Microsoft's second commercial with Jerry and Bill

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Nora the Antipaladin : Gates is surprisingly adorable

marlb0r015 : Im really weirded out by these commercials, so funny. I am thinking, how weird it would be if i had Bill gates over for dinner with my family.

Dalitso Sakala : "Don't worry its got firewall"

Dave Yen : It should have been Bill Gates with Larry David. He'd bring out the funny parts of Bill.

Susan May Gudge : They can come stay at my place for awhile....I am real! LOL

Uncle Joe Stalin : I really liked that!

marlb0r015 : Asking Bill Gates to look what is wrong with my Macbook. Would be hilarious i think.

Afel Nemes : That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

DORIAN PRIME : farmers living amoungst the sheep

Ballsack Teebaghard : Dell xps mousepad at 1:40

Avishai Dernis : 1:03 Seinfeld "See that's real!" Gates: "Mm, I felt that"

AriKa_PL : Bill Gates :)

Nano Experiment : Wow....two of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth.... $39.75 guys One of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth: I got nothing for you. The other guy of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth: Here is a greek coin. (Slam door close) Have to say...poor kid.

SuperMageo : this was 8 years ago?!

Young Jame : Does anyone else notice the gale of wind blow by?

Matthew BOB Xia : Jordan Santo is so cute in this.

Techosarus Rex : yes but theres a firewall

homertime93 : jajajaja nerds jokes ! i just love it!

nathan Brimir : Whats this commercial for??!!

Dixon D-Wolf : If I meet mr.Bill Gates like in the 2:22 i will say this: Detected As: Bill Gates,Accessing Your OutLook Account,Downloading All Email..... Maybe He's will Say This ''Stop Downloading!''

Daniel Jesus Mejias : 1:40 Windows 9001

wanmus : i think it is really funny .

Choo69 : is it just me or is Bill kinda like Michael Cera?

Daniel Fleishman : hi, gale

account user : This isn't a commercial. Bill Gates has a billion trillion million dollars and wants to shoot a sketch video with Jerry Seinfeld. There is not a fantasy in this world that he can't afford.

RobertMargera : I bet Bill is using a Mac at home. ;-)

Mr Miagi : GALE!! <3

Brian ONeil : That is Gale Boetticher from Breaking Bad

FlashGamer1Fable : This is a really feel good commercial thing

Eric Rongo : lolwut?

Thedoctorpepper21 : ITS GARTH!

Hoopermazing : I'll tell you two people who knew. 1. the guy he stole Q-DOS from 2. the schmuck at IBM who didn't sign him to an exclusive contract w/ a non-compete clause.

Landrew0 : One day Bill woke up and realized he didn't own the kiosk to the internet anymore. No blues that money can't cure... hire Jerry Seinfeld and do a few videos about gods coming down to earth to live among the mortals. Something to leave for posterity.

wanmus : hey they are very good together .... there is a good chemistry between them

Ron Swanson : so scripted

robertozod : Lol epic

vrolsh : All the Apple hippies disliked.

Laurie Pham : Bill Gates doing the robot is just so cute...

sputskee : microsoft just doesn't get it.

StarCrusher : what kind of commercial is this? Its so loooong and actually a little uncomfortable to watch because its so weird...

Rachel Berglund : Kid: "Are there any monsters in the story?" Bill: "Yes, but its okey, there is a firewall" Love it

evilurna : Ha its Gale Boetticher. He must be there to get Gus a money laundering connection with Bill Gates

stevz0r : isn't inheritance part of polymorphism?

tvfilm : Well done. Should have been a sitcom.

GivepeaceachanceJL : Do we have anymore ketchup?

TWJ : @Neodark10 emm not really :\

Emil Z : cute

GangWarlord : I had never heard of these ads until I read about 'em on Penny Arcade. I guess that just goes to show ya how famous Penny Arcade is.

MistahhB : @scrap1005 the point of a commercial is to make more money. You make more money buy selling more product. You are not making more money making shitty ads costing millions of dollars and that make little to no result. Some ads are made to raise awareness of a company and their product, but microsoft is one of the worlds best known companies.