Microsoft's second commercial with Jerry and Bill

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ProWilson999 : it's gale from breaking bad O_O

Nora the Antipaladin : Gates is surprisingly adorable

marlb0r015 : Im really weirded out by these commercials, so funny. I am thinking, how weird it would be if i had Bill gates over for dinner with my family.

Dalitso Sakala : "Don't worry its got firewall"

Dave Yen : It should have been Bill Gates with Larry David. He'd bring out the funny parts of Bill.

Piotr K : 3:10 - Mr. Bill is so real there. :D Mr. Bill, please, never get cancer or anything alike. ...we do love you, and many thanks for your software - Windows 2000 and up. Starting of Windows 2000 there's a genuine kernel executor file, which is also present in Windows XP... this is to be used. Though, Windows XP goes days behind as a server platform... whoops!, not for this year.

Susan May Gudge : They can come stay at my place for awhile....I am real! LOL

SuperMageo : this was 8 years ago?!

Nano Experiment : Wow....two of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth.... $39.75 guys One of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth: I got nothing for you. The other guy of the most accomplished guys in the most respected fields on Earth: Here is a greek coin. (Slam door close) Have to say...poor kid.

Ballsack Teebaghard : Dell xps mousepad at 1:40

marlb0r015 : Asking Bill Gates to look what is wrong with my Macbook. Would be hilarious i think.

DORIAN PRIME : farmers living amoungst the sheep

Joe Stalin : I really liked that!

androcles x : lol he's still working in that shoe from the other commercial

Young Jame : Does anyone else notice the gale of wind blow by?

Matthew BOB Xia : Jordan Santo is so cute in this.

James V : 2:25 Gates: "I've got nothing" That was kix.

The Real Arbiter : Bill is the coolest Billionaire ever. And if you have never heard about Jerry. Leave

Nick : Omg that is Gale from Breaking Bad

Avishai Dernis : 1:03 Seinfeld "See that's real!" Gates: "Mm, I felt that"

AP Technical : Sir speech is very nice

AP Technical : Sir speech is very nice

TheTopMostDog : HE LIED! You can't trick me, I know that Raptoid death sound ANYWHERE! Turok 2 is now available on Steam!

Little Beau Poop The Wonder Dog **IMPEACH TRUMP** : The Granny is the best part!

JL : "Mmm I felt that" 😁

kkknotcool : Neeeerds. 3:52 If you don't know what's wrong with that you have no idea how a car works.

parimal bodgal : 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘



Baladár : This is disgusting. I feel like i'm gonna puke.

Techosarus Rex : yes but theres a firewall

homertime93 : jajajaja nerds jokes ! i just love it!

nathan Brimir : Whats this commercial for??!!

Dixon D-Wolf : If I meet mr.Bill Gates like in the 2:22 i will say this: Detected As: Bill Gates,Accessing Your OutLook Account,Downloading All Email..... Maybe He's will Say This ''Stop Downloading!''

Daniel Jesus Mejias : 1:40 Windows 9001

wanmus : i think it is really funny .

Choo69 : is it just me or is Bill kinda like Michael Cera?

Daniel Fleishman : hi, gale

account user : This isn't a commercial. Bill Gates has a billion trillion million dollars and wants to shoot a sketch video with Jerry Seinfeld. There is not a fantasy in this world that he can't afford.

RobertMargera : I bet Bill is using a Mac at home. ;-)

Galfadez : GALE!! <3

Brian ONeil : That is Gale Boetticher from Breaking Bad

FlashGamer1Fable : This is a really feel good commercial thing

Eric Rongo : lolwut?

Hoopermazing : I'll tell you two people who knew. 1. the guy he stole Q-DOS from 2. the schmuck at IBM who didn't sign him to an exclusive contract w/ a non-compete clause.

Thedoctorpepper21 : ITS GARTH!

Landrew0 : One day Bill woke up and realized he didn't own the kiosk to the internet anymore. No blues that money can't cure... hire Jerry Seinfeld and do a few videos about gods coming down to earth to live among the mortals. Something to leave for posterity.

wanmus : hey they are very good together .... there is a good chemistry between them

Jack Mitchell : The grandma was looking in the wrong place for a blown head gasket, the head is on the top. Just an observation after watching this a few times.

Ron Swanson : so scripted