Santana - Maria Maria ft. The Product G&B

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Je Pousse Un Cri : I feel Like Dancing and Singing ! What do You Feel when you Iisten to this ? I LoooOOOove Santana. Musical Greetings !

Holden Cross : Santana will be one of the coolest cats in the history of music

mselegantforever : it's nice to come back and listen to this classic song

mE VaEnuku : 17 years later and it still feels like yesterday. NO ONE can touch this original. <3

DiamondJules M : Wild thoughts aint got nothing on this

Θωμάς Π : 2018?

Hristomir Genov : Who is listenig this amazing song in 2018?❤

SJ A : love this song since day 1..he was really singing the hell outta this..and carlos man did justice with those guitars

Julian Archuleta : I remember being 10 singing this in New Mexico to my girlfriend lol now I’m 30 hahaha

Mina Asani : 2018?♡♡♡♡

Abdul Haseeb : Original is always better


MikeHDGamer : Who is listening to this lovely song in 2K16?😊

Kingnazareth Kingnazareth : Who is here 2018 🔥🔥🔥

Anthony Waldner : Wild thoughts is the thot version of this song, no offense to riri but the whole vibe is the ratchet version of this.

Da Deval : obj?

Shipu Qureshi : Wow what a combination, I still go crazy when I listen this and it's 2018

Fabio Suave 狼 : I'm going to get this video to 100,000,000 by 2018 even if I have to do it myself.

anime vex : How to make music in music in 2016/17 Step 1: Find an old song that everyone that heard it loves it but not everyone has heard Step 2: use a trash singer to cover it Step 3: change the guitar solo to have more distortion There you go kids

fausto412 : Here after watching Rihanna on the Grammys and sheddings tear for what she did with this beat.

Carolinas SweetTea : by the way where is the guy that sings this song now?

orginal kids : This make top 10 f****k wild thoughts

Jordon morrissey : This was the most popular song the day I was born

Jessie Silbaugh : You can like this song and Wild Thoughts at the same time. It’s ok, I promise.

HurryKen Production : When I watch Santana I see Woodstock ! Would You have loved to be there ! I wish I could go back in time for this amazing Moment !

Vaporwoah : you gotta love that electric guitar solo 😍

L Jay : I'm not dissing the song 'Wild thoughts', it's not bad.. But you can never out do a masterpiece..

Blu Smartie : Omg I luv this! My dad showed me who he is and played this song for me. So thx dad; this was an amazing song

alicia.sugg. xcx : No lie keep coming back to this everyday been here for a minute and this is still fire

Arnold Nicholaus : Kids born in 2000’s will never know that dj Khaled’s wild thoughts was derived from this classic.

Augustin Pineda : 2018!!!

Rawan Depp : Dude at first when i listened to riri version i liked it but then when i know that there's the real one which is this one i fall in love with it this is amazing 💙💙😍

selam kidane : Hit like if you knew this song before wild thoughts.

hiba touach : coming back after finding about wild thoughts , shit it's been so long

Gaza Genasyde : Good song written by Wycliffe John

Super Mario : Fuck that wack as dj khalid version. He ruined a classic.

Robin Alejandro López Mayorquin : Just listened to DJ Khaled & Rihanna and immediately came back to this...

Sameka Beneby : Wow... "Wild thought" copied everything from the best to the guitar and rhianna dancing in the room like maria to the people dancing in the streets

lupe Lopez : Both wild thoughts and this is beautiful. But this actually talks about hardship and the struggle of living in a place where many are set to fail just by being in the streets, seeing things , and even attending a low income school.

Ian Claro : Better than wild thoughts, like if u agree

Lydia Rivera : Before music was satanic & it wasn’t cool to sell your soul 💛

O. S. : the original version Forever and Ever 😍😍😍

anaviveri : music... kids learn

Sherilyn Vidal : Maria,Maria ; oringnal Wild Thoughts ; remix

M : I feel so mad when I hear the intro on the radio and it's not that version

Oddblood01 : I'm amazed that Product G&B never saw massive success even though two of their songs were insane hits!

Luis Salazar : wow, he totally stole this from dj khaled ;D lol

Yolie Hines : Carlos is Amazing !!! 👍

David Kirton : wild wild wild, when im with you all i get is wild thoughts