When Your Girlfriend Talks Through A Film

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nihonium : they're just upstairs waiting, Oof

Olivier.wmv : Damn. She wasted no time getting started up there

RiksK15 : Plot twist: she knew he was going to do that

Internet Superstar David Elliott : the absolute mad lad!

Marco Bren : Glad to see your back to you’re sketches and not vlogs

vedant lakhani : i hope the movie was worth it

nawab256 : That happened pretty fast.

Lumibear : Hehe, good job Big Jay wasn’t interested in some man on man experimentation, who knows what you could’ve agreed to!

Qwerty Qwertyson : This guy needs a lads night out.

JustThaor : great! way better than the "vlogs"

Filthy Connoisseur : Imagine he agreed to the first offer, what would big Jay do? Because he seems to be waiting upstairs fully ready lol

fakepivot : Oh this has to be your best sketch yet.. Soo damn good..

tesla •_• : Atleast 1 video every week or we RIOT! We love you <3

Alicia Fox : Thanks a ton for making this awesome sketch and not those boring vlogs 🤗

Nayam Amarshe : oh my god😂

Brand C. : I love your videos they are actual comedy sketches unlike the cancer on Instagram and Facebook

Hobbamok : Oh Lord, exactly those Chips are the absolutely best in the World!

Biodun mahmz : 0:20-0:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Brenden : What an absolute legend.

Horus : This guy has the best faces 😂😂

Faiz Zeo : i am virgin boy. is threesome good?

Graham Roth : They’ve done it again! This one was hilarious guys

Tikkeltjevrolijk : You deserve more subscribers. Ask for it in the end. It really works.

kylar stern : keep going guys, you are underrated

Joseph Kelly : Atleast your girlfriend didn't cheat with a male stripper

Pretzels722 : Anyone else have a sudden hankering for kettle chips?

Andre Barrett : Hahaha

Gabriel Sey : Hahaha. FFS. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Mircose : haha.. pretty damn good.. particularly cause I see myself doing this when people start talking and I am watching something (very irritating) but I was never lucky enough to be offered a threesome (life sucks sometimes)

Azur the Dragon : Sometimes, you have to pay attention to your gf...

Robert Rodriguez : Damn she didn't even bother to wash her kitty first lol right to it.

Seymur Ali : Uh what why is it age restricted

mrheartbane : Yeah yeah yeah. Sounds good - Every boyfriend ever

Graham C : So witty, I hope you make it big!

Volgax364 : Man this shit happens to me all the time.

Jack Keegan : hahahahahahahahahhaaha best thing ive seen all day "BANG BANG BANG" LOL

Hovasabee : Here at 3k comments...lol...wat an achievement! Hehe

Onizuka : well they call him big jay for a reason aye

Angelo : So open minded

Gerry Brown : He dodged a bullet there

Warlord : Oh god lol that went dark

Tormented Tantalus : Lol, he played himself so hard.

it's galvador : The way i see it everyone ends up happy.

cutetreytn : Great as always!!!!!!!

Rafael Gutierrez : Nice

Lord Palpasheen : Yea not so funny

No Raisin : One of the best ones yet! More! More!

Random Dude : Bruh, feelsbadman

Riz : Love it

maunakea : Hahahaha