The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? S1 Ep1: Out of The Room

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Robyn Paris : Want to see more episodes? Back us on KICKSTARTER now till June 29th 2018 - we have cool backer-only rewards! Thanks for watching and supporting the series!

YouCalledMeRage :! I hope this video and your channel blow up!

ChubbyChecker182 : The elder actress brilliant really

Joarthus : So this proves that these actors actually can act! :O

Vlad Nikitin : The actors look better now than they did in The Room

kostaurus : Oh hi everyone! You invited all my favourite actors, good thinking!

Alucard BloodyVampire : The guy who played peter looks exactly the same

Just a Random Guy : I gotta say Robyn, you're a better director than Tommy

Ryan Hartwell : 0:45 "What Happened?" 0:46 "A lot of bad shit!"

Arden Drake : They can actually act. Lol!

thatonedrewguy : I'm rewatching all these already. Robyn this is way funnier than I think anyone could have expected, glad to see you guys in the limelight too.

Matt Brown : The Room is probably the biggest cult movie of all time. Everyone getting in on it

Ali Essam : it is good to see grany again and that she is alive after she definitely had breast cancer

paul charman : I love this! So hilarious! So well acted, and so well directed.

Cristi Giambasu : If a lot of people see The Room, the world would Be a better place to live

Cal Titus : this is hilarious 😂 great job directing robyn! you're truly an inspiration i hope to see many more of these videos with you guys, y'all are the best ☝🏼️

Myles Hoglund : I’m actually surprised Tommy and Greg didn’t make cameos in these

rockmanx20 : Lisa looks so sexy hahaha

Martin Kuhn : Robyn, Kyle clearly knows where the fountain of youth is and is keeping it secret. Can you find out for all of us where it is? Thanks.

Ocesam Roblox : I can’t wait for the episode with the notorious “Chris-R”

Raphael Turtle : Juliet should be in the office revival. Got that vibe from this. She's pretty good.

Samuel Martin : "Like God intervened and gave me a little nugget." My God, this is amazing. This honestly deserves more views.

siralanlordsugar : Do you still keep in touch with Tommy and Greg Great series BTW

Azeez Alkalidy : Where is Greg Sestero? Awesome work by the way. Hilarious.

Kevin Alford : Damn Robyn, you're a really solid comedy writer. I'm impressed!

Turbonium 2K : Actually an idea for a future episode, have you guys tried reaching out to Kitra Williams (No relation, I promise. :P) or any of the other people who worked on the soundtrack for The Room? It would definitely be interesting to hear from them, even if it's just a cameo!

mmm6325 : Whoa you got Melissa Joan Heart? Good thinking!

Dmitri Lessy : i can not tell if this is a joke or serious, if those are the actual actors, why, if this is a documentary or a mockery, what is happening, if this is beautiful or stupid, is this real or fake. goddamn it it's the room all over again.

CazzSDMF : God damn Juliette is so pretty

Max Cain : This is really entertaining can’t wait for the other episodes

Randani : I lost it when I saw the 🥄 framed behind Juliette

No One : Only if this was on TV. Lot better than Modern Family and other sitcoms

Stinky Whizzletooth : This video made me laugh so hard I ended up in a hospital on Guerrero Street! Seriously though, the actors from the room are actually good actors.

MrKosobi : Julliette Danielle actually looks much better now than in the movie. She's a hottie.

Spinlok : Carolyn Minott got the results of the test back... she definitely had plastic surgery since the room.

Vlad Nikitin : What? why are there so few views?! This is great!

Incredible Mulkey : Her acting here is better than in the Room lmao

Jack Rusio : Great Spin Off !! Everyone who was involved in The Room deserves👍

TitanSound : I wonder if that jerk Harold wants a share of Carolyn's house?

Yash Kataria : Robyn, this video was worth waiting for. I loved it and keep on the good work.

Vanilladye : Now I need to see me some smokin hot Robyn

Eric Fartman : I feel bad for them now that I know that they are very good actors

DaBearsManiac : Awesome!!! Dang I wish this was more popular!! :)

Freecell82 : This is a lot better than I was expecting.

Eric Johnson : This is amazing, I love this

Ramsay Bolt On : Bourbquila. Nice.

Christopher Roy : Juliette looks better than she did in the actual movie

Ahseem Yousuf : Such a great series, great job Robyn 👍. Side note, I love how the narrator says "where".

Stinky Sweaty Armpit : YOU'RE TEARING ME APART

Umang Jain : I definitely have breast cancer