Typecast - Perfect Posture

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Jerome Montano : "The world is never fair, so keep the perfect posture. Keep them all confuse. Never ever show the rope"

ayel09 mags : I can't believe ba simula 2005 ( highschool at lovelife problems) pa lamang ang pinoproblema ko, tanging etong banda lang kailangan ko .. Pero ngaung umeedad nako, nag mamature na tayo, sumasakto pa rin yung kanta nila. And I am dealing and battling now to my 2nd strike depression. Again, this band gave me hope. Iloveyouallkuys.

Echo Tango : Just recently, I had an image appear across my mind about when I was at my darkest moment and I was trying to suffocate myself with a belt. I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing over me. It made me cry because I saw the One who already died for me and for you. Just know that Jesus will always carry us throughout all our lives. Anyways, this song really hits home for me. Thank you guys for such a message the world needs to be more aware of.

Dark Matter : Whoever reading this, you are beautiful! You are loved!

Daniel Manlapaz : You’ve been hanging For so lng Carrying the weight Keep it all in Know you want is to be understood Wave the day Under the sheets Staring at the wall Start to hate yourself Wander what went wrong You know it’s never easy We’ve been down this road before Broken and alone Losing all your hope The world is never fair So keep the perfect posture Keep them all confused Never ever show the rope You’ve been down this road before Never ever show the rope Swallow it all Off with the chair Let go of the weight Let the waves crash your chest The air is so cold Never getting up Is this the perfect time to leave the world behind Leave the world behind

gandalfcandance : Wag nyo pagkalat. Kasi di na kailangan. Typecast to!

Marc Von Luigi Argosino : I can relate to this song talaga,esp.thru dark times,lalo na when i nearly lost the ability to walk from a fatal accident,na everyday nabuhay ka active and working as the main pillar of your home,then suddenly changed in a blink of an eye,then frustration enters your sanity,later on the depression and in the point na stress and problems dadagok sayo,where you sometimes blame yourself why'd it happened to you and how useless that time you've been, and still, i'm thankful to all the friends and people around me who never gave up on me, to my family,friends and of course God,. Still,there is someone who listens to you, always reach out,don't strain yourself,and always seek for hope... (sorry for the drama,napakagandang song nito at hindi ko na mahintay ang mga susunod pang tracks)

GreenArrow 5150 : Yes new Typecast is what I needed right now ❤️

Rica Marisse Taytay : nasa puregold ako and i want to cryyyyy so hard! sobrang quality! HUHUHUHU! the song itself is a reminder that all things bad will eventually come to an end.. been there and through, life is a constant battle between you and your demons.. however hard it is, we must always strive to rise above ourselves.. grabe! 😭😭😭 i wish i have not missed the mv launch! 😭😭😭 quality!

Sherwin Roi Alcala : I got goosebumps with this song!! Kakaibang Typecast ang narinig ko, this is something fresh...nakaka-relate pa ako sa song, kasi my cousin ended her life a few months ago after battling with depression!

Dhel Vasquez : Tumulo na lang luha ko after ko marinig tong song. Nakakarelate kasi ako. Depression is no joke and battling your inner demons is the hardest.

THSNDS : Laguna heartbreakers back at it again. 💔

Jcy Faith : The depth of depression. I really can feel it as I have it. 😶

K V : Inner demons are truly dangerous. Far more dangerous than those on the outside world.

Lyka M : I remember puzzling over why it was dark, so dark I could not see anything. I remember screaming but never getting heard by anyone. I remember walking and walking and walking and finding myself going back to the same exact spot where I noticed it was dark. I remember being on the verge of giving up. I remember writing letters to the people I was gonna leave behind. I remember planning what to do and how to do what I was gonna do to end my life. I remember feeling like a dead girl walking; feeling nothing, only wanting to exactly be nothing. I remember how desperately I was asking God to take my life. I remember God saying NO. I remember being surprised seeing something like a firefly one day I opened my eyes. I remember catching that very small beam of light. I remember running so hard. I remember how bright it was when I finally saw where the light was coming from. I remember smiling and laughing genuinely for the first time again. I remember crying tears of joy for seeing everything again; for feeling things again. I remember. To everyone currently fighting their battles and demons alone, I know that you are very brave and beautiful. And though you feel like there’s no way out, just keep walking and walking, because I’m certain that you are going to find the light and be light itself to others. Mahigpit na yakap. Dear Typecast, I have always loved you and your music but this one brought me to a deeper dimension. Maraming salamat. 🖤 https://lykaaag6.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/keep-walking/

Randhelle Dy : Lately I've been suffering from depression, thinking too much about everything. Maybe because Im always alone and lonely. I need this song for now. It gives me hope because the pain that I'm feeling is non stop i want to be happy but my mind is Saying negative words from me. Like it wants to pull me down. Right now all I can do is to listen to a song like this because this makes me relax and calm. And free from all the fears and worries I am Stuggling to overcome. Go away my inner demon. Thanks Typecast :)

emwih ferrer : Parang curtains ng arcane root . Somehow it will get us to the point where ending your life is the answer, ull end the hardships and loneliness and chaos in ur head. I just wish that telling them that everything will be ok will change their minds , i think that would be great. Hang on there, ur not alone.

Jean Paul : macro is real

prfct Zro : f! mellow... but heavy... so deep... and meaningful... battle against depression... sabay pa sa release ng bagong album ng coheed and cambria... octoberbest talaga!

Sam Morales : this mv deserve a million views am i right?

Merck Maguddayao : Listen to Everdream by Epic Soul Factory.

DandieWarhol Moneau : It's so beautiful!

Charles Eugene Jones : Anong trip ng mga nag dislike neto? Kpop fans?

Duem Enriquez : Maraming salamat sa maganda at makabuluhang musika typecast.

Musika Musika : The legends are back.

renpeperoni : In a way it reminds me of Copeland's "Chin Up." Both songs are beautiful. <3

kalderetang kambing : Real kalungkutan hours

John Louisse Respicio : 2nd subcriber :) i met sep today. bumili siya ng drumheads sa store. humble man, indeed.

Salsalito Bayagbag : Mas solid pa to kesa sa pangalan ko.

Raska Man : gumawa ako ng strumming version sana tama po hehe https://youtu.be/533cD9Z5quI

Chan SAC DBC 1995 : Typecast parin simulat sapol ✨

Tin Veranga : Salamat, Typecast.

Adrian Barbado : 2025? Anyone?

renzo isdead : A truly filipino masterpiece!

Abraham Voi Dela Cruz : Whoever reading this, dark days are eventually going to be over. Just believe in yourself and keep your faith. You are still young, you all have the time in the world. Just know that you still have a purpose under the sun. This not yet the end.

Milkita Bai : ♥️

Makaryo : Oh no it's coming My 2007 emo phase is coming

Jayar Ocampo : You've been hanging, for so long Carry the weight Keep it all in When all you want is to be understood Brave the day under the sheets Staring at the water When you start to hate yourself, and wonder what went wrong Wonder what went wrong You know it's never easy We've been down this road before Broken and alone Losing all your hope The world has never fell So keep a perfect posture Keep them all confused Never ever show the rope We've been down this road before Never ever show the rope Swallow it all in Off with the chair Let go of the weight Let the waves crash your chest The air is so calm I'm never getting up Is this the perfect time, to leave the world behind “— Typecast So swallow it all Off with the chair Let go of the weight Let the waves crash your chest The air so calm And I'm never getting up Is this the perfect time, to leave this rope behind Leave the world behind

montk : Grabe kayo Typecast. Napakagaling, napakahusay Goosebumps tong kantang to. Iba kayo. 👏🏻

Hush Hype : I wish at the end of the video theres a message for people who are struggling and theres a hotline to call whenever they need someone to talk.

Selah Cherrio : This song. The instruments. They keep on giving me goosebumps. The lyrics will speak for u. For the people who are battling with their inner demons. Their mental illness. Keep on fighting. I salute u all

Han Yoo : New Generation of old school😇

Keith Padriquez : Kaboses ni Cove Reber dating vocalist ng Saosin ☝️🤘

Genesis Olaes : Sobrang Relate tlga ako d2.. Thanks Typecast.

Toirhac C : Next level of typecast,so good and meaning so deep...like me iam struggle of depression...

Jiki Cuna : Is this the perfect time to leave the world behind?

Tracie Buenaventura : 10 sec palng naiiyak nako.i feel hopeless and useless this past few months😣😧😢

Steve Roa : the world is never and will never be fair

weirdo freako : The new opm: lvos autotelic typecast

Jem Griffin : why do i feel like it's okay to die na after listening to this song