GLASYS & The Secret Sea - Everything Means Nothing To Me (Elliott Smith)

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Yizhar Amir : I already commented on here but I want to tell you I've already listened to this like 7 times at several times of the day

DefCat : this is going somewhere, I wasn't hooked on this spcificly I felt like the modulation was a bit to shaky but it was so close to something amazing for me. I am definatlly sticking around to see where this goes. (gave me some oldschool daft punk vibes)

decoilingg : wierd but sounds good :D

Bambiraptor0 : this is dope. you're gonna be big glasys

Light Mocha : 0:17, when he said "some", I expected it to transition into All Star

I Love Lamp : Super different than anything I have ever heard before. Never change.

Mo 2k : Lmao I love this

majskorv2000 : Chilling, intriguing and probably the best thing I've heard all year. I've listened to this on repeat for an hour now. Thank you! More like this please :)

mihailburuiana : There's no doubt that you're one of the most talented people on YouTube. What would you say are your biggest musical inspirations/influences? I'm looking for some cool albums to listen to and I'm sure you can deliver!

Lewis : Never change Glasys, seriously amazing!

Daniel : Weird how I can listen to something the first time and think it’s terrible but as I kept listening to it the better it got. Now I’m hooked

Yizhar Amir : Great

Ryan Kelso : Siiick!

Andy Rosenberg : really, really cool. gonna have to listen a few more times to make sure I heard everything. Definitely left me wanting more

mr squirts : Glasys I really love that you exist.

Alexis Laugier : Glasys I'm really in love with your work ! Would be an honor if you could one day check my last cover on my chan :D

danbabs : 988 views? wtf is wrong with youtube.. should be 988 thousand

Rachel : I'm telling you, the more I dig into your library, the more impressed I am

StanTheMan : Elliott Daft Punk Smith... Great

SovietLlamaMC : You should go on tour!

David Dreyton : Well now I know what the song would've sounded like if it was sung by the machines from aperture science. :)

Blake S : Hey guys. Great job on this. I've been a fan of Elliott Smith for about 14 years now, and this is one of my favorites by him. You guys rocked it. Definitely did the song justice. <3 This is the first I've heard from you. Definitely going to check out more.

Catface : Very Eiffel 65

gregster249 : I don't often like videos, but when faced with a refreshing amount of talent its hard not to. Been following since the T Pain video keep up the great work! Much love from the UK.

Ryan Wiley : I can't stop listening to this. I've listened to it every day since you posted it and I don't know when I'll stop. I would love to see some more collaboration of this nature.

Sean Michel : You are so good, but this is a little dark and weird.

BigMcL4rgehuge : That Gatekeeper plugin is a very tempting purchase

Joseph : Man, you’re awesome! I need a longer version of this. ❤️

Boomer Miller : Sick bro!!!

msanto : Your voice reminds me of They Might Be Giants.

Bijan Alpha : I LOVE to see you jam with Erez Eisen

JonathasTM laxluthTM : 👽🖖

ColeRobinson270 : If the singing was way less robotic I mean it could still have auto tune and I can tell there is a lot of talent but it was a bad choice to auto tune THAT much especially in the beginning it was really excessive but the drop was really amazing especially since you did it live