Most Insane VO Booth Ever - “Fatter”

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MattShea : This was SO much funnier than I thought it would be!

BigMarcello100 : I always wondered what a 1000 pounds heavy man who is beeing chased by a dinosour promoting a fast food restaurant sounds like.  Thanks Josh

YourFellowStranger : This is my new favorite video on the internet

Jose Salinas : Josh, you are the only actor that really makes me laugh with every single video realeased. I think I have seen all your videos in CH and I have never been disapointed. You are a great actor. I can really feel how much you enjoy the comedy. Wish you the best luck, you are by far my favorite actor in CH. Thanks for all the good times.

Jack Links : more vo booth episodes

MultiJgf : he's a pretty good voice actor

Max : Gratz to being the only thing not terrible on CH2. Keep them coming Josh!

staley101 : I miss Josh, wish he'd do more videos for the CH main channel.

L0rd Log1c : Please, for the love of all that is holy, *DON'T STOP MAKING THESE!*

Randyy1 : Derrka derr!

Riyadh Atrah : Josh is hilarious lol

Andrew Tapia : What happened to precious plum

Nimbus 2000 : Ugh I love this series SATURDAYS AT NIGHT-NOON

palex OO : I laughed so Hard! :D More of the booth

Agerr Gerra : You should make this into a series, release a new one every Saturday at night-noon!

Titus Gray : Almost pissed myself laughing

CaseanSamuel : CH2 is much better than CH1 ;p

flamefleir : Sing "All about that bass, no treble." song in this voice.

Sylph70 : This is the best series on this channel!

StarCrusher : Almost sounds like George RR. Martin

DeanoReviews : I love this series, makes me laugh every time

MrRiggyRiggs : This is greatness! Haha.

Liam Esterly : To me these videos are the only good ones on this channel.

mcgetjiggy : I love theses voice over booths, there should be more. this one is my favorite i always die laughing at "fat fat sobbing" XD LMAO

May i Offer you an egg in these troubling times? : Hehehe we have the same name....naw but rally i actually kinda laughed on this on first laugh on ch for a while

Violet von Tesla : I think hes from a subway commercial.

katie kawaii : Ugh, more, forever, please! You could post a new one of these every day at 8, 9, florn, and night-noon and it still would not be too much. I could watch it for hours.

Leslie Romo : He sounds like an older cartmen 😂😂

Lee Owen : someone needs to animate the commercial

Brian Daniels : Honestly my favorite series on this channel

Conker51500 : please make more of theses

Richard Wood : Dang. I'm impressed at what CH2 is putting out. This series is great!

Maricela Flores : THIS WAS SO FUNNY XD

Bamdad Shamaei : third

random fagget : Watched this on the bus, started laughing, and didnt notice people moving away from me uncomfortabley.

Jawbreaker : this is HILARIOUS

Skill Gap : Not sure how being fatter affects how your speak, but dammit I laughed at it.

Big_Adam_2050 : Dude goes from Fat to Jabba the Hutt

Nathan Cano : I broke down laughing

Alex Kahn : holy shit a funny college humor video? I haven't seen one of these in years

Ashlyn Currie : This was hilarious!

airlockengage : This is hysterical.

Patrick Bennett : I think I hurt myself laughing at this. Well done.

ThaJuggernaughtbitch : Not gonna lie I want that sandwich

M D : Fucking lmao

Matthew Boyle : I thought CH2 was for the videos that couldn't make the cut to regular CH . . . love Josh, he's fucking hilarious.

fondoo : HILLLARIOUS!!

Samuel Williams : I tried to watch this in class, i can't make it through, i keep snorting trying to stiffle my laugh

themuppetman9 : funny

Nani Sunami : 😂