"Fuck Youth" by Superbean

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Rogernamvet : THIS IS TRULY GREAT!!!!!!!! It should be played by LITTLE STEVEN on XM Radio. I hope you get air play, or you tube play, because this is fucking great....LOL A 68 year old Vietnam Vet on his birthday, January 10th. THANKS FOR THE LAUGH, legally stoned on medical marijuana in rural Maine. :) LOL F.U.C.K. Youth, and get off my goddamned lawn....LOL LOL

Doug Hardy : Ahahahahahaha yesssss

Cerveza de Litro : Thats fucking awesome and true. Cheers from Brazil.

fazapops : Awesome! Now I have to take all the damn phones back from my kids. LOL

Ben Couey : Isn't this the exact same sentiment that old people felt back in the day about punk rock? That kids are weird and their music sucks? Like part of the video makes me think this is some grade a satire, but at the same time I heard about this from Huffington Post and now I'm not so sure. Anyway I'm pretty sure their analysis needs some more nuance but okay

yuuuk li : shot out to me

Rogernamvet : Back again, because this video is so cheery, funny, and somehow, I think Donald Trump could be folded in to this video, but I don't know how???? LOL LOL In fact, when you think about the high school kids in Parkland, Florida, appealing to THE TRUMP to do something about automatic weapons and mass murders, it's almost like The Donald is singing, FUCK YOUTH. And this would be a sad use of your cheeky, happy faced video. But, Stephen, this would be a great song for a Netflix series, should someone develop one that could use it. There is a sad, strange, riveting, Netflix, French, drama, called The Frozen Dead (Glace in French), which used Trent Raznor's (Nine Inch Nails) song called HURT, as a theme song, with a lovely chorus singing it, and the sadness of Raznor's HURT, the song, is just folded right in to this drama. Johnny Cash has a very moving version of this song, HURT, on You Tube, which he recorded months before he passed on. Somehow, your song could easily be used in an online series, but who would use it, and how and why, and what producer or director wanted to use it, only time will tell? BUT IT'S A GREAT VIDEO, and a great song, with energy, good sound, and professional looking as anything you might see on MTV. And let me say, as I am a bit older than you, get ready to start buying senior diapers, because that's what happens, and why older people say, "Fuck Youth!" LOL We're just all jealous, seeing young people enjoying what we used to take for granted, YOUTH. :) I will say that whoever is recording your LIVE performances needs to get a camera with a good sound microphone on it. Your live performances on YOU TUBE are full of energy, but the microphone that is recording your great music seems substandard. And, finally, I saw your Dad talking about how he had a PHD when he was your age. I think that's almost a direct quote. So please tell your Dad (who obviously loves you) that all of your fans have awarded you an HONORARY PHD in the field of music, performing arts, acting, and professionally looking/sounding music videos. Namaste. Roger in rural Maine.

strangefruit42 : Jack Black shared this link on Facebook. Hope this will get you a little of the needed support. This song rocks big time!

SpaceOrbison : Kids need to get their attitude back, school and social media are turning them into drones

Bry Willis : Instant classic

Zero Blank : Needs to be a 7"...

MontagZoso : YEAH! Loved it!! Taking the the phones/texing away from the kids and watching them whine, LOL.

doodleedledoo : I predict this is going to explode, amazing job guys, genius even.

David Mattson : Awesome band cheers do what you do destroy everything

András Márkus : Came this great pop-song exactly at my 45th birthday at one of my favorits FB channels :-D

A Del Valle : That´s cool great song

石居直樹 : How can I buy their product, CD, download or whatever ?

Larry Loveridge : Fuck yeah Steve! Thank our lucky stars that "The Great Intervention" to get your life together never took hold. I'm now 71 and still kicking ass here in North Hollywood. The Old Roadie.

Ironia losu : great song, but remember; NOT EVERYONE YOUTH IS LIKE THAT :) I'am sixteen yrd and I don't have phone and I'm still alive

Nathan Boone : That shit rocked! Keep it punk!

Tony Pony : Awesome

Benjamin Mankowski : Just a little over 6 months until I'm trustworthy.

dumpsky : awesome! had to share this everywhere! will get sooo many likes and new friends! :-)

Head Basher77 : Great band,true song. Cheer's from Texas! Reminds me of that pic The Text Pistols!

Masonic Traveler : Preach, brah. Damn kids.

SuperVolsung : This warms my cold black heart

GHOST JAZZKHILL : Kids today need to start waking up

Bee Batch : this song can be easily taken out of context

John Daugherty : "GET OFF MY STAGE!" /muh lawn. Perfection...

TheName 69 : Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Håkan Hammarsten : Awesome .Do you have any CDs?

JAMWorksPresents : Glad to find it here too, in addition to Facebook.

Peter Ahlqvist : Really like the song and all but here's the mandatory middlefinger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxEcQJU1AE0

Hate is Comming : No i fajno.

August von Mackensen : Who bought those kids the "smart" phones?

The Salt Boy : Like it, but the guitar seems to tweed to me.

John Kovarik : this fella can make a Rickenbacker GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! wow !