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Tim Drake : Is that Key and Peele lol

Puddi Panda : "To the fourth movie... and beyond!"

Derrick Hollis : “To Infinity and your Mom” lol

Shazznuts : “To infinity and your mom.” Memorable quote for history 😂

sufferintoilet : "To infinity and your mom" *Today, disney made history*

Friendship : _"INFINITY AND YOUR MOM."_ *_Top 10 Most Relatable Quotes_*

Joy Popoola : The valets skit from Key and Peele!

Sarath Pillai : Pixar now knows that reacting to videos is the new trend. Now youtubers dont have to react to the trailer.😁

jorgen Sen : To virginity and be gone

Raghu Seetharaman : Trailer reaction from the other toys ah man this just gets better and better.

BÆbY BØY : Wait! Is that key and peele??😃

Jay Kay : Is 30 too old to see this movie by myself?!?! 🤔 I'm just a big kid!!! 🤗

Shubham Goel : Can't wait for 2019 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Irishman Avengers:4 Top Gun 2 Maybe and now Toy Story 4.

Andrew Walker : Dang this should be a spin off of toy story after this, I’d love a movie with key and peele like this

RecoveringFormalist : Had to follow up with something fast after Detective Pikachu 😂

piloctor15 : This does put a smile on my face

Han : *Key and peele : Toy Story Edition*

Tiny Ankle Biter : To infinity and your mom🤣

Tangchi Sangma : 2019 is going to be a great year

Luis ranhue : This is how u make a trailer without spoiling anything

redcobra 92 : *TO INFINITY AND YOUR MOM*

charlemagne berne ricard : this remind me of an key and Peele sketch,where they keep saying biiiiiiichhh ....

The Commenter : To infinity and your mom They really love innuendos

HunterArcy : *Dislikes are from Sid Fans*

MO : A great movie for adults

Jesse Torres : I doubt a lot of people will see this, but does anyone else wonder if for this last movie, they will bring in from the actual Buzz Lightyear Disney TV series Mira, XR, and Booster, a.k.a. Team Lightyear?

naim razak : so Key & Peele will be the next villian in toy story 4?

Jellied eels : Wait I have a theory what if this is a fictional trailer for toy story in the movie andy found out toys are alive and made a movie based on his experience with the toys

Hex Hub Music : "But you said 'b!tch,' though...."

Wild Penguin : please tell me theyre in the movie. Key and Peele are ideal cartoon characters.

Antnj81 : @0:34 I don't get why they need to include words that are obvious precursors to curse words, in KIDS movies. It's not even subtle. Yea, kids might say things like that or worse, but some kids don't curse at all. Why include words that give them ideas in a movie aimed at children? I don't get it 🤔

Mr. E : Are those El Ernesto de la Cruz Guitars?

Semih Bay : Bunun 5 yasında 1.filmini izleyen su an 28 yasında aq

Kareem Badr : I was waiting for that !!

Hex Hub Music : "I said... I said... I said biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-"

Eylmao : *What a year!* Toy story 4 Game of Thrones finale Avengers 4 Glass Captain Marvel 13 reasons why Escape room Rick and morty

Yasin Rashid : To indecency...??? Really Disney? As expected the newer movies are again filled with indecent messages to kids to slowly but surely misguide them... Just sad

Gang Gang : 90s kids are gonna be there no 2010s kids allowed

Christian Ramos : 0:24 did he say the n word? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Robert Gray : So we had to wait like 20 years for another sequal?

james levario : Way better than that crap released yesterday! This is hilarious!!

Lucas : Everyone keeps saying Key and Peele, Who the hell are they?

Swag Man : It's Key and Peele

Taedrem : Yikes

FOXYBOY : 😢😲😢😲😢😲😲😢😢😲

Crow Jester : 0 view, 0 like, 0 dislike, 0 comment, wow

MAD MAN : Idk why this brought tears to my eyes, maybe it's because key and peele are doing their valet skit as toys while discussing toy story 4 and then the real woody and buzz show up. Just take my money

Physics Meonnx : OMG toy story is my childhood

Guillermo Rangel : I’m ready to see Toy Story 4 for next year

L Frank : there is no way this can top toy story 3, the greatest pixar movie ever.