YouCalledMeRage :! I hope this video and your channel blow up!

ChubbyChecker182 : The elder actress brilliant really

Joarthus : So this proves that these actors actually can act! :O

Ali Essam : it is good to see grany again and that she is alive after she definitely had breast cancer

Vlad Nikitin : The actors look better now than they did in The Room

Arden Drake : They can actually act. Lol!

Cristi Giambasu : If a lot of people see The Room, the world would Be a better place to live

MrKosobi : Julliette Danielle actually looks much better now than in the movie. She's a hottie.

Just a Random Guy : I gotta say Robyn, you're a better director than Tommy

Alucard BloodyVampire : The guy who played peter looks exactly the same

rockmanx20 : Lisa looks so sexy hahaha

kostaurus : Oh hi everyone! You invited all my favourite actors, good thinking!

Matt Brown : The Room is probably the biggest cult movie of all time. Everyone getting in on it

Raphael Turtle : Juliet should be in the office revival. Got that vibe from this. She's pretty good.

Ocesam Roblox : I can’t wait for the episode with the notorious “Chris-R”

Spinlok : Carolyn Minott got the results of the test back... she definitely had plastic surgery since the room.

Eric Fartman : I feel bad for them now that I know that they are very good actors

CazzSDMF : God damn Juliette is so pretty

Myles Hoglund : I’m actually surprised Tommy and Greg didn’t make cameos in these

Incredible Mulkey : Her acting here is better than in the Room lmao

Ryan Hartwell : 0:45 "What Happened?" 0:46 "A lot of bad shit!"

No One : Only if this was on TV. Lot better than Modern Family and other sitcoms

Randi : I lost it when I saw the 🥄 framed behind Juliette

thatonedrewguy : I'm rewatching all these already. Robyn this is way funnier than I think anyone could have expected, glad to see you guys in the limelight too.

paul charman : I love this! So hilarious! So well acted, and so well directed.

Dmitri Lessy : i can not tell if this is a joke or serious, if those are the actual actors, why, if this is a documentary or a mockery, what is happening, if this is beautiful or stupid, is this real or fake. goddamn it it's the room all over again.

Freecell82 : This is a lot better than I was expecting.

Tashi Lyrics : I can sleep soundly knowing the mother is still alive

Cal Titus : this is hilarious 😂 great job directing robyn! you're truly an inspiration i hope to see many more of these videos with you guys, y'all are the best ☝🏼️

Martin Kuhn : Robyn, Kyle clearly knows where the fountain of youth is and is keeping it secret. Can you find out for all of us where it is? Thanks.

Umang Jain : I definitely have breast cancer

Samuel Martin : "Like God intervened and gave me a little nugget." My God, this is amazing. This honestly deserves more views.

Vlad Nikitin : What? why are there so few views?! This is great!

TitanSound : I wonder if that jerk Harold wants a share of Carolyn's house?

mmm6325 : Whoa you got Melissa Joan Heart? Good thinking!

Stinky Sweaty Armpit : YOU'RE TEARING ME APART

Max Cain : This is really entertaining can’t wait for the other episodes

siralanlordsugar : Do you still keep in touch with Tommy and Greg Great series BTW

Yash Kataria : Robyn, this video was worth waiting for. I loved it and keep on the good work.

danielbeyer1 : love how there is a picture of a spoon in the background of Juliette Danielles living room

Garrett Z. : Had to check a few times that these are actually the actors from The Room. I guess half-decent scriptwriting and direction (not to mention 15 years of practice) can do a lot for you! This was brilliant. Edit: Also the funniest thing I've seen for a long time.

Jack Rusio : Great Spin Off !! Everyone who was involved in The Room deserves👍

Ramsay Bolt On : Bourbquila. Nice.

John F30 : They have all aged incredibly well

Masteres English : Tommy has one of those passive skills in RPG's that affect other players. His bad acting actually spreads on others and makes them mediocre as well. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

Kevin Alford : Damn Robyn, you're a really solid comedy writer. I'm impressed!

DaBearsManiac : Awesome!!! Dang I wish this was more popular!! :)

Eric Johnson : This is amazing, I love this

Matt Lee : Is Tommy Wiseau or Greg Sestero going to be in any future episodes?

Mitchell Druckemiller : Holy fuck, Juliette Danielle's a babe... and shines brilliantly as an actress and not just as a novelty (thanks to good direction, I imagine).