Santana - Maria Maria ft. The Product G&B

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Paul Banu : I'm surprised to read comments of some really clever guys telling that santana, which recorded this songs in 2000, stole the beat from dj khaled...

Francoise Fouda : Wahooooo ! I really like this song and I'm glad to find it

Mihály Hanics : Can anyone suggest me other classics that have these romantic guitar plays in them?

Justin Timberlake : Who's Here After Watching "Wild Thoughts"?

C Po'oi : This is where Rhianna stole the beat for wild thoughts!!!!😯

Trucizna : Rihanna < Santana

MegaBanana : • Like if you think this song is better than 'Wild, wild, wild'... 👌 • Comment if you disagree! 🖕

Riley Samuel : Who could dislike this ?

Brenda Sauceda : Bad ass song

CJGamer Gurl : Khalid took the beat of this song 😒

Mr.Clandestine : “Yo Carlos man, you making that guitar cry.”

Desiree Escobar : are you toking about me

Morgan Smith : This is the only version i love . fuck rihanna and khaled.

Matthew gomes : Who is listening in 2017

UpInThePocket8611 : ANOTHER ONE.

Indrawan Soewarno : Ao labe mamajola mamajola ...

Cl0udss x : <3

Nazli Artuc : Did Santana stole it from rihanna 🤔😂😂

syeri cool : Wa wa wa what?

KrazyKath : Ends at 4:20 :D

Gabriel Gallardo : Donald Trump disliked this video

Andriell Henrique : Rihanna liked

atomic joc : 20k dislike ? 3% ? Why ?

DudstazHD : the ORIGINAL Before RIHANNA

Queen Nefertiti : FUCKIN ART...

Manuel Ford III : 20k dislikes? Wtf is wrong with people. No hope 😭

MMladeNN ' : Dj khaleds new beat stolen from this song

MLCbio : 2017 ? OMG *-*

Angela Pedrosa : Front flips.😄

Simmy Bish : Timeless track

Tibor Feldvari : samo za opustene

Kat A. : Yo Khaled... "stop the lootin!" 😂


Haidar Khan : I don't want be rude but the black guy went in, his flow with the beat is amazing. Carlos kinda ruins it with the mama chola lol. Still the beat is amazing

Tara C : wild thoughts brought me here

Alondra Fonseca : they ripped off my uncle 😒

aa aa : Miranda 💗💗💗😘😘😘💕💕💕

Yousuf Anas : Wild thoughts anyone?

metrixalix : we daa best !! hahahahaha

agayafeminada : Tá feliz Dj Khaled?

Gianluca Casali : 2018😍

James Christmas : Fuck you Khaled and Rihanna

Izat Syazwan : Wawawa wawawa wawawa wild thoughts

ciara deboue : Wild thoughts huh why khaled had to ruin this 1 tho

Luisete993 : Shittiest guitar solo in the history of humanity

lila love : Best song ever😍😍

Monique Henderson : Compare this to wild thoughts

PGG Fire : 0:53 guys thank me later

SMGxPrincess : This > Wild Thoughts

Silver Gold : Like sounds dj khaled