Microsoft's second commercial with Jerry and Bill

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xXDahChubChubXx : it's gale from breaking bad O_O

chescaleigh : like i said, i couldn't get through the whole commercial so i didn't make it to the end. not only am i a comedian, but i work in marketing and pr and in my professional opinion, they missed the mark. sorry.

Nora the Antipaladin : Gates is surprisingly adorable

marlb0r015 : Im really weirded out by these commercials, so funny. I am thinking, how weird it would be if i had Bill gates over for dinner with my family.

Dalitso Sakala : "Don't worry its got firewall"

Joe Stalin : I really liked that!

Susan May Gudge : They can come stay at my place for awhile....I am real! LOL

Piotr K : 3:10 - Mr. Bill is so real there. :D Mr. Bill, please, never get cancer or anything alike. ...we do love you, and many thanks for your software - Windows 2000 and up. Starting of Windows 2000 there's a genuine kernel executor file, which is also present in Windows XP... this is to be used. Though, Windows XP goes days behind as a server platform... whoops!, not for this year.

Ballsack Teebaghard : Dell xps mousepad at 1:40

Jack Mitchell : The grandma was looking in the wrong place for a blown head gasket, the head is on the top. Just an observation after watching this a few times.

SuperMageo : this was 8 years ago?!

Hoopermazing : I'll tell you two people who knew. 1. the guy he stole Q-DOS from 2. the schmuck at IBM who didn't sign him to an exclusive contract w/ a non-compete clause.

chescaleigh : i really couldn't even watch the whole commercial. it was just too boring. what are they selling? this is not advertising.

Dave Yen : It should have been Bill Gates with Larry David. He'd bring out the funny parts of Bill.

androcles x : lol he's still working in that shoe from the other commercial

Laurie Pham : Bill Gates doing the robot is just so cute...

Nano Experiment : Wow....two of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth.... $39.75 guys One of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth: I got nothing for you. The other guy of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth: Here is a greek coin. (Slam door close) Have to say...poor kid.

Techosarus Rex : yes but theres a firewall

DORIAN PRIME : farmers living amoungst the sheep

Matthew BOB Xia : Jordan Santo is so cute in this.

fuzzix : "Bill, you've connected aver a billion people" "I have!" Bill never connected anyone to anything.

Young Jame : Does anyone else notice the gale of wind blow by?

wanmus : hey they are very good together .... there is a good chemistry between them

Choo69 : is it just me or is Bill kinda like Michael Cera?

MistahhB : @scrap1005 the point of a commercial is to make more money. You make more money buy selling more product. You are not making more money making shitty ads costing millions of dollars and that make little to no result. Some ads are made to raise awareness of a company and their product, but microsoft is one of the worlds best known companies.

homertime93 : jajajaja nerds jokes ! i just love it!

wanmus : i think it is really funny .

vrolsh : All the Apple hippies disliked.

Baladár : This is disgusting. I feel like i'm gonna puke.

Landrew0 : One day Bill woke up and realized he didn't own the kiosk to the internet anymore. No blues that money can't cure... hire Jerry Seinfeld and do a few videos about gods coming down to earth to live among the mortals. Something to leave for posterity.

chescaleigh : thanks for leaving an intelligent and respectful youtube comment. we don't see enough of those on here. thanks again

chescaleigh : yeah, i'll never understand the need to bash complete strangers over the internet bc of a difference in opinion. it shows a real lack of self esteem on the youtube hater's part.

StarCrusher : what kind of commercial is this? Its so loooong and actually a little uncomfortable to watch because its so weird...

TimurMucuraev : @Neodark10 yah i got that lolz

GivepeaceachanceJL : Do we have anymore ketchup?

Sonia Denis : This is way better than their first commercial. Its not Mac versus PC, but eh they're trying.

Little Beau Poop The Wonder Dog **IMPEACH TRUMP** : The Granny is the best part!

ourari : Compared to the last one this is hilarious :)

Ron Swanson : so scripted

FlashGamer1Fable : This is a really feel good commercial thing

TheTopMostDog : HE LIED! You can't trick me, I know that Raptoid death sound ANYWHERE! Turok 2 is now available on Steam!

🎃AsianGirls4Life🎃 : lol

stearman52129 : hilarious

Avishai Dernis : 1:03 Seinfeld "See that's real!" Gates: "Mm, I felt that"

A &P : Sir speech is very nice

A &P : Sir speech is very nice

Daniel Jesus Mejias : 1:40 Windows 9001

RobertMargera : I bet Bill is using a Mac at home. ;-)

David Bernard Marquez : Jerry: i got so many cars that i'm stuck in my own traffic! Kid: are there any monsters in the story? Bill: yes there are. but don't worry, theres a firewall. LMAO. =))

Thedoctorpepper21 : ITS GARTH!